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Psychological tests are a measure of a specific psychological variable like personality, intelligence, or emotion. They can be written, verbal or visual tests, but often consist of questions that the subjects answer as true or false. This is also known as psychological assessment or measurement. Whatever you choose to call it, we have a great range of cheap psychology assessment, testing and measurement textbooks to buy or rent. These are exactly the same books that you will find in your college bookstore but we sell ours at much lower prices. We know money is often tight for students so we keep our prices as low as possible. Our prices are the cheapest! You can either browse through our full collection of affordable psychology measurement, assessment and testing books, or if you have a reading list from your tutor you can enter the ISBN number to find the exact books that you need for your course.

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Psychological Testing An Introduction by Domino, George ISBN: 9780130201430 List Price: $97.00
Assessing and Screening Preschoolers Psychological and Educational Dimensions by Nuttall, Ena V., Romero, Iv... ISBN: 9780205266760 List Price: $92.30
Advances in Behavioral Assessment of Children and Families A Research Annual by Prinz, Ronald J. ISBN: 9781853020698 List Price: $85.00
Advances in Personality Assessment by Butcher, James Neal, Spielb... ISBN: 9780898592160 List Price: $59.95
Advances in Personality Assessment by Butcher, James Neal, Spielb... ISBN: 9780805805031 List Price: $69.95
Fundamentals of Behavioral Statistics by Runyon, Pittenger, David ISBN: 9780072324068 List Price: $54.06
Practice of Psychological Assessment by Tallent, Norman ISBN: 9780136781110 List Price: $116.00
Tests and Measurements by Walsh, W. Bruce ISBN: 9780139069185 List Price: $32.60
Assessment in Early Childhood Education by Wortham, Sue C. ISBN: 9780130193421 List Price: $46.00
MMPI: Use with Specific Populations by Greene ISBN: 9780205101047 List Price: $72.95
Aspects of Personality Structure, Vol. 3 by Klopfer, Bruno ISBN: 9780155176287
Assessment in Infancy: Ordinal Scales of Psychological Development by Uzgiris, Ina C., Hunt, J. M... ISBN: 9780252004650
Psychological Testing and Assessment by Aiken, Lewis R. ISBN: 9780205106226
Behavioral Medicine: Assessment and Treatment Strategies by Doleys, Daniel M., Meredith... ISBN: 9780306408410 List Price: $90.00
Personality Assessment and Psychological Interpretation by Deinhart, Carol L. ISBN: 9780398047528 List Price: $40.95
Developments in the Rorschach Technique by Klopfer, Bruno ISBN: 9780318529660
Psychware Sourcebook by Krug, Samuel E. ISBN: 9780933701076 List Price: $39.00
Rorschach Technique: An Introductory Manual - B. Klopper - Hardcover by Klopfer, Bruno, Davidson, H... ISBN: 9780155778733
It Takes All Types! - Alan W. Brownsword - Paperback - REVISED by Brownsword, Alan W. ISBN: 9780944393000 List Price: $16.00
Technique and Theory, Vol. 1 by Klopfer, Bruno ISBN: 9780155176263
Personality Assessment Via Questionnaires Current Issues in Theory and Measurement by Angleitner, A., Wiggins, Je... ISBN: 9780387158464 List Price: $85.00
Personality and Psychological Assessment by Kleinmuntz, Benjamin ISBN: 9780312602321 List Price: $28.95
Personality and Psychological Assessment by Kleinmuntz, Benjamin ISBN: 9780898748932 List Price: $52.50
Psychological Testing:principles+appl. by Murphy, Kevin R., Davidshof... ISBN: 9780132638159 List Price: $60.75
Contemporary Psych.+effective Behavior by Morris, Charles ISBN: 9780673389541 List Price: $57.25
MMPI: A Practical Guide - John R. Graham - Hardcover - 2nd ed by Graham, John R. ISBN: 9780195042634 List Price: $29.95
MMPI-2: Assessing Personality and Psychopathology - John R. Graham - Hardcover by Graham, John R. ISBN: 9780195060683 List Price: $32.50
Full Battery Codebook A Handbook of Psychological Test Interpretation for Clinical, Counseli... by Vincent, Ken R., Caddy, Gle... ISBN: 9780893913953 List Price: $99.95
Educational and Psychological Measurement and Evaluation - Kenneth D. Hopkins - Hardcover by Hopkins, Kenneth D., Stanle... ISBN: 9780132362818 List Price: $22.95
Test Scores and What They Mean - Howard Burbeck Lyman - Paperback - 4th ed by Lyman, Howard B. ISBN: 9780139038327 List Price: $20.50
Handbook of Psychological Assessment - Gerald Goldstein - Paperback - 2ND ED. by Goldstein, Gerald ISBN: 9780205143405 List Price: $133.95
Behavior Therapy Assessment - Eric J. Mash - Hardcover by Mash, Eric J., Terdal, Leif G. ISBN: 9780826119308 List Price: $24.95
Psychological Testing, Principles and Applications by Murphy, Kevin R., Davidshof... ISBN: 9780137286768 List Price: $54.00
Essentials of Psychological Testing by Cronbach, Lee J. ISBN: 9780060414191 List Price: $38.75
Analysis of Fantasy : The Thematic Technique in the Study of Personality by Henry, William E. ISBN: 9780471372905 List Price: $8.95
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