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The Enjoyment of Music (Essential Listening Edition) by Kristine Forney, Joseph Mac... ISBN: 9780393928877
Jazz , An American Journey by Brian Harker ISBN: 9780131679641 List Price: $163.87
Technique of Orchestration by Kennan, Kent, Grantham, Donald ISBN: 9780130771612 List Price: $136.20
Progressive Sight Singing by Krueger, Carol ISBN: 9780195386042 List Price: $75.95
Twentieth-Century Music A History of Musical Style in Modern Europe and America by Norton Staff, Morgan, Rober... ISBN: 9780393952728 List Price: $66.05
Computer Music Synthesis, Composition, and Performance by Dodge, Charles, Jerse, Thom... ISBN: 9780028646824 List Price: $120.95
Music Notation in the Twentieth Century A Practical Guidebook by Stone, Kurt ISBN: 9780393950533 List Price: $47.55
Teaching Music in the Twenty-First Century by Choksy, Lois, Abramson, Rob... ISBN: 9780130280275 List Price: $117.80
Rockin in Time (7th Edition) by Szatmary, David P. ISBN: 9780205675043 List Price: $58.40
Contemporary Choral Arranging by Ostrander, Arthur E., Wilso... ISBN: 9780131697560 List Price: $130.20
Music: A Social Experience by Steven Cornelius, Mary Natvig ISBN: 9780136017509 List Price: $111.00
Method of Organ Playing by Gleason, Harold, Gleason, C... ISBN: 9780132075312 List Price: $134.60
Basics of Singing by Jan Schmidt, Heidi Counsell... ISBN: 9780495115311 List Price: $135.95
Teaching Brass A Resource Manual by Bailey, Wayne, Siebert, Ala... ISBN: 9780073526584 List Price: $82.50
Art of Conducting by Hunsberger, Donald, Ernst, Roy ISBN: 9780070313262 List Price: $85.94
Conducting Choral Music by Garretson, Robert L. ISBN: 9780137757350 List Price: $106.60
Practical Beginning Theory A Fundamentals Workbook by Benward, Bruce, Jackson, Ba... ISBN: 9780697343970 List Price: $89.69
Introduction to Research in Music by Wingell, Richard J., Herzog... ISBN: 9780130143327 List Price: $96.20
Learning to Conduct and Rehearse by Kohut, Daniel L., Grant, Jo... ISBN: 9780135267165 List Price: $77.00
Soundscapes: Exploring Music in a Changing World, 2nd Edition by Kay Kaufman Shelemay ISBN: 9780393925678
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