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Applied psychology is a branch of psychology that uses the methods and findings of scientific psychology to overcome problems in other areas such as mental health, law and business management. Hugo Munsterberg, who moved to America from Germany in the late 19th century, is credited with being the creator of applied psychology. He wrote many books on the subject that are still applicable to today's studies. However, there are many more up-to-date textbooks available on the subject and you are in the right place to find them. We have an extensive range of affordable clinical psychology textbooks for you to choose from here online. They cover the topics of counseling, perspectives, health care, industrial and organizational psychology and research methods, to name but a few. You can save yourself a lot of time by ordering your textbooks here as you can avoid the lengthy lines at the college bookshop and get the books delivered to the address of your choice. We sell new and pre-owned books, and offer a buyback service.

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Humor and Psychotherapy by Kuhlman, Thomas L. ISBN: 9780534104344 List Price: $24.95
Interpersonal Communication by Fisher, B. Aubrey ISBN: 9780075546467
Handbook of Coaching Psychology by Palmer, Stephen, Whybrow, A... ISBN: 9781583917060
Assessment for Decision by Peterson, Donald R., Fishma... ISBN: 9780813512464 List Price: $50.00
Psychology by Wortman, Camille B., Loftus... ISBN: 9780075551713 List Price: $42.50
Research Methods in Applied Behavior Analysis by Bailey, Jon S., Burch, Mary R. ISBN: 9780761923909 List Price: $62.95
Interkulturelle Seelsorge (Arbeiten zur Pastoraltheologie) (German Edition) by Schneider-Harpprecht, Chris... ISBN: 9783525623671
Psychology and Medicine by Griffiths, David ISBN: 9780333318775
Developmental Psychology for the Health Care Professions: Prenatal through Adolescent Develo... by Billingham, Katherine A. ISBN: 9780865310001 List Price: $36.00
Data Collection and Analysis Basic Statistics by Thorndike, Robert M. ISBN: 9780898760224 List Price: $34.50
Getting Something Out of Applied Psychology by McCutcheon, Lynn ISBN: 9780929655796 List Price: $28.57
Nonrepresentational Forms of the Comic Humor, Irony, and Jokes by Tarozzi-Goldsmith, Marcella ISBN: 9780820414812 List Price: $37.95
Handbook of Humor Clinical Applications in Psychotherapy by Buckman, Elcha S. ISBN: 9780894643699 List Price: $25.50
Beliefs and Self-Help: Cross-Cultural Perspectives and Approaches by Weber, George H., Cohen, Lu... ISBN: 9780898850321 List Price: $45.95
Elements of Applied Psychology by Spurgeon, Peter, Chapman, A... ISBN: 9783718654192 List Price: $38.95
Essentials of Psychology Concepts & Applications by Gerow, Josh R. ISBN: 9780673994998 List Price: $52.00
Essentials of Psychology Concepts & Applications by Gerow, Josh R. ISBN: 9780673466563 List Price: $35.33
Avoidance Syndrome Doing Things Out of Fear by Ruben, Douglas ISBN: 9780875275024 List Price: $22.50
Peer Pressure Reversal by Carkhuff, Robert ISBN: 9780874250190 List Price: $15.00
Color : Secret Influence by Unknown ISBN: 9780130401106
Psychology for Life : Understanding and Optimizing Life's Problems Through Behavioral Dynamics by Murdoch, Bernard Constantin... ISBN: 9780966428339 List Price: $25.00
Getting Something Out of Applied Psychology by Williams, Richard, McCutche... ISBN: 9781562260781 List Price: $24.45
Getting Something Out of Applied Psychology Test Bank by McCutcheon, Lynn ISBN: 9781562260057
Psychology of Memory by Balch ISBN: 9780155071636 List Price: $58.95
Psychology and Human Living by Langer, Walter C. ISBN: 9780891975175 List Price: $34.50
Issues and Standards in Professional Psychology by Gawalek, Mary A. ISBN: 9781577900115
Destructive Power of Negative Thinking by Poindexter, William T. ISBN: 9780806233130
Applied Positive Psychology : Integrated Positive Practice by Lomas, Tim, Hefferon, Kate,... ISBN: 9781446298626
Colour and Colour Theories by Ladd-Franklin, Christine, C... ISBN: 9781138874978
Handbook of Color Psychology by Elliot, Andrew J., Fairchil... ISBN: 9781107043237 List Price: $200.00
Practical Psychology : For Students of Education by Fox, Charles, Charles ISBN: 9781138882454
Fatigue in Aviation a Guide to Staying Awake at the Stick by Caldwell, Lynn J. ISBN: 9781472464590
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