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College courses on political science will be easier to work through if you invest in some of our opportunities to buy cheap labor and industrial relations textbooks to help you along the way. Some of our most popular titles include Labor Relations, Modern Labor Economics, Introduction to Collective Bargaining and Industrial Relations and Unions in America. Don't miss the chance to buy used labor and industrial relations textbooks that will further your knowledge on this vast and interesting topic. By considering the purchase and rental prices you can decide on the best way to get your textbooks to help you finish your political science course at college. Don't forget: we buy back labor and industrial relations books to make them available to future students as well. Simply look for the sell back prices to see which books we want and which ones you could make some cash selling to us soon.

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Employee Relations Understanding The Employment Relationship by Lewis, Philip, Thornhill, A... ISBN: 9780273646259 List Price: $87.50
Contemporary Collective Bargaining - Harold W. Davey - Hardcover - 4th ed by Davey, Harold W., Bognanno,... ISBN: 9780131697713 List Price: $46.67
Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations: Text, Readings and Cases - Thomas A. Koc... by Kochan, Thomas A., Barocci,... ISBN: 9780673390233 List Price: $34.33
Korean Workers and Neoliberal Globalisation by Gray, Kevin ISBN: 9780415419093 List Price: $135.00
Collective Bargaining in American Industry: Contemporary Perspectives and Future Directions by Lipsky, David B., Donn, Cli... ISBN: 9780669125948 List Price: $22.95
Unions in Crisis? by Schiavone, Michael ISBN: 9780275999667
Organized Workers and Socialist Politics in Interwar Japan by Large, Stephen S. ISBN: 9780521236751 List Price: $57.50
Human Relations of Organizations by Berkman, Harold, Neider, Linda ISBN: 9780534074104 List Price: $53.00
Inside the Workplace Findings from the 2004 Workplace Employment Relations Survey by Bryson, Alex, Kersley, Barb... ISBN: 9780415378130 List Price: $42.95
Labor and the Law - Charles Oscar Gregory by Gregory, Charles O., Katz, ... ISBN: 9780393099959
Collective Bargaining and Industrial Relations: From Theory to Policy and Practice by Kochan, Thomas A., Katz, Ha... ISBN: 9780256030259 List Price: $55.95
Chinese Worker by Hoffmann, Charles ISBN: 9780873952385 List Price: $10.50
Confrontation at Winnipeg Labour, Industrial Relations, and the General Strike by Bercuson, David ISBN: 9780773507944 List Price: $32.95
Sleepers, Wake! Technology and the Future of Work by Jones, Barry ISBN: 9780195537567 List Price: $45.00
Skilled Interviewing by Keats, Daphne ISBN: 9780864311191 List Price: $15.95
Rethinking Labor History Essays on Discourse and Class Analysis by Berlanstein, Lenard R. ISBN: 9780252062797 List Price: $19.00
Right to Strike by Ewing, Kenneth D. ISBN: 9780198254393 List Price: $180.00
The Rise and Development of Collective Labour Law by Unknown ISBN: 9780820434476 List Price: $78.95
Role of Unions in the 21St-Century A Report for the Fondazione Rodolfo Debenedetti by Boeri, Tito, Brugiavini, Ag... ISBN: 9780199246588 List Price: $60.00
Women and the Labour Market by Rees, Teresa L. ISBN: 9780415038010 List Price: $74.95
Workers and Working Classes in the Middle East Struggles, Histories, Historiographies by Lockman, Zachary ISBN: 9780791416655 List Price: $30.50
Workers, Managers and Technological Change Emerging Patterns of Labor Relations by Cornfield, D. B. ISBN: 9780306424502 List Price: $57.50
Work to Welfare How Men Become Detached from the Labour Market by Alcock, Peter, Beatty, Chri... ISBN: 9780521802499 List Price: $99.00
Time and Work in England 1750-1830 by Voth, Hans-Joachim ISBN: 9780199241941 List Price: $175.00
Trade Unionists Against Terror: Guatemala City, 1954-1985 by Deborah Levenson-Estrada ISBN: 9780807821312 List Price: $59.95
Understanding Employee Relations A Behavioural Approach by Rollinson, Derek ISBN: 9780201568929 List Price: $38.66
Understanding European Trade Unionism Between Market, Class and Society by Hyman, Richard ISBN: 9780761952206 List Price: $141.00
Strikes and Revolution in Russia, 1917 by Koenker, Diane P., Rosenber... ISBN: 9780691055787
Labor Relations by Fossum, John A. ISBN: 9780256058246 List Price: $69.95
State+the Union by Tomlins, Christopher L. ISBN: 9780521314527 List Price: $39.99
Wage and Welfare New Perspectives on Employment and Social Rights in Europe by Clasquin, Bernadette, Friot... ISBN: 9780820466163 List Price: $30.95
Labor+course of American Democracy by Bergquist, Charles ISBN: 9781859848654 List Price: $60.00
Labor Relations+collective Bargaining by Carrell, Michael R., Heavri... ISBN: 9780023195518 List Price: $81.00
Managing Employee Involvement and Participation by Hyman, Jeff, Mason, Robert ISBN: 9780803987272 List Price: $50.95
Imf-World Bank and Labor's Burdens in Africa Ghana's Experience by Panford, Kwamina ISBN: 9780275961862 List Price: $97.95
Industrial Relations in Europe Traditons and Transitions by Ruysseveldt, Joris Van, Vis... ISBN: 9780803979659 List Price: $54.95
Industrial Relations Around the World Labor Relations for Multinational Companies by Rothman, Miriam, Briscoe, D... ISBN: 9783110125474 List Price: $32.95
Industrial Relations A Textbook by Jackson, Michael P. ISBN: 9780709914747 List Price: $14.95
International and Comparative Industrial Relations by Lansbury/Bamber ISBN: 9780415103602 List Price: $26.95
History of Organized Labor in Argentina by Alexander, Robert Jackson ISBN: 9780275977429 List Price: $76.95
Labor and an Integrated Europe by Eichengreen, Barry J., Ulma... ISBN: 9780815786825 List Price: $42.95
Labor and an Integrated Europe by Eichengreen, Barry J., Ulma... ISBN: 9780815786818 List Price: $22.95
Labor Guide to Negotiating Wages and Benefits by Daniels, Gene, Gagala, Kenneth ISBN: 9780835939232 List Price: $24.00
An Introduction to Industrial Relations by Jackson, Michael P. ISBN: 9780415056861 List Price: $29.95
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