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The Psychology of Closed Mindedness (Essays in Social Psychology) by Arie W. Kruglanski ISBN: 9781138004320 List Price: $54.95
You Are the Placebo : Making Your Mind Matter by Dispenza, Joe ISBN: 9781401944599 List Price: $16.95
The Human Predicament: Towards an Understanding of the Human Condition by Dr. Max Malikow ISBN: 9780985618162 List Price: $19.95
Girls vs. Guys : Surprising Differences Between the Sexes by Rosen, Michael J. ISBN: 9781467716109
Step-By-Step Guide to Win-Win Negotiating Every Day by Hanson-Harding, Alexandra ISBN: 9781477777923
Critical Approach to Human Growth and Development by Nicolson, Paula ISBN: 9780230249028
Helping You Help Others by Cole, Kristen, Cole, Kristen ISBN: 9781621315858
Understanding Schemas with Young Children : From Birth to Three by Atherton, Frances, Nutbrown... ISBN: 9781446248942
Psychoanalysis and Creativity in Everyday Life: Ordinary Genius by Gemma Corradi Fiumara ISBN: 9780415637282 List Price: $40.95
Future-Minded: The Psychology of Agency and Control by Magda Osman ISBN: 9781137022264 List Price: $44.99
Science of Memory (PLE: Memory) by Kay, David ISBN: 9781848723719
Origin of the Idea of Chance in Children (Psychology Revivals) by Piaget, Jean, Inhelder, Barbel ISBN: 9781848724532
What to Do When You Are Bullied for Being Different by Ferguson, Addy ISBN: 9781477768921
Autonomous Brain : A Neural Theory of Attention and Learning by Milner, Peter M. ISBN: 9781138003255
Beyond Superlatives: Regenerating Whitehead's Philosophy of Experience by Roland Faber ISBN: 9781443853194 List Price: $75.99
Motherload : Making It All Better in Insecure Times by Villalobos, Ana ISBN: 9780520278097
Self Injury: Simple Answers to Complex Questions by Jason J Washburn ISBN: 9780990439004 List Price: $12.99
White Lady Ghost by Cassidy, Tam ISBN: 9781477771259
Our Faithful Companions : Exploring the Essence of Our Kinship with Animals by Fine, Aubrey H. ISBN: 9781577791621 List Price: $14.95
Born to Believe : Understanding the Bible and You by Smith, Jeff ISBN: 9780991026807 List Price: $22.99
Human Assessment and Cultural Factors (Nato Conference Series / III Human Factors) by John W. Berry, S.H. Irvine ISBN: 9781489921536 List Price: $279.00
Working Memory and Severe Learning Difficulties (PLE: Memory) by Hulme, Charles, Mackenzie, ... ISBN: 9781848723627
On Dragonfly Wings: A Skeptic's Journey to Mediumship by Daniela I. Norris ISBN: 9781782795124 List Price: $16.95
MATLAB for Behavioral Scientists, Second Edition by Rosenbaum, David A., Vaugha... ISBN: 9780415535915
Lacanian Ink 42/43 : Nerve-Annexation by Ayerza, Josefina ISBN: 9781888301045 List Price: $20.00
Memory and Mind : A Festschrift for Gordon H. Bower by Gluck, Mark A., Anderson, J... ISBN: 9781138004290
Discrimination at Work : The Psychological and Organizational Bases by Dipboye, Robert L., Colella... ISBN: 9781138004078
Research Methods : Essentials for Students in Psychology (2nd Edition) by Maleske, Robert Thomas ISBN: 9781607971467 List Price: $56.00
El Autismo Transforma: Un camino para transformar vidas (Spanish Edition) by Ramiro Roldan Torres ISBN: 9780984800056 List Price: $19.95
Celestial Psychology:: A Guidebook for Co-Creating Miracles, Luminosity & Conscious Evolution by Celeste Emelia Mattingly LCSW ISBN: 9780985981921 List Price: $17.95
Models of Marriage and Family Therapy : A Christian Appraisal by Frederick, Thomas ISBN: 9781607972839 List Price: $42.00
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