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Derived from the Latin "arsmedicina," which is defined as "the art of healing," medicine has the power to prevent illness and save lives on a daily basis. Sometimes it appears that we forget that there is magic in healing while relying on advanced medical technology to accomplish the impossible. To effectively learn about such technologies and the functions of the body, one must dive into reading those daunting Medical science textbooks. Whether you are pre-med, in medical school or a related graduate program, you probably are already aware of how expensive new college textbooks can be. This is why we would like to invite you to search our large inventory of used textbooks including Internal Medicine, Medicine Chemistry, Guide to Chinese Medicine, Spinal Cord Medicine, Emergency Medicine and more. Enjoy cheap textbooks, and don't get caught overspending on overpriced Medical science textbooks from your college bookstore. We'll send your order directly to your home, saving you time spent in long lines. Begin your search now by browsing by author, title and/or ISBN. To assure that you have the right book edition, it is best to search by ISBN.

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Salmonella : Prevalence, Risk Factors and Treatment Options by Hackett, Christopher B. ISBN: 9781634636513 List Price: $190.00
Neurorestoratology, Volume 2 : Neurorestorative Strategies for Disorders by Huang, Hongyun, Raisman, Ge... ISBN: 9781634636001 List Price: $180.00
Bariatric Surgery : Prevalence, Complications and Impact on Quality of Life by Chambers, Mandy ISBN: 9781634636971 List Price: $160.00
Quality of Health Care : From Evidence to Implementation by Rodriguez-Saldana, Joel ISBN: 9781628087116 List Price: $250.00
Medicine Research Summaries. Volume 4 : (with Biographical Sketches) by Liang, Zhongwen, Zhang, Bibao ISBN: 9781634637343 List Price: $270.00
Musculoskeletal Diseases : Types, Causes and Treatments by Reed, Greg ISBN: 9781634635516 List Price: $82.00
Child and Adolescent Health Issues (a Tribute to the Pediatrician Donald E. Greydanus) by Merrick, Joav ISBN: 9781634635745 List Price: $170.00
Leiomyomas : Risk Factors, Clinical Manifestations and Treatment Options by Al-Hendy, Ayman, Salama, Sa... ISBN: 9781634635844 List Price: $170.00
Endocrine Emergencies, Endocrinology in Intensive Care and Preoperative Care by Sahin, Mustafa ISBN: 9781634637459 List Price: $95.00
Physician Self-Referrals : Select Analyses of Trends and Issues by Hamilton, Louise ISBN: 9781634634441 List Price: $120.00
Primary and Secondary Glomerulonephritis : Signs, Symptoms and Treatment by Lamprianou, Foteini ISBN: 9781634635417 List Price: $170.00
Repair of the Human Brain and Spinal Cord by Schalow, Giselher ISBN: 9781629483146 List Price: $295.00
Cervical Spine Injuries : Epidemiology, Long-Term Outcomes and Complications by Butler, Joseph S. ISBN: 9781634635981 List Price: $170.00
Dietary Fiber : Production Challenges, Food Sources and Health Benefits by Clemens, Marvin E. ISBN: 9781634636551 List Price: $190.00
Handbook of Hearing Disorders Research by Atkinson, Charlotte Hailee ISBN: 9781634636544 List Price: $190.00
Hysterectomies : Prevalence, Methods and Postoperative Complications by Lockwood, Ashley ISBN: 9781634636995 List Price: $82.00
U. S. Nursing Workforce : Supply and Education Trends by Parris, Marla ISBN: 9781634635400 List Price: $62.00
Subarachnoid Hemorrhage : Epidemiology, Management and Long-Term Health Effects by Gray, Linda R. ISBN: 9781634634922 List Price: $190.00
Vesicoureteral Reflux and Pyelonephritis : Risk Factors, Prevalence and Treatment Approaches by Newport, Leanna P. ISBN: 9781634634977 List Price: $82.00
Urolithiasis : Symptoms, Management and Prevention Strategies by Fletcher, Joseph ISBN: 9781634635004 List Price: $110.00
Wound Healing : Cellular Mechanisms, Alternative Therapies and Clinical Outcomes by Wade, Lacie E. ISBN: 9781634634557 List Price: $82.00
Comparative Health Care Federalism by Fierlbeck, Katherine, Palle... ISBN: 9781472432322 List Price: $109.95
Influenza and RNA Viruses : Emergence, Classification and Management by Bishop, Roxanne H. ISBN: 9781633217997 List Price: $82.00
Left Ventricular Hypertrophy (LVH) : Prevalence, Risk Factors and Treatment by Matthews, Richard T. ISBN: 9781634630221 List Price: $82.00
Astigmatism : Types, Diagnosis and Treatment Options by Buckley, Reuben ISBN: 9781633219786 List Price: $110.00
Endometrial Cancer : Current Epidemiology, Detection and Management by Farghaly, Samir A. ISBN: 9781634631631 List Price: $250.00
Manual for Cervical Cancer Screening and Control : Principles, Practice and New Perspectives by Branca, Margherita, Filho, ... ISBN: 9781634630108 List Price: $79.00
Skin Cancer Prevention : A Call to Action by Stone, Adrianne ISBN: 9781634630665 List Price: $120.00
Gonorrhea and Viral Hepatitis : Risk Factors, Clinical Management and Potential Complications by Sullivan, Leonard H. ISBN: 9781634630085 List Price: $82.00
Health and Disease : Curriculum for the 21st Century Medical Students by Ganguly, Paul ISBN: 9781634630528 List Price: $170.00
Fostering Creativity in Rehabilitation by Taylor, Matthew J. ISBN: 9781634632591 List Price: $185.00
Gastrointestinal Endoscopy in Children by Manfredi, Marco, de'An... ISBN: 9781634630740 List Price: $295.00
Dementia : Prevalence, Risk Factors and Management Strategies by Tanner, Pamela ISBN: 9781633219281 List Price: $190.00
Organizations, Communication, and Health by Harrison, Tyler, Williams, ... ISBN: 9781138853096
Organizations, Communication, and Health by Harrison, Tyler, Williams, ... ISBN: 9781138853089
Mediastinal Infections : Clinical Diagnosis, Surgical and Alternative Treatments by Dajer-Fadel, Walid Leonardo ISBN: 9781634633697 List Price: $170.00
Tropical Pediatrics : A Public Health Concern of International Proportions by Roach, Richard R., Greydanu... ISBN: 9781634633819 List Price: $250.00
Prescription Drug Prices Paid under Federal Programs : Analyses, Differences, Factors by Elwin, Suzanna ISBN: 9781634633888 List Price: $120.00
Pediatric Renal Transplantation : Protocols and Controversies by Hymes, Leonard Curtis ISBN: 9781634633901 List Price: $125.00
Tachycardia : Risk Factors, Causes and Treatment Options by Traykov, Vassil B. ISBN: 9781634633031 List Price: $185.00
Primer on Multiple Sclerosis by Giesser, Barbara S. ISBN: 9780199341016 List Price: $115.00
Comparative Health Care Federalism Competition and Collaboration in Multistate Systems by Fierlbeck, Katherine, Palle... ISBN: 9781472432339 List Price: $109.95
Surviving Cancer : Our Voices and Choices by Behr, Marion ISBN: 9780615856001
Orthopaedic Pathology by Vigorita, Vincent J. ISBN: 9781451192025 List Price: $375.99
Atlas of Clinical Emergency Medicine by Sherman, Scott Cico, Cico, ... ISBN: 9781451188820 List Price: $259.99
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