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Nerve and Muscle by Keynes, Richard D., Aidley,... ISBN: 9780521805841 List Price: $48.00
Neurobiology of Disease Contributions from Neuroscience to Clinical Neurology by Bostock, Hugh, Kirkwood, P.... ISBN: 9780521451321 List Price: $189.00
Neuroendocrinology in Physiology and Medicine by Conn, P. Michael, Freeman, ... ISBN: 9780896037250 List Price: $140.00
Nineteenth-Century Origins of Neuro-Scientific Concepts by Clarke, Edwin, Jacyna, L. S. ISBN: 9780520056947 List Price: $75.00
Realities in Coping With Progressive Neuromuscular Diseases by Charash, Leon I., Lovelace,... ISBN: 9780914783206 List Price: $34.95
Rehabilitation of the Adult and Child With Traumatic Brain Injury by Rosenthal, M., Griffith, E.... ISBN: 9780803676268 List Price: $82.00
Training and Development for Dementia Care Workers by Innes, Anthea ISBN: 9781853027611 List Price: $32.95
I'll Carry the Fork! Recovering a Life After Brain Injury by Swanson, Kara L., Chrumka, ... ISBN: 9780933670044 List Price: $16.95
Essentials of Neuropsychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences by Yudofsky, Stuart C., Hales,... ISBN: 9781585620050 List Price: $94.00
Adult Aphasia by Halpern, Harvey ISBN: 9780672612800 List Price: $4.50
Stroke Your Questions Answered by Hankey, Graeme J. ISBN: 9780443103223 List Price: $54.95
Neuromusculoskeletal Clinical Tests: A Clinician's Guide by Day, Richard Jasper, Fox, J... ISBN: 9780443069451 List Price: $47.95
Tics and Tourette Syndrome A Handbook for Parents and Professionals by Chowdhury, Uttom ISBN: 9781843102038 List Price: $20.95
Neurology In Focus by Swash, Michael, Jestico, Jo... ISBN: 9780443101243 List Price: $37.95
The A to Z of Parkinsons Disease by Mosley, Anthony D., Romaine... ISBN: 9780816073399 List Price: $19.95
Ultrasound Imaging for Rehabilitation of the Lumbopelvic Region A Clinical Approach by Whittaker, Jackie L. ISBN: 9780443068560 List Price: $79.95
Early Detection and Management of Cerebral Palsy by Galjaard, H., Prochtl, H. F... ISBN: 9780898388909 List Price: $255.00
Basic Level Workbook for Aphasia by Brubaker, Susan H. ISBN: 9780814326206 List Price: $50.00
Clinical Neuroanatomy and Related Neuroscience by FitzGerald, M. J. T., Folan... ISBN: 9780702025587 List Price: $46.95
Sensory Evaluation Techniques by Meilgaard, Morten C., Civil... ISBN: 9780849302763 List Price: $129.95
Neurological Rehabilitation by Umphred, Darcy Ann ISBN: 9780323009362 List Price: $92.00
Advances in Research on Neurodegeneration by Riederer, P. ISBN: 9783211835371 List Price: $119.00
Fuel Homeostasis and the Nervous System - Mladen Vranic - Hardcover by Vranic, Mladen ISBN: 9780306439070 List Price: $114.00
Biology in the Laboratory Control-The Nervous System Laboratory 41 by Helms, Carl W., Helms, Dori... ISBN: 9780716793441 List Price: $5.30
Neuropsychology of Epilepsy by Bennett, T. L. ISBN: 9780306439483 List Price: $109.00
Younger People With Dementia Planning, Practice and Development by Cox, Sylvia ISBN: 9781853025884 List Price: $44.95
The Bridge Between Neurology and Psychiatry by Reynolds, Edward H., Trimbl... ISBN: 9780443033445 List Price: $86.00
Neuromuscular diseases: A practical approach to diagnosis and management by Swash, Michael, Schwartz, M... ISBN: 9780387105482 List Price: $67.00
The Wernicke-Korsakoff Syndrome and Related Neurologic Disorders Due to Alcoholism and Malnu... by Victor, Maurice, Adams, Ray... ISBN: 9780803689213 List Price: $55.00
A Centennial Bibliography of Huntington's Chorea 1872-1972 by Bruyn, George W. ISBN: 9789061860112 List Price: $94.00
Aphasia : Assessment and Treatment by Douglas, Ruben H., Macciome... ISBN: 9780582286313 List Price: $24.95
Heart and Stroke by Furlan, A. J. ISBN: 9780387162065 List Price: $81.00
Principles of Neural Model Identification, Selection and Adequacy With Applications in Finan... by Zapranis, A. D., Refenes, A... ISBN: 9781852331399 List Price: $114.00
Progressive Supranuclear Palsy Diagnosis, Pathology, and Therapy by Tolosa, E., Duvoisin, R., C... ISBN: 9780387825410 List Price: $139.00
Neurological Skills A Guide to Examination and Management in Neurology by Harrison, Michael J. ISBN: 9780407013605 List Price: $50.00
Neurology by Collins, Robert C., Schmitt... ISBN: 9780721659923 List Price: $49.95
Nmda Receptor by Collingridge, Graham L., Wa... ISBN: 9780192625021 List Price: $215.00
Seizures and Convulsions in Infants, Children and Adolescents Practical Informative Guide fo... by Garcia-Mendez, Leonardo, Ca... ISBN: 9780963926906 List Price: $16.99
Squid Giant Synapse A Model for Chemical Transmission by Llinas, Rodolfo R. ISBN: 9780195116526 List Price: $29.50
Strokes An Illustrated Guide to Brain Structure, Blood Supply, and Clinical Signs by Bowman, James P., Giddings,... ISBN: 9780130488497 List Price: $32.40
Microglia in the Regenerating and Degenerating Central Nervous System by Streit, W. J. ISBN: 9780387953014 List Price: $185.00
Human Brain An Introduction to Its Functional Anatomy by Nolte, John ISBN: 9780815189114 List Price: $43.95
Family Support Programs and Rehabilitation A Cognitive-Behavioral Approach to Traumatic Brai... by Godfrey, Hamish P., Smith, ... ISBN: 9780306449321 List Price: $89.95
Five Senses by Hale, Janet A., Wright, The... ISBN: 9781557342706 List Price: $9.99
Management of Cerebal Palsy A Transdisciplinary Approach by Tebbett, Kate, Natarajan, P... ISBN: 9780761933977 List Price: $36.95
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