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Trilaterals over Washington by Sutton, Anthony C., Wood, P... ISBN: 9780933482036 List Price: $11.90
Capital Flight: The Problem and Policy Responses by Lessard, Donald R., William... ISBN: 9780881320596 List Price: $10.00
Legitimacy and Effectiveness in Global Economic Governance by Malaguti, Chiara Maria, Bos... ISBN: 9781443853019
International Economics : Theory and Policy Issues by Mannur, H. G. ISBN: 9780706917635
OPEC and the United States : The Political Economy of Oil Supply by El Mallakh, Ragaei E., Poul... ISBN: 9780813302027
Corp Dec Making In World Economy by Rukstad, Michael G. ISBN: 9780030113048 List Price: $48.95
Fundamentals of Municipal Borrowing by Unknown ISBN: 9780318426976
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