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Music of Africa by Nketia, Joseph H. Kwabena ISBN: 9780393092493 List Price: $22.05
Anthology Of Baroque Music by Hill, John Walter ISBN: 9780393978018 List Price: $61.10
Modus Vetus by Edlund, Lars ISBN: 9780846441571 List Price: $59.95
Workbook for the Study of Orchestration by Adler, Samuel ISBN: 9780393977004 List Price: $31.25
Anthology for Sight Singing by Karpinski, Gary S., Kram, R... ISBN: 9780393973822 List Price: $60.71
Progressive Sight Singing by Krueger, Carol ISBN: 9780195386042 List Price: $75.95
Contemporary Music Education by Mark, Michael L. ISBN: 9780028719153 List Price: $107.95
New Approach to Ear Training by Kraft, Leo ISBN: 9780393974126 List Price: $89.50
Outline History of Western Music by Wold, Milo Arlington, Marti... ISBN: 9780697340566 List Price: $49.38
Singers' Manual of English Diction by Marshall, Madeline ISBN: 9780028711003 List Price: $56.95
Music of the Twentieth Century Style & Structure by Simms, Bryan R. ISBN: 9780028723921 List Price: $107.95
Workbook/Tonal Harmony by Kostka, Stefan ISBN: 9780073327150 List Price: $50.50
Music Fundamentals, Methods, And Materials for the Elementary Classroom Teacher by Rozmajzl, Michon, Boyer, Rene ISBN: 9780205449644 List Price: $136.67
Music Since 1945 Issues, Materials, and Literature by Schwartz, Elliott, Godfrey,... ISBN: 9780028730400 List Price: $120.95
Introduction to Digital Audio Coding and Standards by Bosi, Marina, Goldberg, Ric... ISBN: 9781402073571 List Price: $179.00
Clinical Voice Pathology Theory and Management by Gerdeman Klaben, Bernice, G... ISBN: 9780769300054 List Price: $121.95
Harmonic Practice In Tonal Music by Gauldin, Robert ISBN: 9780393976670 List Price: $36.95
Engaging Music Essays in Music Analysis by Stein, Deborah ISBN: 9780195170108 List Price: $59.95
Creative Approach to Music Fundamentals by Duckworth, William ISBN: 9780495555728 List Price: $87.95
History of Western Music by Palisca, Claude V., Burkhol... ISBN: 9780393979916 List Price: $79.00
History of Music in Western Culture, Volume 2 by Bonds, Mark Evan ISBN: 9780205661732 List Price: $55.00
Western Music Listening Today by Hoffer, Charles ISBN: 9780495571995 List Price: $105.95
Music Listening Today by Hoffer, Charles R. ISBN: 9780495090762 List Price: $120.95
Jazz by Megill, David W., Gerow, Ma... ISBN: 9780073401379 List Price: $85.31
Medieval Music by Hoppin, Richard H. ISBN: 9780393090901 List Price: $53.25
Music of the Peoples of the World by Alves, William ISBN: 9780495503842 List Price: $117.95
Music Library and Research Skills by Gottlieb, Jane ISBN: 9780131584341 List Price: $60.80
Conducting Choral Music by Garretson, Robert L. ISBN: 9780137757350 List Price: $106.60
Practical Approach to the Study of Form in Music by Spencer, Peter, Temko, Pete... ISBN: 9780881338065 List Price: $40.95
Teaching Woodwinds by Griswold, H. Gene ISBN: 9780131577121 List Price: $68.60
Music in Everyday Life by DeNora, Tia ISBN: 9780521627320 List Price: $40.00
Right to Speak Working With the Voice by Rodenburg, Patsy, McKellen,... ISBN: 9780878300556 List Price: $29.95
American Music: A Panorama 4 Cd Set by Candelaria, Lorenzo, Kingma... ISBN: 9780495916215
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