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Towards A Social Science of Drugs in Sport by Mazanov, Jason ISBN: 9780415685863
Social Organization of Sports Medicine by Malcolm, Dominic, Safai, Pa... ISBN: 9780415884440
Symposium on Upper Extremity Injuries in Athletes by American Academy of Orthopa... ISBN: 9780801600265 List Price: $50.00
Year Book of Sports Medicine 1993 by Shephard, Roy J. ISBN: 9780815177036 List Price: $66.95
Year Book of Sports Medicine 1996 by Shephard, Roy J. ISBN: 9780815177012 List Price: $74.95
Yearbook of Sports Medicine 1994 by Shephard, Roy J. ISBN: 9780815177043 List Price: $68.95
Sports Medicine and Physiology - Richard H. Strauss - Hardcover by Strauss, R. ISBN: 9780721685922 List Price: $30.00
Women and Exercise: Physiology and Sports Medicine - Mona M. Shangold - Hardcover by Shangold, Mona M., Mirkin, ... ISBN: 9780803678163 List Price: $40.00
Drugs and Performance in Sports - Richard H. Strauss - Paperback by Strauss, Richard H. ISBN: 9780721618654 List Price: $36.00
Yearbook of Sports Medicine, 1992 - Roy J. Shephard - Hardcover by Shephard, Roy J. ISBN: 9780815177029 List Price: $61.95
Sports Medicine: Health and Medication - Bengt O. Eriksson - Hardcover by Eriksson, Bengt O. ISBN: 9780816025190 List Price: $35.00
Athletic Injuries to the Head, Neck and Face by Torg, Joseph S. ISBN: 9780815188469 List Price: $84.00
Therapeutic Modalities for Sports Medicine by Drez, David ISBN: 9780815129714 List Price: $30.00
Upper Extremity in Sports Medicine by Nicholas, James A., Hershma... ISBN: 9780815163923 List Price: $199.00
Sports Medicine by Smith, Nathan J. ISBN: 9780721611679 List Price: $38.00
Advances in Sports Medicine and Fitness, Vol. 3 by Grana, William A. ISBN: 9780815135807 List Price: $64.95
Advances in Sports Medicine and Fitness, Vol. 2 by Grana, William A. ISBN: 9780815135791 List Price: $64.95
Sports Medicine: Fitness, Training, Injuries by Appenzeller, Otto, Atkinson... ISBN: 9780806701325
Doping : Athletes and Drugs by Porterfield, Jason ISBN: 9781615134663 List Price: $58.50
Frequently Asked Questions about Sports Injuries by Furgang, Kathy ISBN: 9781615125883 List Price: $58.50
Research in Exercise Physiology II by Unknown ISBN: 9781586669904
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