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Postcolonizing the International Working to Change the Way We Are by Darby, Phillip, Darby, Phil... ISBN: 9780824830069 List Price: $57.00
Postcolonizing the International Working to Change the Way We Are by Darby, Phillip, Darby, Phil... ISBN: 9780824830465 List Price: $29.00
Wars of French Decolonization by Clayton, Anthony ISBN: 9780582098015 List Price: $29.85
Understanding Postcolonialism by Hiddleston, Jane ISBN: 9781844651610
Decolonization by Betts, Raymond F. ISBN: 9780415318204 List Price: $100.00
Understanding Postcolonialism by Hiddleston ISBN: 9781844651603 List Price: $95.00
Africa since Independence by Nugent, Paul ISBN: 9780230272873
Conservatism and Postcolonial Politics by Andreasson, Stefan ISBN: 9780415670081
Postcolonial Perspectives on Global Citizenship Education by Andreotti, Vanessa, de Souz... ISBN: 9780415884969
Unmaking of a Colony by Motyl-Mudretzkyj, Irene ISBN: 9780814754863 List Price: $17.95
Postcolonial Body in Queer Space and Time by Romanow, Rebecca Fine ISBN: 9781847180261
After Independence Making And Protecting the Nation in Postcolonial & Postcommunist States by Barrington, Lowell ISBN: 9780472098989 List Price: $90.00
Post-Colonial Insecurities by Squires, Judith ISBN: 9780853157625 List Price: $19.95
Postcolonialism Critical Concepts in Literary and Cultural Studies by Brydon, Diana ISBN: 9780415193603 List Price: $1,395.00
Small States in Europe and Dependence by Holl, Otmar ISBN: 9783700307495 List Price: $28.00
European's Burden Global Imperialism in Eu Expansion by Engel-Di Mauro, Salvatore ISBN: 9780820478272 List Price: $29.95
Understanding the Post-Colonial World Theory and Method by Chandhoke, Neera ISBN: 9788120717183 List Price: $32.00
Colonialism A Theoretical Overview by Osterhammel, Jurgen, Frisch... ISBN: 9781558761292 List Price: $42.95
Postcolonial Audiences : Readers, Viewers and Reception by BENWELL, Bethan, PROCTER, J... ISBN: 9780415888714
Indochina : The Ambiguous Colonization, 1858-1954 by Brocheux, Pierre ISBN: 9780472109517
Lombok : Conquest, Colonization and Underdevelopment, 1870-1940 by Van Der Kraar, Altons ISBN: 9789971640118 List Price: $16.50
Retreat from Africa by Mullins, Patrick ISBN: 9781872795379
Fire and the Full Moon : Canada and Indonesia in a Decolonizing World by Webster, David ISBN: 9780774816847 List Price: $35.95
Postcolonial Studies : An Anthology by Nayar ISBN: 9781118781005 List Price: $49.95
Variation and Change in Postcolonial Contexts by Calabrese, Rita, Chambers, ... ISBN: 9781443876117
Confronting Empire by Ahmad, Eqbal, Barsamian, David ISBN: 9780745317120
Writing the Nation : Self and Country in the Post-Colonial Imagination by Unknown ISBN: 9789051839364 List Price: $39.00
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