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Health Care Crisis Containing Costs, Expanding Coverage by National Issues Forums Staff ISBN: 9780840374332 List Price: $3.90
Health Care Cost Explosion by National Issues Forums Staff ISBN: 9780840386564 List Price: $3.90
Health Care Cost Explosion by National Issues Forums Staff ISBN: 9780840386571 List Price: $3.90
Health Care Cost Management by Chenoweth, David ISBN: 9780697148049
Textbook Managment for Doctors by White, Tony ISBN: 9780443051586 List Price: $90.00
Medical Typing Drills by Brenner ISBN: 9780159548004
Workbook for Paramedic Practice Today: above and Beyond : Volume 3 by Aehlert, Barbara ISBN: 9780323043793 List Price: $26.95
How Doctors Can Use DRG Data by Dehn, Thomas, Sandrick, Kar... ISBN: 9780916499013 List Price: $4.00
What Doctors Should Know about DRGs by Sandrick, Kathleen M. ISBN: 9780916499006 List Price: $2.00
DRG and Prospective Pricing Action Plan for Respiratory Therapy by Joseph, Eric D., Sandrick, ... ISBN: 9780916499075 List Price: $22.50
DRG and Prospective Pricing Action Plan for Rehabilitation Therapy by Joseph, Eric D., Sandrick, ... ISBN: 9780916499082 List Price: $22.50
DRG and Prospective Pricing Action Plan for Medical Records by Fox, Leslie A., Joseph, Eric ISBN: 9780916499099 List Price: $22.50
Clasificacion Diagnostica en Puerto Rico by Bernal, Guillermo, Rodrigue... ISBN: 9780929441269 List Price: $12.95
Assessment Manual for Medical Groups by Williams, Stephen J., Sanch... ISBN: 9780933948211 List Price: $41.50
Health Care : How to Improve It and Pay for It by Marmor, Theodore R., Davis,... ISBN: 9780944237113
Medical Office Practice: Simulation by Atkinson, Phillip S., Cleme... ISBN: 9780538111706 List Price: $29.95
The Complete Guide to Part B Billing and Compliance by St. Anthony's Publishing St... ISBN: 9781563294150 List Price: $249.00
The Year Book of Family Practice, 1988 by Rakel, Robert E. ISBN: 9780815170389 List Price: $54.95
Physician Compensation And Production Survey 2003 Report Based on 2002 Data by Medical Group Management As... ISBN: 9781568290515 List Price: $475.00
Practical Medical Billing by ICDC Staff, Staff ISBN: 9780131718517 List Price: $31.95
Cost Survey Report 2003 Based on 2002 Data by Medical Group Management As... ISBN: 9781568290539 List Price: $460.00
Providing Health Care by McGuire, Alistair, Fenn, Pa... ISBN: 9780198283225 List Price: $80.00
Health Care Costs and Financing: A Guide to Information Sources by Keintz, Rita M. ISBN: 9780810314825 List Price: $68.00
Managing Health Care Costs, Quality and Technology: Product Line Strategies for Nursing by Mowry, Mychelle M., Korpman... ISBN: 9780871892959 List Price: $59.00
CPT: Beyond the Basics by Smith, Gail I. ISBN: 9781584260370 List Price: $60.00
Organization of Medical Practice and the Practice of Medicine by Wolinsky, Fredric D., Marde... ISBN: 9780910701075 List Price: $27.00
Case History Method in the Study of Family Process by GAP Committee on Family ISBN: 9780873181051 List Price: $5.00
Principles of Reimbursement in Health Care by Beck, Donald ISBN: 9780894438875 List Price: $59.50
Saunders Medical Office Management - Text and E-Book Package by Andress, Alice Anne ISBN: 9781416064480 List Price: $122.43
Medical Reimbursement : A Contextualized Method by Ledbetter, Julie ISBN: 9781465262448 List Price: $59.95
Making Sense of Personnel Management by Irvine, Sally, Haman, Hilary ISBN: 9781870905480
Cost-Effectiveness in Health and Medicine by Ganiats, Theodore G., Neuma... ISBN: 9780190492939 List Price: $45.00
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