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How much do you really know about public policy, especially with regard to economics? If you want to buy cheap economic policy textbooks it makes sense to get a great economic deal for yourself. Buy from Valore Books and we'll provide you with discounted and pre-owned text books that have already allowed other students to succeed in their studies. With Economics of the Environment, American Public Policy: An Introduction, and Economics of Poverty available, you can see just how wide the collection is. Look for authors including David N Hyman, Clarke E Cochran and Jonathan Gruber as well - they've contributed some fine tomes to this section. Rent used economic policy textbooks from us as well, and remember we buy back economic policy books too in order to expand our collection. Whatever you decide to do you'll get the cheapest deals and the best payments when you use our buyback service.

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Economics of the Environment by Berck, Peter, Helfand, Gloria ISBN: 9780321321664
Economics of the Public Sector by Stiglitz, Joseph E. ISBN: 9780393966510 List Price: $133.48
Economics of Poverty by Schiller, Bradley R. ISBN: 9780131889699 List Price: $91.00
American Public Policy: An Introduction by Cochran, Clarke E., Mayer, ... ISBN: 9781111342883 List Price: $115.95
European Integration Theory by Wiener, Antje, Wiener, Antj... ISBN: 9780199226092 List Price: $49.95
Public Finance and Public Policy by Gruber, Jonathan ISBN: 9780716766315 List Price: $107.24
Father of the Poor Vargas and His Era by Levine, Robert M., Schwartz... ISBN: 9780521585286 List Price: $27.99
Economic History of Latin America Since Independence by Bulmer-Thomas, Victor, Knig... ISBN: 9780521532747 List Price: $39.99
Practical Government Budgeting A Workbook for Public Managers by Riley, Susan L., Colby, Pet... ISBN: 9780791403921 List Price: $29.95
The European Union: Economics and Policies by El-Agraa, Ali, Ardy, Brian ISBN: 9781107400115 List Price: $80.00
Environment and Economy by Scott Cato, Molly ISBN: 9780415477413
Politics and Economic Policy in the United States by Cohen, Jeffrey E. ISBN: 9780395961100 List Price: $94.95
China and India in the Age of Globalization by Sharma, Shalendra D. ISBN: 9780521731362 List Price: $28.99
Modern Japan by Duus, Peter ISBN: 9780395746042 List Price: $94.95
Conflict, Security and Development: An Introduction by Jackson, Paul, Beswick, Dan... ISBN: 9780415499835 List Price: $39.95
American Public Policy by Cochran, Clarke E., Carr, T... ISBN: 9780495501893 List Price: $115.95
Logic of Regional Integration Europe and Beyond by Mattli, Walter ISBN: 9780521635363 List Price: $46.00
Shaped by War and Trade International Influences on American Political Development by Katznelson, Ira, Shefter, M... ISBN: 9780691057040 List Price: $23.95
Taking Sides: Clashing Views on Economic Issues by Bonello, Frank, Lobo, Isobe... ISBN: 9780073527307 List Price: $35.31
The Emerging European Union by Yesilada, Birol A., Wood, D... ISBN: 9780205723805 List Price: $79.80
International Political Economy Perspectives on Global Power and Wealth by Frieden, Jeffrey A., Lake, ... ISBN: 9780312189693 List Price: $102.95
China, the Developing World, and the New Global Dynamic by Dittmer, Lowell, Yu, George T. ISBN: 9781588267269 List Price: $22.50
Managed Annihilation: An Unnatural History of the Newfoundland Cod Collapse by Bavington, Dean ISBN: 9780774817486 List Price: $32.95
Rise of the Fiscal State in Europe 1200-1815 by Bonney, Richard ISBN: 9780198204022 List Price: $225.00
Controversies in American Public Policy by Hird, John, Reese, Michael,... ISBN: 9780534618483 List Price: $97.95
State Legitimacy and Development in Africa by Englebert, Pierre ISBN: 9781588261311 List Price: $22.00
Politics of Bad Ideas by Jones, Bryan D., Williams, ... ISBN: 9780205600793 List Price: $29.60
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