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Police Deviance by Barker, Thomas, Carter, Dav... ISBN: 9780870841002 List Price: $27.95
Pioneers in Policing by Stead, Philip J. ISBN: 9780875858036 List Price: $9.00
Search and Seizure Handbook for Law Officers by Rutledge, Devallis ISBN: 9780942728392 List Price: $15.95
Law Enforcement Driving by Auten, James H., Rinkevich,... ISBN: 9780398055707 List Price: $68.75
Operational Issues in the Small Law Enforcement Agency by IACP Staff ISBN: 9780840379306 List Price: $11.95
Administration of Police Training in India by Mathur, K. M. ISBN: 9788121201001
Police, Law and Internal Security by Mathur, Krishna M. ISBN: 9788121204552
Policing the Southern City by Rousey, Dennis C. ISBN: 9780807120460 List Price: $35.00
Political Violence and the Police in India by Subramanian, K. S. ISBN: 9780761935933 List Price: $29.95
Managing the Small Law Enforcement Agency by IACP Staff ISBN: 9780840379313 List Price: $11.95
Police and Protest in England and Ireland, 1780-1850 by Palmer, Stanley ISBN: 9780521302166 List Price: $95.00
Police Organization and Administration by Souryal, Sam S. ISBN: 9780155707016 List Price: $9.95
Police Patrol: Operations and Management by Hale, Charles D. ISBN: 9780471032915 List Price: $42.50
Blue-Coated Worker by Reiner, Robert ISBN: 9780521294829 List Price: $18.00
Police Officer's Handbook by Stering, Robert S. ISBN: 9780763746605 List Price: $72.95
Drug Control U.S. Assistance to Colombia Will Take Years to Produce Results by Huntington, Albert H., III ISBN: 9780756707194 List Price: $25.00
Drug Control Long-Standing Problems Hinder U.S. International Efforts by Ford, Jess ISBN: 9780788143762 List Price: $20.00
Blind Eye of History A Study of the Origins of the Present Police Era by Reith, Charles, Stead, Phil... ISBN: 9780875852034 List Price: $25.00
Briefs of Leading Cases in Law Enforcement by Del Carmen, Rolando V., Wal... ISBN: 9780870841880 List Price: $22.95
Broken Cops The Other Side of Policing by Kroes, William H. ISBN: 9780398054007 List Price: $39.95
Burnout in Blue Managing the Police Marginal Performer by Robinette, Hillary M. ISBN: 9780275926885 List Price: $33.95
Police Field Operations by Adams, Thomas Francis ISBN: 9780131122963 List Price: $91.80
Policing in America by Bartollas, Clemens, Hahn, L... ISBN: 9780205274543 List Price: $78.80
Policing Within a Professional Framework by Cavanagh, Michael E. ISBN: 9780130395702 List Price: $52.60
Police in Community Relations Critical Issues by Cox, Steven M., Fitzgerald,... ISBN: 9780697251190 List Price: $57.50
Contemporary Patrol Tactics A Practical Guide for Patrol Officers by Dempsey, Tom ISBN: 9780131751910 List Price: $80.60
Policing Perspectives An Anthology by Gaines, Larry K., Cordner, ... ISBN: 9781891487040 List Price: $49.95
Police Leadership in America Crisis and Opportunity by Geller, William A. ISBN: 9780275916725 List Price: $42.95
Police-Community Relations and the Administration of Justice by Hunter, Ronald D., Barker, ... ISBN: 9780131118829 List Price: $93.00
Police Civil Liability Supreme Court Cases and Materials by Kappeler, Victor E. ISBN: 9781577661870 List Price: $27.95
Policing in America A Balance of Forces by Langworthy, Robert H., Trav... ISBN: 9780130926241 List Price: $102.20
Behavioral Police Management by More, Harry W., Jr., Wegene... ISBN: 9780023833502 List Price: $73.20
SPECIAL TOPICS IN POLICING (P) by More, Harry W., Jr. ISBN: 9780870848391 List Price: $33.95
Common Sense About Police Review by Perez, Douglas W. ISBN: 9781566393362 List Price: $24.95
Common Sense Police Supervision A How-To Manual for the First-Line Supervisor by Garner, Gerald W. ISBN: 9780398059590 List Price: $58.95
Common Sense Police Supervision A How-To Manual for the First-Line Supervisor by Garner, Gerald W. ISBN: 9780398059606 List Price: $38.95
Community-Oriented Policing A Systemic Approach to Policing by Oliver, Willard M. ISBN: 9780135248690 List Price: $70.00
Community Policing by Fielding, Nigel G. ISBN: 9780198260271 List Price: $145.00
Community Policing for Law Enforcement Managers by Ward, Richard H. ISBN: 9780788135002 List Price: $45.00
Community Policing and Problem Solving Strategies and Practices by Peak, Kenneth J., Glensor, ... ISBN: 9780132946872 List Price: $67.00
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