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Psychology is a large and complex area to study, so if you need to buy ethnopsychology textbooks online, we can assist you. This is a specific area of psychology and we have discounted and pre-owned titles you will save a lot of money on. Look out for the likes of Cross-Cultural Psychology, Culture and Psychology and Perspectives on Addiction: An Integrative Treatment Model with Clinical Case Studies to name just three of the titles we can offer. Look for the two tiered pricing system, where we offer the chance to rent used ethnopsychology textbooks as well as buying them. Which option would suit you best? Consider your needs, find the books you want and buy or rent online now. With affordable books and the chance to sell back anything you don't need too, we're the number one choice for college text books. Make sure you get the most out of our marketplace today.

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Psychology and Culture by Lonner, Walter J., Malpass,... ISBN: 9780205155873
Wilhelm Wundts anderes Erbe by J├╝ttemann, Gerd ISBN: 9783525490877
Continuities in Psychological Anthropology: A Historical Introduction by Bock, Philip K. ISBN: 9780716711377 List Price: $12.95
Handbook of Cross-Cultural Psychology by Unknown ISBN: 9780318572208
Cross-Cultural Research : The Role of Culture in Understanding Human Behavior by Brislin, Richard W., Segall... ISBN: 9780936876290 List Price: $4.00
Assumptions : An Anthropology Perspective by Chapman, D. ISBN: 9780155028425 List Price: $28.00
Human Nature and the Social Order by Cooley, Charles Horton, Exa... ISBN: 9781885343222 List Price: $6.25
Emotions and Human Mobility by Svasek, Maruska ISBN: 9780415507608
Wilhelm Wundt - Volkerpsychologie: Ein Reader by Unknown ISBN: 9783899715002 List Price: $67.00
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