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College courses on political science will be easier to work through if you invest in some of our opportunities to buy cheap labor and industrial relations textbooks to help you along the way. Some of our most popular titles include Labor Relations, Modern Labor Economics, Introduction to Collective Bargaining and Industrial Relations and Unions in America. Don't miss the chance to buy used labor and industrial relations textbooks that will further your knowledge on this vast and interesting topic. By considering the purchase and rental prices you can decide on the best way to get your textbooks to help you finish your political science course at college. Don't forget: we buy back labor and industrial relations books to make them available to future students as well. Simply look for the sell back prices to see which books we want and which ones you could make some cash selling to us soon.

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I Love My Employees : Win-Win Motivation for Both You and Your Employees by Fife, Lynn H., Lafferty and... ISBN: 9781882947881 List Price: $24.95
Prepare Your Image for a Professional Promotion by Eefa, Isha ISBN: 9781929300068 List Price: $12.00
Fitness in the Workplace : A Corporate Challenge by Unknown ISBN: 9781568069524 List Price: $15.00
New Technology and the Labour Process by Knights, David, Willmott, Hugh ISBN: 9780333429129
Gender Welfare State and the Market by Boje, Thomas, Leira, Arnlaug ISBN: 9780415513814
Partnership at Work : The Quest for Radical Organizational Change by Roche, William K., Geary, J... ISBN: 9780415511124
Rediscovering Collective Bargaining by Creighton, Breen, Forsyth, ... ISBN: 9780415529273
Russian Factory Enters the Market Economy by Morrison, Claudio ISBN: 9780415542111
Economic Reform and Employment Relations in Vietnam by Collins, Ngan Thuy ISBN: 9780415625029
Simulation in Collective Bargaining by Klatt, Lawrence A., Urban, ... ISBN: 9780471841722 List Price: $18.50
One Big Union : Founding the Transport and General Workers Union by Coastes, Ken, Topham, Tony ISBN: 9781850410638
Employee Handbook : How to Write One for Your Company by Rechtschaffen, Scott D., Ma... ISBN: 9781579970154 List Price: $79.00
Employee Handbook : How to Write One for Your Company by Rechtschaffen, Scott D., Ma... ISBN: 9781579970062 List Price: $95.00
Trafficking and Terror by Mahdavi, Pardis ISBN: 9780415642125
Employment Law by Rumbelow, Peter ISBN: 9780853082071
The Anthropology of Labor Unions by Unknown ISBN: 9781607321842 List Price: $21.95
Worker Speaks His Mind on Company and Union by Purcell, Theodore Vincent ISBN: 9780598622266 List Price: $122.20
EEOC Litigation and Charge Resolution by Livingston, Donald R., Russ... ISBN: 9781617460326
British Labour Movement and Imperialism by Frank, Billy, Horner, Craig... ISBN: 9781443822206
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