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FBI Reorganization : Progress Made in Efforts to Transform, but Major Challenges Continue by Walker, David M. ISBN: 9780756736620 List Price: $25.00
Police Department Information Systems Technology Enhancement Project by Dunworth, Terence, Frazier,... ISBN: 9780756734657 List Price: $30.00
Law Enforcement Series - Situational and Judgment Questions - Series 1 by Zendzian, Craig, Zendzian, ... ISBN: 9780972001342 List Price: $9.95
Criminal Justice in California by Albanese, Jay S. ISBN: 9780205318599
Police discretion by Fairchild, Erika S., Stokes... ISBN: 9780915654338 List Price: $6.00
Target System For Law Enforcement Training A Model For Design And Evaluation by Armour, Mary Kay ISBN: 9780763783570 List Price: $45.95
Police Management and Leadership in the 21st Century by Bayens, Gerald J., Birzer, ... ISBN: 9780534581312 List Price: $76.95
Police Organization and Management by Leonard, V. A., More, Harry... ISBN: 9781566620499 List Price: $34.95
Dictionary of Policing by Newburn, Tim, Neyroud, Peter ISBN: 9781843922872 List Price: $39.95
Police+society by Roberg, Roy R., Crank, John... ISBN: 9780935732313 List Price: $54.95
712. Law Enforce....-std.gde. by Wrobleski, Henry M., Hess, ... ISBN: 9780534519261 List Price: $19.25
Supervision of Police Personnel by Iannone, M. D., Iannone, N.... ISBN: 9780136492290
Rx for Justice : Defying Our Prejudices, Demystifing the Law, Demanding Police Integrity by Geller, Lawrence H., Hemenw... ISBN: 9780965711524 List Price: $27.95
Electronic Eavesdropping : The Techniques and Equipment by Jones, Michael P., Jones, M... ISBN: 9780899041704 List Price: $15.00
Electronic Eavesdropping Countermeasures Business Start-Up Manual by Thomas, Ralph D. ISBN: 9780918487650 List Price: $29.95
Secrets of Accident Investigation by Liversay, Ed, Jr. ISBN: 9780918487827 List Price: $35.00
Law Enforcement Agencies by Unknown ISBN: 9780791099681 List Price: $420.00
Probationary Period : A Critical Assessment Opportunity by McPhie, Neil A. G. ISBN: 9781422302989 List Price: $20.00
Traffic Accident Investigation : A Training and Reference Manual by Rivers, R. W. ISBN: 9781884566035 List Price: $40.00
Precinct Manual 1998 by Joyce, Robert P. ISBN: 9781560113249 List Price: $8.00
Police Administration: Structures, Processes and Behaviors Study Guide : Based on the Text b... by Davis Publishing Company St... ISBN: 9781563250576 List Price: $28.95
Law Enforcement Agencies Set by Unknown ISBN: 9781604139990 List Price: $210.00
Fundamentals of Police Administration by Foust, John ISBN: 9781609279462
Rethinking Community Policing by Ray, John M. ISBN: 9781593327620
I've Been Racially Profiled. Now What? by Hanson-Harding, Alexandra ISBN: 9781477779842
Use of Force : Expert Guidance for Decisive Force Response by Kinnaird, Brian A. ISBN: 9781608850662
Policing Insurgencies : Cops As Counterinsurgents by Fair, C. Christine, Ganguly... ISBN: 9780198094883 List Price: $39.95
Police, Lies and Alibis : The True Story of a Front Line Officer by Donoghue, John ISBN: 9781783061341 List Price: $18.95
Police Mandate : Organizational Analysis by Manning, Peter K. ISBN: 9780415657327
Developing a Comprehensive Security Program : Elements, Characteristics, and Leadership by Hayes, Bob, Kotwica, Kathle... ISBN: 9780128012222 List Price: $24.95
Code of Federal Regulations, Title 6, Domestic Security, Revised As of January 1 2014 by Office of the Federal Regis... ISBN: 9780160922060 List Price: $13.50
Canadian Policing in the 21st Century : A Frontline Officer on Challenges and Changes by Chrismas, Robert ISBN: 9780773544406 List Price: $29.95
Scandale des Commandites : Un Crime D'�tat by Bernheim, Jean-Claude ISBN: 9782894152973
British Transport Police : Cs by Stacpoole-Ryding, Richard ISBN: 9781445651040
Society and the Policeman's Role by Cain, Maureen E. ISBN: 9781138918269
Modern Perspectives on Policing: Selected Papers by Shwartz, Ryan T. ISBN: 9781634639699 List Price: $120.00
Preservation of Biological Evidence: Best Practices (Law, Crime and Law Enforcement) by Clinton, Louise M. ISBN: 9781634639743 List Price: $120.00
Police Suicide : Is Police Culture Killing Our Officers? by Rufo, Ronald A. ISBN: 9781482234992
Crime and Corruption at the Yard by Woodland, David ISBN: 9781473833852
Smart Security: Understanding and Contributing to the Business : Proven Practices by Quilter, J. David ISBN: 9780128020791 List Price: $99.95
States and Federal Immigration Law : Limitation and Enforcement Policies by Torres, Elena ISBN: 9781634839785 List Price: $120.00
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