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How much do you really know about public policy, especially with regard to economics? If you want to buy cheap economic policy textbooks it makes sense to get a great economic deal for yourself. Buy from Valore Books and we'll provide you with discounted and pre-owned text books that have already allowed other students to succeed in their studies. With Economics of the Environment, American Public Policy: An Introduction, and Economics of Poverty available, you can see just how wide the collection is. Look for authors including David N Hyman, Clarke E Cochran and Jonathan Gruber as well - they've contributed some fine tomes to this section. Rent used economic policy textbooks from us as well, and remember we buy back economic policy books too in order to expand our collection. Whatever you decide to do you'll get the cheapest deals and the best payments when you use our buyback service.

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Economics of the Environment by Berck, Peter, Helfand, Gloria ISBN: 9780321321664
American Public Policy: An Introduction by Cochran, Clarke E., Mayer, ... ISBN: 9781111342883 List Price: $115.95
Economics of Poverty by Schiller, Bradley R. ISBN: 9780131889699 List Price: $91.00
Economics of the Public Sector by Stiglitz, Joseph E. ISBN: 9780393966510 List Price: $133.48
Taking Sides: Clashing Views on Economic Issues by Bonello, Frank, Lobo, Isobel ISBN: 9780073527345
China and Africa: A Century of Engagement by David H. Shinn, Joshua Eise... ISBN: 9780812244199 List Price: $69.95
Environment and Economy by Scott Cato, Molly ISBN: 9780415477413
Economic Issues and Policy by Brux, Jacqueline Murray ISBN: 9780538751179
Smoking And Politics Bureaucracy Centered Policy Making by Fritschler, A. Lee, Rudder,... ISBN: 9780131791046 List Price: $49.80
Dynamic Fiscal Policy by Alan J. Auerbach, Laurence ... ISBN: 9780521300414 List Price: $52.95
Russian and Soviet Economic Performance and Structure by Gregory, Paul R., Stuart, R... ISBN: 9780321078162 List Price: $86.67
Sunburnt Cities by Hollander, Justin B. ISBN: 9780415592123
The Development Policy of the European Union by Martin Holland, Mathew Doidge ISBN: 9780230019904 List Price: $46.00
China Since Tiananmen: From Deng Xiaoping to Hu Jintao by Fewsmith, Joseph ISBN: 9780521686051 List Price: $25.99
Public Finance and Public Policy by Gruber, Jonathan ISBN: 9780716786559 List Price: $168.75
Trade Your Way to Financial Freedom by Chabot, Christian N., Tharp... ISBN: 9780070647626 List Price: $29.95
Industry Structure, Strategy, and Public Policy by Scherer, F. M. ISBN: 9780673992895 List Price: $52.00
Growth With Equity: Economic Policymaking for the Next Century by Martin N. Baily, Gary Burtl... ISBN: 9780815707660 List Price: $19.95
Smoking and Politics Policy Making and the Federal Bureaucracy by Fritschler, A. Lee, Hoefler... ISBN: 9780134358017 List Price: $55.60
Finance And Development Surveys of Theory, Evidence And Policy by Green, Christopher J., Kirk... ISBN: 9781845428563 List Price: $60.00
European Union Economies by Somers, Frans, Bailey, Richard ISBN: 9780582305908 List Price: $35.25
Policy Coherence and EU Development Policy by Carbone, Maurizio, Carbone,... ISBN: 9780415495332
The Golden Franc: Memoirs of a Governor of the Bank of France : The Stabilization of the Fra... by Emile Moreau, Stephen D. St... ISBN: 9780813381411 List Price: $77.50
Change in the Construction Industry An Account of the Uk Construction Industry Reform Moveme... by Adamson, David M., Pollingt... ISBN: 9780415385992 List Price: $135.00
Privacy in a Fishbowl: Spiral to Economic Disaster, Vol. 2 by Hatonn, Gyeorgos C. ISBN: 9780922356126 List Price: $10.00
Public Policy and the Economy Since 1900 by Tomlinson, Jim ISBN: 9780198287742 List Price: $68.00
The Politics of Taxing and Spending by Fisher, Patrick ISBN: 9781588266194 List Price: $19.95
Economics of Poverty and Discrimination by Schiller, Bradley R. ISBN: 9780133151367 List Price: $46.67
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