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War on Drugs Federal Assistance to State and Local Drug Enforcement by Unknown ISBN: 9780788100093 List Price: $20.00
Watercraft Patrol and Survival Tactics by Turner, Donald M., Lesce, Tony ISBN: 9780398057121 List Price: $51.95
Why Police Organizations Change A Study of Community-Oriented Policing by Zhao, Jihong ISBN: 9781878734457 List Price: $18.50
Federal Criminal Case Processing, 1980-1990 With Preliminary Data For 1991 by Unknown ISBN: 9781568067032 List Price: $30.00
Community Policing In Madison Quality From The Inside Out. An Evaluation Of Implementation A... by Wycoff, Mary A., Skogan, We... ISBN: 9780788114113 List Price: $40.00
Management And Administration Of The Community Oriented Policing Services Grant Program Audi... by Bromwich, Michael R. ISBN: 9780756721626 List Price: $30.00
Military Aid To Civil Authorities by Fastabend, David, Schnaubel... ISBN: 9780788175244 List Price: $20.00
Report Of The Violence Prevention Advisory Task Force Minn by Unknown ISBN: 9780788124044 List Price: $25.00
Report Of The National Advisory Commission On Law Enforcement by Unknown ISBN: 9781568068770 List Price: $40.00
Original Records Of Entry Criminal Justice Information Policy by Unknown ISBN: 9780788103872 List Price: $25.00
State And Local Law Enforcement Training Catalog by Unknown ISBN: 9781568068343 List Price: $20.00
Law Enforcement An Introduction by Holden, Richard N. ISBN: 9780135246870 List Price: $92.80
Law Enforcement Report Writing II Source Workbook, Exercises Accompanying Text by Amirie, Susan D., Amirie, A... ISBN: 9781883317010 List Price: $46.95
Law Enforcement Report Writing I Source Book A Comprehensive Reference/Text by Amirie, Susan D., Amirie, A... ISBN: 9781883317003 List Price: $41.95
Law Enforcement Tech Guide How to Plan, Purchase and Manage Technology Successfully!, a Guid... by Harris, Kelly J., Romesburg... ISBN: 9780756729400 List Price: $35.00
Law Enforcement Management & Administrative Statistics, 1993 Data for Individual State A& Lo... by Reaves, Brian A., Smith, Ph... ISBN: 9780788124419 List Price: $50.00
Law Enforcement Manual by Adamson, Mark, Del Bagno, D... ISBN: 9781885682017 List Price: $39.95
Controlling the Constable: Police Accountability in England and Wales by Jefferson, Tony, Grimshaw, ... ISBN: 9780584110883
Criminal Justice in New York by Jones-Brown, Delores D., Ch... ISBN: 9780205318605
Policing the Inner City: A Study of Amsterdam's Warmoesstraat by Punch, Maurice ISBN: 9780208018199 List Price: $32.50
Keywords in Policing by Pepper, Helen, Pepper, Ian L. ISBN: 9780335223763
Police Antidrug Tactics: New Approaches and Applications by Weisel, Deborah ISBN: 9781878734433 List Price: $18.50
Supervision of Police Personnel Sixth Edition (Instructor's Manual) by Iannone, Nathan, Iannone, M... ISBN: 9780130174444
Problem-oriented Policing and Partnerships by Bullock, Karen, Erol, Rosie... ISBN: 9780415627955
Australian Policing : Contemporary Issues by Chappell, Duncan, Wilson, Paul ISBN: 9780409494891 List Price: $58.00
Supervision of Police Personnel by Unknown ISBN: 9780130690975
Proactive Police Management by Thibault ISBN: 9780137114580
American Police : Text and Readings by More ISBN: 9780314284136 List Price: $45.00
Ninja, 1990 by Lapin, Lee, French, Scott, ... ISBN: 9780940005013 List Price: $45.00
American Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice, Priciples of by Schultz, Donald O., Beckman... ISBN: 9780942728323
Cultural Awareness Trainer's Manual for Law Enforcement Officers by Hennessy, Stephen M. ISBN: 9780963077226 List Price: $159.95
Police Procedure and Search and Seizure by Girard, James A., Leavell, ... ISBN: 9780963760906
Florida Law Enforcement Manual by Meissner, Paul A. ISBN: 9780964528000 List Price: $49.00
Behind the Uniform Behind the Bars : The "How To" Law Enforcement Manual by Jones, Geniva F. ISBN: 9780966395822 List Price: $300.00
Policy Anveshan : Police Investigation in Hindi by Babel, B. L. ISBN: 9780897717908
Electronic Eavesdropping : The Techniques and Equipment by Jones, Michael P., Jones, M... ISBN: 9780899040851 List Price: $11.00
Death of Blair Peach by NCCL Staff ISBN: 9780901108913
Police Discretion by Fairchild, Erika S., Stokes... ISBN: 9780915654321
Fundamentals of Investigative Report Writing and Note Taking by Unknown ISBN: 9780918487841 List Price: $19.95
Private Investigator's Guide to the Internet by Seanor, Joseph ISBN: 9780918487834 List Price: $35.00
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