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Secessionism : Identity, Interest, and Strategy by Sorens, Jason ISBN: 9780773539303 List Price: $29.95
China's Urban Space : Development under market Socialism by McGee, Terry, Lin, George C... ISBN: 9780415512701
Transnational Spaces by Crang, Philip, Dwyer, Clair... ISBN: 9780415510875
Democratization in Africa: Challenges and Propects by Crawford, Gordon, Lynch, Ga... ISBN: 9780415508322
Bodily Democracy by Eichberg, Henning ISBN: 9780415509435
Democracy in Theory and Practice by Elstub, Stephen ISBN: 9780415505642
Global Economic Crisis and East Asian Regionalism by Katada, Saori ISBN: 9780415525800
Hard Questions for Democracy by Chari, Raj ISBN: 9780415523059
Secessionist Movements and Ethnic Conflict by Huszka, Beata ISBN: 9780415519243
Social Transnationalism by Mau, Steffen ISBN: 9780415534246
Maoism in India by Chakrabarty, Bidyut, Kujur,... ISBN: 9780415533522
Towards Socialism or Capitalsim? (Routledge Revivals) by Trotsky, Leon ISBN: 9780415623384
Way the Wind Blew : A History of the Weather Underground by Jacobs, Ron ISBN: 9781859848616 List Price: $50.00
Whole Truth about SWAPO : Idealistic Christians and Heroes of Freedom and Justice? or Instru... by American Society for the De... ISBN: 9781877905230 List Price: $2.50
Lithic Technology and Regional Variation in Late Neolithic Jordan by Cropper, Dawn Nadine ISBN: 9781407308685
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