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Field Guide to the Birds of China by He, Fen-qi, Phillipps, Kare... ISBN: 9780198549406 List Price: $99.00
Birds of Africa Picathartes to Oxpeckers by Brown, Kate, Fry, C. Hilary... ISBN: 9780121373061 List Price: $235.00
Birds of Africa Game Birds to Pigeons by Urban, Emil K., Fry, C. Hil... ISBN: 9780121373023 List Price: $235.00
Birds of Israel A Complete Avifauna and Bird Atlas of Israel by Shirihai, Hadoram ISBN: 9780126402551 List Price: $147.00
Life of Birds by Welty, Carl, Baptista, Luis ISBN: 9780030689239 List Price: $183.95
Some Adaptations of Marsh-Nesting Blackbirds by Orians, Gordon H. ISBN: 9780691082370 List Price: $52.50
Birds of Europe with North Africa and the Middle East: With North Africa and the Middle East by Jonsson, Lars, Christie, David ISBN: 9780691033266 List Price: $82.50
Encyclopedia of Birds by Perrins, Christopher M., Mi... ISBN: 9780816011506 List Price: $45.00
Birds of Africa Thrushes to Puffback Flycatchers by Urban, Emil K., Fry, C. Hil... ISBN: 9780121373054 List Price: $235.00
Perspectives in Ornithology: Essays Presented for the Centennial of the American Ornithologi... by Brush, Alan Howard, Clark, ... ISBN: 9780521248570 List Price: $59.95
Hand Guide to the Birds of New Zealand by Hugh Robertson, Barrie Heather ISBN: 9780198508311 List Price: $71.00
Mississippi Kite Portrait of a Southern Hawk by Bolen, Eric G., Flores, Dan ISBN: 9780292751484 List Price: $17.95
Birds of South America The Suboscine Passerines by Ridgely, Robert S., Tudor, Guy ISBN: 9780292770638 List Price: $95.00
Birds of Africa by Fry, C. Hilary, Keith, Stuart ISBN: 9780691119526 List Price: $235.00
Birds of Paradise Paradisaeidae by Frith, Clifford B., Beehler... ISBN: 9780198548539 List Price: $225.00
Terns of Europe and North America by Olsen, Klaus M., Larsson, Hans ISBN: 9780691043876 List Price: $65.00
Ospreys: A Natural and Unnatural History - Alan Forsyth Poole - Hardcover by Poole, Alan F., Peterson, R... ISBN: 9780521306232 List Price: $34.95
Real Roadrunner by Maxon, Martha Anne ISBN: 9780806136769 List Price: $39.95
Pipits and Wagtails by Alstrom, Per, Mild, Krister... ISBN: 9780691088341 List Price: $72.00
How & Why Species Multiply The Radiation of Darwin's Finches by Grant, Peter R., Grant, B. ... ISBN: 9780691133607 List Price: $35.00
Birds of Eastern North America: A Photographic Guide (Princeton Field Guides) by Small, Brian E., Sterry, Paul ISBN: 9780691134253 List Price: $45.00
Darwin's Finches by Lack, David, Boag, Peter T.... ISBN: 9780521272421 List Price: $28.99
Warblers of Europe, Asia and North Africa by Baker, Jeff ISBN: 9780691011691 List Price: $62.50
Ostrich Biology, Production and Health by Deeming, Denis C. ISBN: 9780851993508 List Price: $120.00
Falconry in the Valley of the Indus by Burton, Richard F. ISBN: 9780195777376 List Price: $32.00
Guide to the Birds of the Philippines by Kennedy, Robert S., Gonzale... ISBN: 9780198546696 List Price: $111.00
Birds by Serjeantson, Dale, Serjeant... ISBN: 9780521866170 List Price: $95.00
Zebra Finch A Synthesis of Field and Laboratory Studies by Zann, Richard A., Bamford, ... ISBN: 9780198540793 List Price: $150.00
Birds of Jamaica: A Photographic Field Guide - Audrey Downer - Hardcover by Downer, Audrey, Sutton, Rob... ISBN: 9780521383097 List Price: $24.95
Field Guide to the Birds of West Malaysia and Singapore by Jeyarajasingam, Allen, Pear... ISBN: 9780198549628 List Price: $84.00
Facts on File Field Guide to North Atlantic Shorebirds by Chandler, R. J. ISBN: 9780816020829 List Price: $19.95
Illustrated Guide to the Birds of Southern Africa by Sinclair, John C., Sinclair... ISBN: 9780691044699 List Price: $67.50
New World Blackbirds The Icterids by Jaramillo, Alvaro, Burke, P... ISBN: 9780691006802 List Price: $67.50
Functional Morphology of the Tail Apparatus of the Pigeon/Columba Livia by Baumel, J. J. ISBN: 9780387188683 List Price: $64.60
Avifauna of the Eastern Highlands of New Guinea by Diamond, Jared M. ISBN: 9781877973222 List Price: $15.00
Guide to the Birds of India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, and the Maldives by Grimmett, Richard F., Inski... ISBN: 9780691006871 List Price: $125.00
Western Birds An Audubon Handbook by Farrand, John ISBN: 9780070199774 List Price: $17.95
Finches and Sparrows by Peter Clement ISBN: 9780691048789 List Price: $29.95
Seabirds of the World A Photographic Guide by Harrison, Peter ISBN: 9780691015514 List Price: $29.95
American Crow and the Common Raven by Kilham, Lawrence, Waltermir... ISBN: 9780890964668 List Price: $29.95
Tundra Plovers The Eurasian, Pacific and American Golden Plovers and Grey Plover by Byrkjedal, Ingvar, Thompson... ISBN: 9780856611094 List Price: $52.50
Crows and Jays by Madge, Steve, Burn, Hilary ISBN: 9780691088839 List Price: $37.95
Birds of Kenya and Northern Tanzania by Dale A. Zimmerman, Donald A... ISBN: 9780691026589 List Price: $90.00
RSPB Seabirds by Taylor, Marianne, Tipling, ... ISBN: 9781472909015
Breeding Biology of the Adelie Penguin by Ainley, David G., LeResche,... ISBN: 9780520048386 List Price: $42.50
Birds of Egypt by Goodman, Steven M., Meining... ISBN: 9780198576440 List Price: $149.00
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