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Steps to Singing for Voice Classes by Royal Stanton ISBN: 9781577661351 List Price: $49.95
Teaching Music Globally and Thinking Musically by Campbell, Patricia Shehan, ... ISBN: 9780195171433 List Price: $45.95
Workbook to Accompany Music in Theory and Practice by Benward, Bruce, Saker, Marilyn ISBN: 9780073127415 List Price: $56.56
Advanced Harmony Theory and Practice by Ottman, Robert W. ISBN: 9780130862372 List Price: $128.00
Music: An Appreciation, with 9-CD set by Roger Kamien ISBN: 9780077433512
Do It! Play Recorder by James O. Froseth ISBN: 9781579991708
Music in North India Experiencing Music, Expressing Culture by Ruckert, George E., Wade, B... ISBN: 9780195139938 List Price: $24.95
Western Music Listening Today by Hoffer, Charles ISBN: 9780495571995 List Price: $105.95
Rockin' Out Popular Music in The USA America by Garofalo, Reebee ISBN: 9780132343053 List Price: $64.80
Singers' Manual of English Diction by Marshall, Madeline ISBN: 9780028711003 List Price: $56.95
Hearing the Movies: Music and Sound in Film History by Buhler, James, Neumeyer, Da... ISBN: 9780195327793 List Price: $55.95
Jazz From Its Origins to the Present by Porter, Lewis, Ullman, Mich... ISBN: 9780135121955 List Price: $119.20
Theory for Ethnomusicology by Stone, Ruth M. ISBN: 9780132408400 List Price: $47.20
Rock and Roll: An Introduction by Michael Campbell, James Brody ISBN: 9780534642952 List Price: $137.95
Blues & Gospel Records 1890-1943 by Dixon, Robert M., Dixon, Ro... ISBN: 9780198162391 List Price: $170.00
Western Plainchant A Handbook by Hiley, David ISBN: 9780198165729 List Price: $185.00
Music: The Art of Listening by Jean Ferris, Larry Worster ISBN: 9780073401423 List Price: $95.33
Music in Theory and Practice, Volume 1 with Audio CD by Benward, Bruce, Saker, Marilyn ISBN: 9780077254940 List Price: $89.69
Prelude to Music Education by Erwin, Joanne, Edwards, Kay... ISBN: 9780130304148 List Price: $98.40
New Approach to Ear Training by Kraft, Leo ISBN: 9780393974126 List Price: $89.50
Teaching Choral Music by Collins, Don L. ISBN: 9780130813565 List Price: $139.20
A History of Music in Western Culture (3rd Edition) by Mark Evan Bonds PhD ISBN: 9780205645312 List Price: $107.00
Practice of Harmony by Spencer, Peter, Bennett, Ba... ISBN: 9780205717194
Modal Counterpoint by Schubert, Peter ISBN: 9780195331943 List Price: $59.95
Musician and Teacher by Campbell, Patricia Shehan, ... ISBN: 9780393927566 List Price: $40.00
American Music: A Panorama, Concise Edition by Lorenzo Candelaria, Daniel ... ISBN: 9780495916123 List Price: $102.95
Training Tenor Voices by Miller, Richard ISBN: 9780028713977 List Price: $72.95
Harmony: Fifth Edition by Walter Piston ISBN: 9780393954807
Practical Piano Skills by Starr, Constance, Starr, Wi... ISBN: 9780697104373 List Price: $84.69
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