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Law Enforcement Officers Killed & Assaulted, 1992 by Unknown ISBN: 9780788104558 List Price: $25.00
Law Enforcement Management & Administrative Statistics, 1993 Data for Individual State A& Lo... by Reaves, Brian A., Smith, Ph... ISBN: 9780788124419 List Price: $50.00
Law Enforcement Manual by Adamson, Mark, Del Bagno, D... ISBN: 9781885682017 List Price: $39.95
National Drug Control Strategy 2000 Annual Report by McCaffrey, Barry, Clinton, ... ISBN: 9780756701932 List Price: $25.00
Tactical Handcuffing for Chain and Hinged Style Handcuffs by Peters, John G., Jr., St. G... ISBN: 9780923401009 List Price: $15.50
Sergeant's Assessment Center A Training Manual for Law Enforcement Officers by NBPA Staff, Armstead ISBN: 9780840387141 List Price: $19.95
Sergeant's Assessment Center A Training Manual for Law Enforcement Officers by NBPA Staff, Armstead ISBN: 9780840387134 List Price: $19.95
Comparative Policing Issues by Mawby, R. I. ISBN: 9780044455455 List Price: $74.95
Police Manager by Lynch, Ronald G. ISBN: 9780870847073 List Price: $28.95
Private Security+law by Nemeth, Charles P. ISBN: 9780870845994 List Price: $37.95
Policing America by Peak, Kenneth J. ISBN: 9780132678247 List Price: $77.00
Racial Profiling by Pampel, Fred C. ISBN: 9780816055920 List Price: $45.00
State And Local Law Enforcement Training Catalog by Unknown ISBN: 9781568068343 List Price: $20.00
Marijuana Costs of Abuse, Costs of Control by Kleiman, Mark A. ISBN: 9780313258534 List Price: $59.95
Racial Profiling Limited Data Available on Motorist Stops by Ekstrand, Laurie E., Rezmov... ISBN: 9780756703929 List Price: $20.00
Florida Law Enforcement Officer The Basic Recruit Training Course by Robbins, Ray K., Gross-Fari... ISBN: 9780821117279 List Price: $25.00
Effective Police Supervision - Harry W. More,Jr. - Hardcover by More, Harry W., Jr., Wegene... ISBN: 9780870845888 List Price: $27.95
War on Drugs: Studies in the Failure of U. S. Narcotics Policy - Alfred W. McCoy - Paperback by McCoy, Alfred W., Block, Al... ISBN: 9780813385518 List Price: $57.50
Human Relations: Law Enforcement in a Changing Community - Alan R. Coffey - Hardcover - 3rd ed by Coffey, Alan R., Elderfonso... ISBN: 9780134457000 List Price: $64.00
Police, Criminal Justice, and the Community - Alan Edward Bent - Hardcover by Bent, Alan E., Rossum, Ralp... ISBN: 9780060406370 List Price: $25.00
Introduction to Law Enforcement - George L. Kirkham - Paperback by Kirkham, George L., Wollan,... ISBN: 9780060436667 List Price: $45.93
Proactive Police Management - Edward A. Thibault - Hardcover by Thibault, Edward A., Lynch,... ISBN: 9780137114412 List Price: $40.00
Front Page Detective William J. Burns and the Detective Profession, 1880-1930 by Hunt, William R. ISBN: 9780879724955 List Price: $39.95
Front Page Detective William J Burns and the Detective Profession, 1880-1930 by Hunt, William R. ISBN: 9780879724962 List Price: $19.95
Fundamentals of Civil and Private Investigation by Rush, D. A., Siljander, R. P. ISBN: 9780398049324 List Price: $37.95
Geographic Factors in Policing by Harries, Keith D. ISBN: 9781878734204 List Price: $4.50
Police and the Media: Bridging Troubled Waters - Patricia A. Kelly - Hardcover by Kelly, Patricia A., Gillela... ISBN: 9780398053529 List Price: $59.50
Police Dictionary and Encyclopedia - John J. Fay - Hardcover by Fay, John J. ISBN: 9780398054946 List Price: $67.95
Civil Liabilities of Police Officers - Rolando V. Del Carmen - Paperback by Del Carmen, Rolando V. ISBN: 9780893031350 List Price: $37.60
State of Police Education: Policy Direction for the 21st Century - David A. Carter - Paperback by Carter, David A., Murphy, P... ISBN: 9781878734006 List Price: $11.50
Canadian Law and Private Investigations by Groot, Norman J. ISBN: 9781552210598 List Price: $45.00
Introduction to Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice by Wrobleski, Henry M., Hess, ... ISBN: 9780314599506 List Price: $50.75
Police Field Operations by Adams, Thomas F. ISBN: 9780136842590 List Price: $42.80
Critical Issues in Policing by Dunham, Roger G., Alpert, G... ISBN: 9780881333909 List Price: $19.95
Themes and Variations in Community Policing: Case Studies in Community Policing by Hawkins, Carl W., Jr., Butl... ISBN: 9781878734426 List Price: $16.50
Briefs of One Hundred Leading Cases in Law Enforcement by Del Carmen, Rolando V., Wal... ISBN: 9780870840906 List Price: $11.95
Police and Society: An Environment for Collaboration and Confrontation by Johnson, Thomas A., Misner,... ISBN: 9780136840763 List Price: $45.00
Effective Police Supervision by More, Harry W., Jr., Wegene... ISBN: 9780870845932 List Price: $34.95
Supervising Police Personnel: Back to the Basics by Whisenand, Paul M., Rush, G... ISBN: 9780138761783 List Price: $59.00
Western Peace Officer: The Legacy of Law and Order by Prassel, Frank R. ISBN: 9780806116945 List Price: $26.95
How to Get Anything on Anybody by Lapin, Lee ISBN: 9780940005006 List Price: $30.00
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