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Whether you are studying performing arts as a prospective career or just because it is something you enjoy, it will bring you many skills that you can use in all areas of life. Performing in front of large crowds of people can be a nerve-wracking experience, but as you fine-tune your skills in rehearsals you will grow in confidence, and this new-found confidence and belief in yourself will benefit you in every area of your life. Communication is a key part of performing arts, so whether you intend to or not, your communication skills will improve. We have an extensive range of discounted performing arts textbooks for you to buy or rent. The topics are wide ranging and cover, film, television audiences, living theatre, sight, sound and motion, film production and theatrical design to name but a few. By ordering your performing arts textbooks here you will save yourself a lot of money as our books are the cheapest available and are far cheaper than the books in your college bookshop.

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Announcing Broadcast Communication Today With Infotrac by Hausman, Carl, Benoit, Phil... ISBN: 9780534563103 List Price: $190.95
Movies and Meaning: An Introduction to Film by Prince, Stephen R. ISBN: 9780205653089 List Price: $96.60
Theater Experience by Wilson, Edwin ISBN: 9780073125558 List Price: $96.56
Short Guide to Writing About Film by Corrigan, Timothy J. ISBN: 9780321412287 List Price: $45.80
Fundamental of Play Directing by Dean, Alexander, Carra, Law... ISBN: 9781577666486 List Price: $40.95
Screenwriters Manual A Complete Reference of Format and Style by Mangravite, Ronald, Zorn, P... ISBN: 9780205426553 List Price: $61.20
The Routledge Dance Studies Reader by Carter, Alexandra, O'Shea, ... ISBN: 9780415485999 List Price: $40.95
Film A Critical Introduction by Pramaggiore, Maria T., Wall... ISBN: 9780205518692 List Price: $101.20
Fundamentals of Television Production by Maynard, Riley, Spann, Thom... ISBN: 9780205462322 List Price: $104.20
Women Directors and Their Films by Hurd, Mary G. ISBN: 9780275985783 List Price: $44.95
Television Studies The Key Concepts by Calvert, Ben, Casey, Neil, ... ISBN: 9780415371506 List Price: $26.95
Sound Theory Sound Practice by Altman, Rick ISBN: 9780415904575 List Price: $36.95
World Of Theatre Tradition and Innovation by Felner, Mira, Orenstein, Cl... ISBN: 9780205360635 List Price: $117.20
Modern Radio Production: Production Programming and Performance by Hausman, Carl, Benoit, Phil... ISBN: 9780495570493 List Price: $123.95
Feminism and Film by Kaplan, E. Ann ISBN: 9780198782346 List Price: $65.00
Film Art An Introduction by Bordwell, David, Thompson, ... ISBN: 9780073310275 List Price: $89.06
Teaching Children Dance-3rd Edition by Cone, Theresa Purcell, Cone... ISBN: 9781450402538 List Price: $35.00
Choreography by Minton, Sandra Cerny ISBN: 9780736064767 List Price: $26.95
Art of Watching Films by Petrie, Dennis W., Boggs, J... ISBN: 9780073310282 List Price: $100.63
Making Shakespeare From Stage to Page by Stern, Tiffany ISBN: 9780415319652 List Price: $31.95
Jazz Dance Today by Perlee, Clyde, Kriegel, Lor... ISBN: 9780314027177 List Price: $73.95
American Film and Society Since 1945 by Quart, Leonard, Auster, Albert ISBN: 9780313382529
Popping Culture by Pomerance, Murray, Sakeris,... ISBN: 9780558796686
Crash Course in Storytelling by Haven, Kendall ISBN: 9781591583998 List Price: $30.00
Theatre in Your Life by Barton, Robert, McGregor, A... ISBN: 9780534640699 List Price: $110.95
Cultural History of Theatre by Watson, Jack, McKernie, Grant ISBN: 9780801306181 List Price: $127.20
Ballet: Beyond the Basics by Hammond, Sandra Noll ISBN: 9781577667186 List Price: $24.95
Playwriting by Downs, William M., Wright, Lou ISBN: 9780155038615 List Price: $63.95
Acting Onstage and Off by Barton, Robert (Robert Barton) ISBN: 9780534637088 List Price: $104.95
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