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Rise of Conservatism in America, 1945-2000 A Brief History With Documents by Story, Ronald, Laurie, Bruce ISBN: 9780312450649 List Price: $15.95
Authoritarianism and Polarization in American Politics by Hetherington, Marc J., Weil... ISBN: 9780521711241 List Price: $26.99
Resurgence of the Latin American Left by Levitsky, Steven, Roberts, ... ISBN: 9781421401102 List Price: $35.00
Ideals and Ideologies by Ball, Terence, Dagger, Richard ISBN: 9780205607358 List Price: $84.40
Emergence of Latin America in the Nineteenth Century by Bushnell, David, MacAulay, ... ISBN: 9780195084023 List Price: $43.95
Taking Sides: Clashing Views on Political Issues, Expanded by McKenna, McKenna, George, F... ISBN: 9780077406080
Liberal Purposes Goods, Virtues, and Diversity in the Liberal State by Galston, William A., MacLea... ISBN: 9780521422505 List Price: $74.00
The Resurgence of the Latin American Left by Levitsky, Steven, Roberts, ... ISBN: 9781421401096 List Price: $70.00
John Rawls: An Introduction by Lehning, Percy B. ISBN: 9780521727693 List Price: $30.99
Liberal Mind by Minogue, Kenneth, MINOGUE, ... ISBN: 9780865973084 List Price: $10.00
After Liberalism Mass Democracy in the Managerial State by Gottfried, Paul Edward ISBN: 9780691089829 List Price: $18.95
Rise of Neoliberalism and Institutional Analysis by Campbell, John L., Pedersen... ISBN: 9780691070872 List Price: $24.95
Collapse of Liberal Empire Science and Revolution in the Twentieth Century by Goldstene, Paul N. ISBN: 9780883165409 List Price: $12.95
Great Thinkers in Classical Liberalism The Lockesmith Review by Sturgis, Amy H., Griffith, ... ISBN: 9780964112001 List Price: $12.95
Liberalism and Peace by Doyle, Michael W. ISBN: 9780415781756
Virtue and the Making of Modern Liberalism by Berkowitz, Peter ISBN: 9780691070889 List Price: $23.95
Phyllis Schlafly and Grassroots Conservatism by Critchlow, Donald T. ISBN: 9780691136240 List Price: $26.95
Liberal Mind by Minogue, Kenneth, MINOGUE, ... ISBN: 9780865973077 List Price: $19.00
New Wine in Old Wineskins Evangelicals and Liberals in a Small-Town Church by Warner, R. Stephen ISBN: 9780520072046 List Price: $28.95
Resurgence of Conservatism in Anglo-American Democracies by Cooper, Barry, Kornberg, Al... ISBN: 9780822307938 List Price: $29.95
Liberalism The Classical Tradition by von Mises, Ludwig, Greaves,... ISBN: 9780865975866 List Price: $14.50
Foundations of Liberalism by Moore, Margaret ISBN: 9780198273851 List Price: $140.00
Politics of Righteousness Idaho Christian Patriotism by Aho, James A., University o... ISBN: 9780295974941 List Price: $14.95
Understanding Dogmas and Dreams A Text by Love, Nancy S. ISBN: 9781566430449 List Price: $35.95
Taking Sides by McKenna, George, Feingold, ... ISBN: 9780073515274 List Price: $38.31
Intellectual History of Liberalism by Manent, Pierre, Balinski, R... ISBN: 9780691029115 List Price: $28.95
Conservative Press in Eighteenth-And Nineteenth-Century America by Lora, Ronald Henry, Longton... ISBN: 9780313310430 List Price: $122.95
Other God That Failed by Muller, Jerry Z. ISBN: 9780691008233 List Price: $47.50
Taking Sides: Clashing Views on Controversial Political Issues by McKenna, George, Feingold, ... ISBN: 9780072968880 List Price: $23.12
British National Party: Contemporary Perspectives by Copsey, Nigel, Macklin, Graham ISBN: 9780415483834 List Price: $135.00
Who's Running America?: The Conservative Years by Dye, Thomas R. ISBN: 9780139585050 List Price: $26.00
Liberal Equality by Gutmann, Amy ISBN: 9780521228282 List Price: $16.95
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