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Psychology students will be delighted to hear we have an astounding collection of fascinating emotions textbooks to help with college work. Buy used emotions textbooks today at a fraction of the price you would pay if you were charged the list price. Pre-owned but in good condition, these text books are affordable and give you exactly what you need without hitting your wallet. Check out such titles as Dr Brothers' Guide to Your Emotions, Horns and Halos Towards the Blessing of Darkness, Pleasures of the Brain and Emotional Exorcism. These are just a few examples of the depth and breadth of the college textbooks we stock. Rent cheap emotions textbooks from our website now and save money to help make your college budget go further. You'll be glad you invested in some affordable and heavily discounted titles from our collection. We'll also be glad if you sell back some books once you're done, so we can help others too.

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In Others' Eyes An Analysis of Shame by Seidler, Gunter Harry ISBN: 9780823625550 List Price: $52.00
Secret Desires by Al-Naqshbandi, Shaykh Nazim ISBN: 9781898863083
Loneliness and Longing : Psychoanalytic Reflections by Willock, Brent, Bohm, Lori ... ISBN: 9780415610971
Beyond Sympathy : What to Say and Do for Someone Suffering an Injury, Illness or Loss by Lord, Janice H. ISBN: 9780809559046 List Price: $33.00
Beyond Sympathy : What to Say and Do for Someone Suffering an Injury, Illness or Loss by Lord, Janice H. ISBN: 9780809565702 List Price: $24.95
Captured Emotions by Weiford, S. E., Weiford, R. ISBN: 9780971807204
Dr. Brothers' Guide to Your Emotions by Brothers, Joyce ISBN: 9780135709122 List Price: $24.95
A Chronicle of Hardship and Hope by Heller, Yom T., Finkel, Aur... ISBN: 9781560620648 List Price: $7.95
Loneliness: Symptoms and Social Causes by Hancock, Barry W. ISBN: 9780819156389
Loneliness: How to Overcome It by Marriott, Val, Timblick, Terry ISBN: 9780862420772 List Price: $35.00
Das Drama der Scham. Ursprung und Entfaltung eines Gefhls. by Schüttauf, Konrad, Specht, ... ISBN: 9783525014714
Panic Disorder in the Medical Setting by Unknown ISBN: 9780788105289 List Price: $35.00
Don't Panic: A Guide to Overcoming Panic Attacks by Breton, Sue ISBN: 9780816014712 List Price: $14.95
Passions by Solomon, Robert C. ISBN: 9780268015510 List Price: $26.95
Improving Expression by Unknown ISBN: 9781850982098
Developing the Emotionally Literate School by Weare, Katherine ISBN: 9781412935807
Developing the Emotionally Literate School by Weare, Katherine ISBN: 9781412935814
Emotions, Technology, and Social Media by Tettegah, Sharon ISBN: 9780128018576 List Price: $59.95
Gratefulness by Singh, Tara ISBN: 9781555310066
Anxiety : The Cognitive Perspective by Eysenck, Michael W. ISBN: 9781138876927
Culture and Emotion : A Special Issue of Cognition and Emotion by Fischer, Agneta, Manstead, ... ISBN: 9781138883260
Emotions : Essays on Emotion Theory by van Goozen, Stephanie H. M.... ISBN: 9781138876316
Emotion and Insanity by Thalbitzer, S, S. ISBN: 9781138874923
Measurement of Emotion by Whately Smith, W, W. ISBN: 9781138882508
Emotions of Normal People by Marston, William Moulton, W... ISBN: 9781138882577
Nature of Laughter by Gregory, J C, J. C. ISBN: 9781138882461
Emotion-Focused Therapy : Coaching Clients to Work Through Their Feelings by Greenberg, Leslie S., Ameri... ISBN: 9781433826306
Expression of Emotion : Philosophical, Psychological and Legal Perspectives by Abell, Catharine, Smith, Joel ISBN: 9781107527799
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