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Philosophy can vary depending on where in the world the particular thoughts and ideas originate from. The same is true of certain times in our history. However, in this particular section you have the opportunity to buy cheap Eastern textbooks that display the thoughts and insights of philosophers from Eastern countries. Look for Asian Philosophies; Source Book in Chinese Philosophy; Source Book in Asian Philosophies; and Analects. We've got two prices available for most of these text books - one giving the rental price and the other the purchase price. With so many great deals to be had on pre-owned books, you'll want to buy used Eastern textbooks from us to save a lot of money from today onwards. When you no longer require the books you have, you can sell back anything you want to be rid of. Make money via our buyback service now and see how it works.

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Asian Philosophies by Koller, John M. ISBN: 9780205168989 List Price: $85.33
Confucius The Essential Analects Selected Passages With Traditional Commentary by Confucius, Slingerland, Edward ISBN: 9780872207721 List Price: $8.95
Readings in Classical Chinese Philosophy by Ivanhoe, Philip J., Van Nor... ISBN: 9780872207806 List Price: $26.95
Sourcebook in Asian Philosophy by Koller, John M., Koller, Pa... ISBN: 9780023658112 List Price: $74.40
Source Book in Chinese Philosophy by Chan, Wing-Tsit ISBN: 9780691019642 List Price: $45.00
Awakening by Bresnan, Patrick S. ISBN: 9780205739097 List Price: $75.60
Classics of Eastern Thought by Nelson, Lynn H., Peebles, P... ISBN: 9780155076556 List Price: $33.95
Being and Time A Translation of Sein and Zeit by Heidegger, Martin, Stambaug... ISBN: 9780791426784 List Price: $24.95
Presuppositions of India's Philosophies by Potter, Karl H. ISBN: 9788120807792 List Price: $19.00
Daoist Theory of Chinese Thought A Philosophical Interpretation by Hansen, Chad ISBN: 9780195134193 List Price: $50.00
Learning from Asian Philosophy by Kupperman, Joel J. ISBN: 9780195128321 List Price: $60.00
LI Qu and Shu: An Introduction to Science and Civilization in China by Ho, Peng Y. ISBN: 9780295963624 List Price: $15.00
Eastern Philosophy Key Readings by Leaman, Oliver ISBN: 9780415173582 List Price: $31.95
Classic Asian Philosophy A Guide to the Essential Texts by Kupperman, Joel J. ISBN: 9780195133349 List Price: $110.00
Derrida+indian Philosophy by Coward, Harold ISBN: 9780791405000 List Price: $29.95
New Essays in the Philosophy of Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan by Pappu, S. S. ISBN: 9788170304616 List Price: $64.00
Centrality and Commonality An Essay on Confucian Religiousness by Weiming, Tu ISBN: 9780887069284 List Price: $29.95
Chinese Religion An Anthology of Sources by Sommer, Deborah ISBN: 9780195088953 List Price: $59.95
Three Eastern Traditions:intro.to... by Unknown ISBN: 9780536602411 List Price: $32.00
Classics of Asian Thought by Baird, Forrest E., Heimbeck... ISBN: 9780133523294 List Price: $75.60
Readings in Classical Chinese Philosophy by Ivanhoe, Philip J., Van Nor... ISBN: 9780872207813 List Price: $65.00
Classic Asian Philosophy: A Guide to the Essential Texts by Joel J. Kupperman ISBN: 9780195133356 List Price: $35.00
Asian Philosophies by Koller, John M. ISBN: 9780130923851 List Price: $66.40
Body, Self-Cultivation, and Ki-Energy by Yuasa, Yasuo, Nagatomo, Shi... ISBN: 9780791416242 List Price: $31.95
Before Confucius Studies in the Creation of the Chinese Classics by Shaughnessy, Edward L. ISBN: 9780791433782 List Price: $31.95
Way of Water and Sprouts of Virtue by Allan, Sarah ISBN: 9780791433867 List Price: $29.95
Perception An Essay on Classical Indian Theories of Knowledge by Matilal, Bimal K. ISBN: 9780198239765 List Price: $45.00
History of Chinese Philosophy by Fung, Yu-Lan, Bodde, Derk ISBN: 9780691020211 List Price: $39.95
Japanese Philosophy by Starling, Christopher L., B... ISBN: 9780791450208 List Price: $29.95
Self As Image in Asian Theory and Practice by Ames, Roger T., Kasulis, Th... ISBN: 9780791427262 List Price: $31.95
Nature in Asian Traditions of Thought Essays in Environmental Philosophy by Callicott, J. Baird, Ames, ... ISBN: 9780887069512 List Price: $31.95
Sun Bin The Art of Warfare A Translation of the Classic Chinese Work of Philosophy and Stra... by Lau, D. C., Ames, Roger T. ISBN: 9780791454954 List Price: $49.50
The Analects by Confucius, Lau, D. C. ISBN: 9789622015272 List Price: $67.50
When Tengu Talk: Hirata Atsutane's Ethnography of the Other World by Hansen, Wilburn ISBN: 9780824832094 List Price: $54.00
Nature in Asian Traditions of Thought by Callicott, J. Baird, Ames, ... ISBN: 9780887069505 List Price: $59.50
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