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Government and Public Health in America by Hamowy, Ronald ISBN: 9781845429119 List Price: $215.00
Commentary on Toxicology Assessing Health Risks by Beck, B. D. ISBN: 9782881244193 List Price: $89.95
Contracting for Change Contracts in Health, Social Care, and Other Local Government Services by Walsh, Kieron, Deakin, Nich... ISBN: 9780198289456 List Price: $199.00
Environmental Health New Directions by Shields, Jacqueline ISBN: 9780911131888 List Price: $45.00
Environmental Pollution and Health Hazards in India by Kumar, R. ISBN: 9788170240952 List Price: $34.00
Community Health: Contemporary Perspectives by Shirreffs, Janet H. ISBN: 9780131534940 List Price: $56.00
Leading Interprofessional Teams In Health And Social Care by Martin, Vivien, Rogers, Anita ISBN: 9780415307949 List Price: $46.95
Basic Allied Health Statistics+analysis by Koch, Gerda ISBN: 9780827355255 List Price: $38.50
Techniques in Fish Immunology Fish Immunology Technical Communications by Stolen, J. S. ISBN: 9780962550546 List Price: $280.00
Techniques in Fish Immunology Fitc 1 by Stolen, J. S. ISBN: 9780962550508 List Price: $70.00
Advances in Comparative and Environmental Physiology, Vol. 2 by Gilles, R. ISBN: 9780387573571 List Price: $265.00
Organizational Vocabulary and Grammar of Health Planner Influence by Feld, Warren S. ISBN: 9780930791001 List Price: $21.95
Sars : Reception and Interpretation in Three Chinese Cities by Davis, Deborah, Siu, Helen F. ISBN: 9780415651622
My Body Needs to Be Clean by Gleisner, Jenna Lee ISBN: 9781607535898 List Price: $27.10
Kitanai and Filthy Flamingo Wash Up by Troupe, Thomas Kingsley ISBN: 9781479560813
Aging in the Right Place by Golant, Stephen M. ISBN: 9781938870330
Cases in Health Services Management by Rakich, Jonathon S., Longes... ISBN: 9781878812025 List Price: $27.50
Mental Health Activities in the Classroom A Handbook by Goldberg, Joan, Hymowitz, E... ISBN: 9780874241495 List Price: $29.50
Environment and Health by Research Reports Editors ISBN: 9780871872241 List Price: $9.95
Living Conditions, Lifestyles and Health in the Former Soviet Union (Routledge Contemporary ... by Haerpfer, Christian, Wallac... ISBN: 9780415679442 List Price: $140.00
Improving Access and Efficiency in Public Health Services: Mid-term Evaluation of India's Na... by Bajpai, Nirupam, Sachs, Jef... ISBN: 9788132104582 List Price: $25.95
National Public Health Strategy for Terrorism Preparedness and Response 2003-2008 by Gerberding, Julie Louise ISBN: 9780756745264 List Price: $25.00
Reducing Drug Abuse in America by McCaffrey, Barry R. ISBN: 9780788174636 List Price: $20.00
Community Systems and Human Services by Hyman, Miller, Toby ISBN: 9780840340016 List Price: $24.95
Implementing Community Care by Malin, Nigel A. ISBN: 9780335157396
Mental Health, United States, 1996 by Manderscheid, Ronald W., So... ISBN: 9780788148897 List Price: $45.00
Strategic Issues and Challenges in Health Management by Ramani, K. V., Mavalankar, ... ISBN: 9780761936541 List Price: $39.95
Health Planning in India by Ramachandrudu, G. ISBN: 9788170248767
Pricing Water Resources and Water and Sanitation Services by Organisation for Economic C... ISBN: 9781843393665 List Price: $39.60
People's Remedy Health Care in El Salvador's War of Liberation by Metzi, Francisco, Carroll, ... ISBN: 9780853457756 List Price: $10.00
East-West Life Expectancy Gap in Europe Environmental and Non-Environmental Determinants by Hertzman, Clyde, Kelly, Sho... ISBN: 9780792342076 List Price: $219.00
Promoting the Health of the Nation - Diana Kendall - Paperback by Kendall ISBN: 9780443052255 List Price: $59.00
Strife of Interests by Sax, Sidney ISBN: 9780868614847 List Price: $34.95
Key Concepts in Health Studies (SAGE Key Concepts series) by Crinson, Iain, Duncan, Eili... ISBN: 9781848606739 List Price: $99.95
Key Concepts in Health Studies (SAGE Key Concepts series) by Crinson, Iain, Duncan, Eili... ISBN: 9781848606746 List Price: $35.95
Management Practices for the Health Professional by Longest, Beaufort B. ISBN: 9780835942348 List Price: $38.50
Issues in Public Health by Pomerleau, Joceline, McKee,... ISBN: 9780335218363 List Price: $37.95
Growing Older In World Cities New York, London, Paris, And Tokyo by Gusmano, Michael K., Rodwin... ISBN: 9780826514905 List Price: $39.95
Helping: Human Services for the 80s - Frank Baker - Hardcover by Baker, Frank, Northman ISBN: 9780801604249 List Price: $15.95
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