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Derived from the Latin "arsmedicina," which is defined as "the art of healing," medicine has the power to prevent illness and save lives on a daily basis. Sometimes it appears that we forget that there is magic in healing while relying on advanced medical technology to accomplish the impossible. To effectively learn about such technologies and the functions of the body, one must dive into reading those daunting Medical science textbooks. Whether you are pre-med, in medical school or a related graduate program, you probably are already aware of how expensive new college textbooks can be. This is why we would like to invite you to search our large inventory of used textbooks including Internal Medicine, Medicine Chemistry, Guide to Chinese Medicine, Spinal Cord Medicine, Emergency Medicine and more. Enjoy cheap textbooks, and don't get caught overspending on overpriced Medical science textbooks from your college bookstore. We'll send your order directly to your home, saving you time spent in long lines. Begin your search now by browsing by author, title and/or ISBN. To assure that you have the right book edition, it is best to search by ISBN.

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Drugs, Behavior, and Modern Society by Levinthal, Charles F. ISBN: 9780205665709 List Price: $120.60
Complete Textbook of Phlebotomy by Hoeltke, Lynn B. ISBN: 9781418010522 List Price: $108.95
Wong's Nursing Care of Infants And Children by Hockenberry, Marilyn J., Wi... ISBN: 9780323039635 List Price: $104.00
Introduction to Kinesiology: Studying Physical Activity by Hoffman, Shirl J. ISBN: 9780736076135 List Price: $92.00
Phlebotomy Handbook Blood Collection Essentials by Garza, Diana, Becan-McBride... ISBN: 9780131133341 List Price: $59.20
Assisting With Patient Care by Sorrentino, Sheila A. ISBN: 9780323024969 List Price: $59.95
Hartman's Nursing Assistant Care: Long-Term Care, 2nd Edition by Hartman Publishing ISBN: 9781604250039 List Price: $38.75
Medical Terminology: A Short Course by Davi-Ellen Chabner BA MAT ISBN: 9781416055181 List Price: $38.95
Egan's Fundamentals of Respiratory Care - Textbook and Workbook Package by Wilkins, Robert L., Stoller... ISBN: 9780323054591 List Price: $136.75
Diagnosis and Evaluation in Speech Pathology by Haynes, William O., Pindzol... ISBN: 9780137071326
Alexander's Surgical Procedures by Rothrock, Jane C., Alexande... ISBN: 9780323075558 List Price: $114.00
Health Psychology: A Cultural Approach by Gurung, Regan ISBN: 9780495600794 List Price: $140.95
Outdoor Emergency Care by National Ski Patrol Staff ISBN: 9780135074800 List Price: $86.67
Advanced Practice Nursing: An Integrative Approach by Hamric, Ann B., Spross, Jud... ISBN: 9781416043928 List Price: $71.95
Nutrition: Concepts and Controversies by Whitney, Ellie, Sizer, Fran... ISBN: 9780495390657 List Price: $156.95
Mental Health Nursing by Fontaine, Karen ISBN: 9780135146552 List Price: $82.95
Principles of Biomedical Ethics by Beauchamp, Tom L., Childres... ISBN: 9780195335705 List Price: $61.00
Study Guide and Workbook for Understanding Pathophysiology by Huether, Sue E., McCance, K... ISBN: 9780323049894 List Price: $29.95
A.D.A.M. Student Atlas of Anatomy by Olson, Todd, Pawlina, Wojciech ISBN: 9780521710053 List Price: $79.00
Laboratory Procedures for Veterinary Technicians by Hendrix, Charles M., Sirois... ISBN: 9780323045728 List Price: $59.95
Orientation to Home Care Nursing by Humphrey, Carolyn J., Milon... ISBN: 9780834207066 List Price: $65.00
Oral Pathology: Clinical Pathologic Correlations, 6e by Joseph A. Regezi DDS MS, J... ISBN: 9781455702626 List Price: $141.00
High Acuity Nursing by Wagner, Kathleen Dorman, Jo... ISBN: 9780135049266 List Price: $82.95
Mosby's Fundamentals of Therapeutic Massage by Sandy Fritz BS MS NCTMB ISBN: 9780323048613 List Price: $72.95
Medical Terminology: A Programmed Systems Approach by Dennerll, Jean Tannis, Davi... ISBN: 9781435438897 List Price: $115.95
Ethics and Issues in Contemporary Nursing by Burkhardt, Margaret A., Nat... ISBN: 9781418042745 List Price: $92.95
Sectional Anatomy for Imaging Professionals by Petersen, Connie, Kelley, L... ISBN: 9780323020039 List Price: $95.95
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