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Whether you are studying performing arts as a prospective career or just because it is something you enjoy, it will bring you many skills that you can use in all areas of life. Performing in front of large crowds of people can be a nerve-wracking experience, but as you fine-tune your skills in rehearsals you will grow in confidence, and this new-found confidence and belief in yourself will benefit you in every area of your life. Communication is a key part of performing arts, so whether you intend to or not, your communication skills will improve. We have an extensive range of discounted performing arts textbooks for you to buy or rent. The topics are wide ranging and cover, film, television audiences, living theatre, sight, sound and motion, film production and theatrical design to name but a few. By ordering your performing arts textbooks here you will save yourself a lot of money as our books are the cheapest available and are far cheaper than the books in your college bookshop.

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Storytelling by Greene, Ellin, Del Negro, J... ISBN: 9781591586005 List Price: $55.00
Entertainment and Society, 2nd Edition: Influences, Impacts, and Innovations by Sayre, Shay, King, Cynthia ISBN: 9780415998062 List Price: $195.00
Arts & Craft of Stage Management by Schneider, Doris ISBN: 9780155030237 List Price: $148.95
Short Guide to Writing about Film (8th Edition) by Corrigan, Timothy ISBN: 9780205059089 List Price: $44.80
VideoLab 4.0 by Herbert Zettl ISBN: 9781111348908 List Price: $154.95
Theatre to Cinema Stage Pictorialism and the Early Feature Film by Brewster, Ben, Jacobs, Lea ISBN: 9780198159506 List Price: $74.00
Traditional Barn Dances With Calls & Fiddling by Dudley Laufman, Jacqueline ... ISBN: 9780736076128 List Price: $61.00
Music and Theatre in Handel's World The Family Papers of James Harris, 1732-1780 by Burrows, Donald, Dunhill, R... ISBN: 9780198166542 List Price: $305.00
Jazz Dance Today by Perlee, Clyde, Kriegel, Lor... ISBN: 9780314027177 List Price: $73.95
Schirmer Encyclopedia of Film by Grant, Barry Keith ISBN: 9780028657912 List Price: $552.00
Dance a while by Pittman, Anne M., Waller, M... ISBN: 9780321537010 List Price: $126.80
Theatrical Costume, Masks, Make-Up and Wigs A Bibliography and Iconography by Jowers, Sidney Jackson, Cav... ISBN: 9780415247740 List Price: $360.00
Art of Movie Making Script to Screen by Peacock, Richard B. ISBN: 9780130879424 List Price: $92.80
Teaching Dance As Art in Education by Brenda Pugh McCutchen ISBN: 9780736051880 List Price: $69.00
Broadway: An Encyclopedia of Theater and American Culture by Greenfield, Thomas A. ISBN: 9780313342646 List Price: $180.00
Feminism and Film by Kaplan, E. Ann ISBN: 9780198782346 List Price: $65.00
Cinema for French Conversation Le Cinema En Cours De Francais by Rice, Anne-Christine ISBN: 9781585102686 List Price: $69.95
U.S. Television & Cultural Studies by Haggins, Bambi ISBN: 9780558316198 List Price: $110.20
American Film and Society Since 1945 by Quart, Leonard, Auster, Albert ISBN: 9780313382529
Ways In: Approaches To Reading and Writing about Literature and Film by Gilbert H. Muller, John A. ... ISBN: 9780072512908
Short Guide to Writing about Film, A (7th Edition) by Corrigan, Timothy ISBN: 9780205668946 List Price: $45.67
A Cultural History of Theatre by Jack Watson, Grant McKernie ISBN: 9780801306181 List Price: $162.40
Devising Theatre A Practical and Theoretical Handbook by Oddey, Alison ISBN: 9780415049009 List Price: $41.95
Creative Dance for Learning The Kinesthetic Link by Brehm, Mary Ann, McNett, Ly... ISBN: 9780072954975 List Price: $81.25
Theatre Histories: An Introduction by Phillip B. Zarrilli, Bruce ... ISBN: 9780415462235 List Price: $140.00
History of Theatre by Brockett, Brockett, Oscar G... ISBN: 9780205825462
Video Basics by Zettl, Herbert ISBN: 9780495569435 List Price: $139.95
Film Analysis: A Norton Reader by Unknown ISBN: 9780393979831
The World of Theatre: Tradition and Innovation by Mira Felner, Claudia Orenstein ISBN: 9780205360635 List Price: $163.00
Air Words: Writing for Broadcast News by John Hewitt ISBN: 9780767427142 List Price: $86.67
American Film and Society since 1945 by Leonard Quart, Albert Auster ISBN: 9781440800795 List Price: $34.95
The Art of Theatre: Then and Now by William Missouri Downs, Wri... ISBN: 9780495391043 List Price: $190.95
Mas Alla De La Pantalla El Mundo Hispano A Traves Del Cine by Pessoa, Silvia, Sacchi, Fab... ISBN: 9781413010107 List Price: $78.95
The Art of Theatre: A Concise Introduction by Downs, William Missouri, Wr... ISBN: 9780495391036 List Price: $116.95
Rethinking Dance History A Reader by Carter, Alexandra ISBN: 9780415287470 List Price: $35.95
Living Theatre A History by Wilson, Edwin, Goldfarb, Alvin ISBN: 9780073514123 List Price: $129.69
Experimental Cinema, the Film Reader by Dixon, Wheeler Winston, Fos... ISBN: 9780415277877 List Price: $39.95
Movie History: A Survey: Second Edition by Douglas Gomery, Clara Pafor... ISBN: 9780415775458 List Price: $58.95
Twentieth Century Performance Reader by Huxley, Michael, Witts, Noel ISBN: 9780415252874 List Price: $52.95
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