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If you are after some religious textbooks that are relevant to your music studies, you are in luck. We just happen to have an amazing range that numbers well over a hundred books in total. Look for our subtopics which include Christian, contemporary Christian, Jewish, Muslim and hymns to name just a few. With lots of deals offered daily and plenty of discounted prices you'll love, why would you head elsewhere to buy anything but pre-owned books? Check out just some of the titles we have in stock. They change all the time of course, but you could find examples such as Psalms: An Invitation to Prayer; Music in Egypt: Experiencing Music, Expressing Culture; and Lyrics of the Afro-American Spiritual: A Documentary Collection. With affordable deals wherever you look, it's easy to see why so many students trust us to supply them with pre-owned and affordable text books online now.

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Music of the English Parish Church, Vol. 1 by Temperley, Nicholas ISBN: 9780521274579 List Price: $95.00
Lord's Song in a Strange Land Music and Identity in Contemporary Jewish Worship by Summit, Jeffrey A. ISBN: 9780195116779 List Price: $74.00
Jubilate II Church Music in Worship and Renewal by Hustad, Donald P. ISBN: 9780916642174 List Price: $19.95
How I Got over Clara Ward and the World-Famous Ward Singers by Ward-Royster, Willa, Rose, ... ISBN: 9781566394895 List Price: $51.50
Wild Goose Songs, Volume 1 by Wild Goose Publications Staff ISBN: 9780947988234 List Price: $25.00
English Plainchant Revival by Zon, Bennett ISBN: 9780198165958 List Price: $225.00
Encyclopedia of Contemporary Christian Music: Pop, Rock, and Worship by Cusic, Don ISBN: 9780313344251 List Price: $85.00
English Hymns of the Eighteenth Century An Anthology by Arnold, Richard ISBN: 9780820416748 List Price: $58.95
Companion to Hymns of Faith and Life by Schoenhals, Lawrence R., El... ISBN: 9780893670405 List Price: $2.95
Examples of Gregorian Chant & Sacred Music of the 16th Century by Gustave Fredic Soderlund, S... ISBN: 9780881339093 List Price: $41.95
Monteverdi Vespers of 1610 Music, Context, Performance by Kurtzman, Jeffrey ISBN: 9780198164098 List Price: $175.00
Organ In Western Culture, 750-1250 by Williams, Peter, Fenlon, Ia... ISBN: 9780521617079 List Price: $79.00
North German Church Music in the Age of Buxtehude by Webber, Geoffrey ISBN: 9780198162124 List Price: $115.00
Jap Sahib, Swayas and Ardas Hymns in the Praise of God by Singh Kapoor, Sukhbir ISBN: 9788120716223 List Price: $30.00
Voice of My Beloved The Song of Songs in Western Medieval Christianity by Matter, E. Ann ISBN: 9780812214208 List Price: $24.95
Music in the Jewish Community of Palestine 1880-1948 A Social History by Hirshberg, Jehoash ISBN: 9780198166511 List Price: $50.00
English Hymn A Critical and Historical Study by Watson, J. R. ISBN: 9780198270027 List Price: $99.00
Pope Marcellus Mass by Palestrini, Giovanni P., Lo... ISBN: 9780393021851
Sound of Light A History of Gospel Music by Cusic, Don ISBN: 9780879724986 List Price: $19.95
Ninety-Two Poems and Hymns of Yehuda Halevi by Rosenzweig, Franz, Kovach, ... ISBN: 9780791443897 List Price: $76.50
Bach, the Mass in B Minor (The Great Catholic Mass) by Stauffer, George B. ISBN: 9780028724751 List Price: $80.95
Measuring the Music: Another Look at the Contemporary Christian Music Debate - John Makujina... by Makujina, John, Johansson, ... ISBN: 9781889058146 List Price: $16.99
Music and the Church Music and the Church by Gillen, Gerard, White, Harry ISBN: 9780716524861 List Price: $65.00
Musik im Kasualgottesdienst: Funktion und Bedeutung am Beispiel von Trauung und Bestattung. ... by Reinke, Stephan Alexander, ... ISBN: 9783525601273 List Price: $44.00
Top Christian Hits 2013-2014 (Piano/Vocal/Guitar) by Hal Leonard Corp. ISBN: 9781480367395 List Price: $16.99
Pope Marcellus Mass by Palestrina, Giovanni Pierlu... ISBN: 9780393092424 List Price: $12.25
Christian Handbook to the Psalms - R. E. O. White - Paperback by White, R. E. ISBN: 9780802800312 List Price: $7.95
Medieval Ritual And Early Modern Music The Devotional Practice of Lauda Singing in Late-rena... by Ostrem, E., Petersen, N. H.... ISBN: 9782503520667 List Price: $81.00
How I Got Over: Clara Ward and the World-Famous Ward Singers by Willa Ward-Royster ISBN: 9781566394901 List Price: $26.95
The English Hymn: A Critical and Historical Study by Watson, J. R. ISBN: 9780198267621 List Price: $130.00
Love from Below (Wild Goose Songs) by Wild Goose Company ISBN: 9780947988340
Let's Sing and Make Music : Developing a Music Ministry by Thorn, Eric A. ISBN: 9780951008669
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