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Developmental psychology is the study of the physical and cognitive changes that occur in human beings during their entire life span. It recognizes that the ability to change is not restricted to any one period of life, but that people of all ages are able to adapt and react to their surroundings. Our cheap lifespan development textbooks are available to buy or rent, and cover a range of subdivisions within this fascinating area of study including; multi-contextual development, periods of development and domains, the physical domain, the mental domain, the social domain, and peer socialization, to name but a few. We have new and used lifespan development textbooks available for you to choose from, and you can rest assured that they are all in good condition. These are the same books that you will find in your college bookstore, but we sell them at much lower prices than they do. A younger and more immature version of you may have bought the more expensive version of the same product, but as a wise student you now know it makes sense to buy great value textbooks here!

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Suicide Across the Life Span Premature Exits by Stillion, Judith M., McDowe... ISBN: 9781560323037 List Price: $114.95
Personal Adjustment+growth by Schwebel, Andrew I. ISBN: 9780697014894 List Price: $37.05
Personal Growth and Behavior 04/05 by Duffy, Karen G. ISBN: 9780073079066 List Price: $23.80
Clinical Approaches to Adult Development or Close Relationships and Socioeconomic Development by Michael L. Commons, Jack De... ISBN: 9781567501346 List Price: $131.95
Between Femininities Ambivalence, Identity, and the Education of Girls by Gonick, Marnina ISBN: 9780791458297 List Price: $49.50
Between Femininities Ambivalence, Identity, and the Education of Girls by Gonick, Marnina ISBN: 9780791458303 List Price: $29.95
Positive Human Functioning from a Multidimensional Perspective : Volume 2: Promoting Healthy... by Gomes, A. Rui, Resende, Rui... ISBN: 9781629489735 List Price: $150.00
Choice and Change: The Psychology of Holistic Growth, Adjustment and Creativity - April O'Co... by O'Connell, April, O'Connell... ISBN: 9780131327542 List Price: $49.00
Nursing Assessment and Health Promotion through the Life Span by Murray, Ruth B., Zentner, J... ISBN: 9780136273998 List Price: $29.95
Adult Life - Judith Stevens-Long - Paperback by Stevens-Long, Judith, Commo... ISBN: 9781559341493
Study Guide for the Lifespan by Lefrancois, Guy R. ISBN: 9780534254841 List Price: $22.95
Psychology+personal Growth by Arkoff, Abe, Goud, Nelson ISBN: 9780205261024 List Price: $59.25
Human Odyssey-std.gde. by Kaplan Educational Center S... ISBN: 9780314013224 List Price: $15.00
Nursing Assessment And Health Promotion Strategies Through The Life Span by Ruth Beckmann Murray, Judit... ISBN: 9780838569870 List Price: $56.00
Human Development by Crandell, Beiger ISBN: 9780070487611 List Price: $16.25
Let Me Live by Lyon, William ISBN: 9780815804147 List Price: $8.95
Lifespan Development 2e Test Generator-Eq Windows Package by BEE ISBN: 9780321005762 List Price: $67.00
Lifespan Development by Robinson, Bryan, Skeen, Patsy ISBN: 9780024023117
Personality and Personal Growth by Unknown ISBN: 9780321401205 List Price: $24.00
Human Development : Lifespan by Unknown ISBN: 9780321049407
Let Me Live! by Lyon, William ISBN: 9780815802433 List Price: $10.95
Psychology and Personal Growth : Instructor's Manual and Test Bank by Goud, Nelson, Arkoff, Abe ISBN: 9780205273485
Human Development : A Life Span Approach by Rice, F. Philip ISBN: 9780318699196
Personality & Personal Growth 4e Test Generator-Eq Windows Package by Frager, Robert ISBN: 9780321005861 List Price: $67.00
Candidates for Maturity by Shaver, Jess ISBN: 9780842201902 List Price: $9.75
Lifespan Development : Test Bank by Turner, Jeffrey S. ISBN: 9780030328626 List Price: $6.50
Human Development Lifespan 2e Sg by Unknown ISBN: 9780697127341
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