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Practical Exercises in Parasitology by Halton, D. W., Behnke, J. M... ISBN: 9780521792363
Handbook of Medical Parasitology by Sarkar, S. K. ISBN: 9780897713597
Medical Parasitology by Dey, N. C. ISBN: 9780785546603
Parasites and the Behavior of Animals by Moore, Janice ISBN: 9780195084412 List Price: $124.50
Host-Parasite Relationships and the Yersinia Model by Wake, A., Morgan, H. R. ISBN: 9780387167251 List Price: $193.00
Human Schistosomiasis by Jordan, P., Webbe, G., Stur... ISBN: 9780851988443 List Price: $160.00
Medical Parasitology by Beck, J. Walter, Davis, Joh... ISBN: 9780801605512 List Price: $18.95
Disease Ecology Community Structure And Pathogen Dynamics by Collinge, Sharon K., Ray, C... ISBN: 9780198567073 List Price: $124.50
Medical Parasitology by Gillespie, S., Hawkey, P. M. ISBN: 9780199633012 List Price: $115.00
Caryophyllales: Evolution and Systematics by Behnke, H. D., Mabry, Tom J. ISBN: 9780387566955 List Price: $235.00
Medical Parasitology by Leventhal, Ruth, Cheadle, R... ISBN: 9780803655997 List Price: $33.95
Color Atlas of Parasitology by Sullivan, John T. ISBN: 9780966580754
Atlas of Parasitic Pathology by Salfelder, Karlhanns, De Li... ISBN: 9780792389989 List Price: $359.00
Ascariasis and Its Prevention and Control - D. W. T. Crompton - Hardcover by Crompton, D. W., Nesheim, M... ISBN: 9780850664249 List Price: $115.00
Ecology and Genetics of Host-Parasite Interactions - David Rollinson - Hardcover by Rollinson, David, Anderson,... ISBN: 9780125936903 List Price: $136.00
Cestods, Parasites of Indian Animals by Nama, H. S. ISBN: 9788185046976
Who Model Prescribing Information : Drugs Used in Parasitic Diseases by World Health Organisation S... ISBN: 9789241401043
Parasitic Diseases by Despommier, Dickson D. ISBN: 9781568150291 List Price: $400.00
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