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Political science textbooks reveal the factors behind the crazy world of politics around the United States and throughout the world. Ever wonder what has fueled the most influential political movements throughout history? You are soon to set sail on an informative journey within the classroom that may explain the benefits and challenges surrounding democracies and socialist governments; the problems that arise within dictatorships; a study of how politics have evolved throughout the centuries; and the truth behind some of America's wildest elections and political scandals. Browse through our extensive selection of used textbooks while saving time and money. There you will find political science textbooks that introduce students to political science theory, educate on international conflicts, outline political research methods, review the basics of political law, and more. Students are often surprised to find out how much new political science textbooks can cost and are thrilled to discover that cheap textbooks can be found online and delivered directly to their dorm rooms and homes. Make sure that you have the exact ISBN numbers to be assured that you will receive the correct cheap used textbook. Shop today for used textbooks and save!

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Historic Firsts : How Symbolic Empowerment Changes U. S. Politics by Simien, Evelyn M. ISBN: 9780199314188 List Price: $27.95
Spaces In-Between : Cultural and Political Perspectives on Environmental Discourse by Luccarelli, Mark, Bergmann,... ISBN: 9789004298842 List Price: $71.00
Decade of the Great War : Japan and the Wider World in The 1910s by Minohara, Tosh, Hon, Tze-ki... ISBN: 9789004302624 List Price: $39.00
Zhong Gong Dang Nei Zheng Dou Mi Wen by Shi, Guansan ISBN: 9781630320201
Becoming a State Governor by Mahoney, Emily Jankowski ISBN: 9781482440485
On Civil Disobedience and Life Without Principle by Thoreau, Henry David ISBN: 9781938357282
Nicaragua : Navigating the Politics of Democracy by Close, David ISBN: 9781626374355 List Price: $59.95
Theft by Deception by Halbleib, John F., Halbleib... ISBN: 9781939783073 List Price: $29.95
АФГАНСКИЙ НАРК... by Ivanov, Vladimir, Long, Austin ISBN: 9780986175107
Vortex : The Election Of 1968 by Cohen, Michael ISBN: 9780199777563 List Price: $29.95
Understanding Social Work Research by Thyer, Bruce A., Myers, Lau... ISBN: 9781452268354 List Price: $85.00
Legal Issues of European Integration by Gijlstra, D. J. ISBN: 9789065443021 List Price: $101.00
Conflict of International Obligations and State Interests by Kim, Jung Gun, Howell, John M. ISBN: 9789024751419 List Price: $47.00
Interdependence and Conflicts in the World Economy by Simai, M. ISBN: 9789028622418 List Price: $78.00
Kommunale Frauenpolitik : Frauenbeauftragte, Gewerkschaften, Personalvertretungen by Bednarz-Braun, Iris, Bruhns... ISBN: 9783879663576
Patriotic Schools and Anti-Colonialism in Hong Kong by Lau, Chui Shan ISBN: 9780415806732
Social Change, Charism and International Behaviour by Korany ISBN: 9789028602557 List Price: $132.00
Pluralistische Demokratie : Studien Zur Theorie U. Praxis by Steffani, Winfried ISBN: 9783810002846
Imagery and Ideology in U. S. Policy Toward Libya, 1969-1982 by ElWarfally, Mahmoud G. ISBN: 9780608222172 List Price: $72.00
Control of American Foreign Relations by Wright, Quincy ISBN: 9780598480125 List Price: $136.40
Fundamentals of Municipal Borrowing by Unknown ISBN: 9780318426976
Nation : The Foundations of Civil Order and Political Life in the United States by Mulford, Elisha ISBN: 9780608409511 List Price: $138.30
Preventing Deadly Conflict by Zartman, I. William ISBN: 9780745686929
Logic of American Politics by Kernell, Samuel, Jacobson, ... ISBN: 9781483319841
Oxford Encyclopedia of Latinos and Latinas in Contemporary Politics, Law, and Social Movements by Oboler, Suzanne, Gonz�les, ... ISBN: 9780199744619 List Price: $395.00
US Climate Change Policy by Bailey, Christopher J. ISBN: 9781409440178 List Price: $104.95
Carbon Bubble : What Happens to Us When It Bursts by Rubin, Jeff ISBN: 9780345814708
Management in the Social and Safety Services by Hunt, Norman C., Reekie, W. D. ISBN: 9781138863712
Japan's War Economy by Pauer, Erich ISBN: 9781138880948
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