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College courses on political science will be easier to work through if you invest in some of our opportunities to buy cheap labor and industrial relations textbooks to help you along the way. Some of our most popular titles include Labor Relations, Modern Labor Economics, Introduction to Collective Bargaining and Industrial Relations and Unions in America. Don't miss the chance to buy used labor and industrial relations textbooks that will further your knowledge on this vast and interesting topic. By considering the purchase and rental prices you can decide on the best way to get your textbooks to help you finish your political science course at college. Don't forget: we buy back labor and industrial relations books to make them available to future students as well. Simply look for the sell back prices to see which books we want and which ones you could make some cash selling to us soon.

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Heritage, Labour and the Working Classes (Key Issues in Cultural Heritage) by Smith, Laurajane, Shackel, ... ISBN: 9780415618113 List Price: $44.95
The Psychological Contract: Managing and Developing Professional Groups by George, Jim ISBN: 9780335216123 List Price: $39.95
Cases in Collective Bargaining and Industrial Relations A Decisional Approach by Hilgert, Raymond L., Dilts,... ISBN: 9780072537277 List Price: $66.05
Introduction to Collective Bargaining and Industrial Relations by Katz, Harry Charles, Kochan... ISBN: 9780072286311 List Price: $120.70
Labor Relations in the Public Sector, Third Edition (Public Administration and Public Policy) by Richard C. Kearney, Patrice... ISBN: 9780824704209 List Price: $83.95
Visions of Modernity American Business and the Modernization of Germany by Nolan, Mary ISBN: 9780195088755 List Price: $50.00
Contemporary Industrial Relations A Critical Analysis by Beardwell, Ian J. ISBN: 9780198773887 List Price: $60.00
Labor Relations and the Law by Raza, M. Ali, Anderson, A. ... ISBN: 9780023986918 List Price: $186.67
Class and the Color Line by Gerteis, Joseph, Adams, Jul... ISBN: 9780822342243 List Price: $24.95
Visions of Modernity American Business and the Modernization of Germany by Nolan, Mary ISBN: 9780195070217 List Price: $145.00
Realities of Partnership at Work by Upchurch, Martin, Danford, ... ISBN: 9780230006973
Contradictory Alliance State-Labor Relations and Regime Change in Mexico by Collier, Ruth B. ISBN: 9780877251835 List Price: $18.50
Choosing Where to Fight Organized Labor and the Modern Regulatory State, 1947-1987 by Waltenburg, Eric N. ISBN: 9780791452431 List Price: $54.50
Future of the American Labor Movement by Wheeler, Hoyt N. ISBN: 9780521893541 List Price: $33.99
On Strike: Six Key Labour Struggles in Canada 1919-1949 by Abella, Irving M., Abella, ... ISBN: 9780888620576
Politics of Industrial Relations by Hamann, Kerstin ISBN: 9780415884655
Beneath Economic Miracle by Deyo, Frederic C. ISBN: 9780520065291 List Price: $50.00
Labor Relations and Collective Bargaining Cases, Practice, and Law by Carrell, Michael, Heavrin, ... ISBN: 9780130194749 List Price: $110.00
Politics of Labor in a Global Age Continuity and Change in Late-Industrilizing and Post-Soci... by Candland, Christopher, Sil,... ISBN: 9780199241149 List Price: $74.00
Adr in the Workplace (American Casebook Series and Other Coursebooks) by Laura J. Cooper, Dennis R. ... ISBN: 9780314233950 List Price: $82.00
Struggle for Australian Industrial Relations by Dabscheck, Braham ISBN: 9780195534863 List Price: $38.00
Employment Relations: New Zealand and Abroad by A.J. Geare, F.J. Edgar ISBN: 9781877372438 List Price: $60.00
Mr. Ed Rose' Industrial Relations by Rose, Ed ISBN: 9780201342994
Revolutionary Industrial Unionism: The Industrial Workers of the World in Australia by Burgmann, Verity ISBN: 9780521476980 List Price: $51.00
Work and Employment in Europe: A New Convergence? by Cressey, Peter, Jones, Bryn ISBN: 9780415125321
High Tech, Low Tech, No Tech Recent Industrial and Occupational Change in the South by Falk, William W., Lyson, Th... ISBN: 9780887067297 List Price: $29.95
Workers of Nations Industrial Relations in a Global Economy by Jacoby, Sanford M. ISBN: 9780195089042 List Price: $150.00
Work to Welfare How Men Become Detached from the Labour Market by Alcock, Peter, Beatty, Chri... ISBN: 9780521002868 List Price: $41.00
A History of Organized Labor in the English-Speaking West Indies by Robert J. Alexander ISBN: 9780275977436 List Price: $119.95
Labor Relations Striking a Balance by Budd, John W. ISBN: 9780072842210
Real World of Work by Wolchok, Harold, Grayson, G... ISBN: 9780966796902 List Price: $26.95
Enterprise Without Unions Industrial Relations in the Non-Union Firm by McLoughlin, Ian, Gourlay, S... ISBN: 9780335190300 List Price: $37.95
Contested Economic Institutions The Politics of Macroeconomics and Wage Bargaining in Advanc... by Iversen, Torben, Bates, Rob... ISBN: 9780521645324 List Price: $28.99
The Five Day Weekend: A Proposal for Calendar and Work-Schedule Change by Rinaldo, Peter M. ISBN: 9780962212321 List Price: $14.95
The Five Day Weekend by Rinaldo, Peter M. ISBN: 9780962212338 List Price: $6.95
Anton Pannekoek and the Socialism of Workers' Self-Emancipation, 1873-1960 by Gerber, John P. ISBN: 9780792302742 List Price: $169.00
Deference and Defiance in Monterrey Workers, Paternalism, and Revolution in Mexico, 1890 - 1950 by Snodgrass, Michael, Knight,... ISBN: 9780521034791 List Price: $50.00
Labor Union Representatives: Allowed and Prohibited Practices by Baer, Walter E. ISBN: 9780899506371 List Price: $27.50
Healthcare Human Resource Management by Gray, Robert D., Johnson, J... ISBN: 9780964683402 List Price: $60.95
Industrial Relations by Brewster, B. ISBN: 9780091630812
Introducing Employment Relations: A Critical Approach by Steve Williams ISBN: 9780199645497 List Price: $70.00
Solidarity: The Great Workers Strike of 1980 (The Harvard Cold War Studies Book Series) by Michael M., Ph.D Szporer ISBN: 9780739192801 List Price: $32.99
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