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Controversy About American Hospitals Funding, Ownership, and Performance by Hollingsworth, J. Rogers, H... ISBN: 9780844736372 List Price: $40.50
Use of Key Figures and Its Impact on Activity The Case of a Hospital by Kern, Anja ISBN: 9783631552568 List Price: $57.95
Financial Management of Hospitals by Berman, Howard J., Weeks, L... ISBN: 9780910701181 List Price: $42.00
Hospitals: What They Are and how They Work by Snook, Donald I. ISBN: 9780894433399 List Price: $38.00
Managing a Modern Hospital by Unknown ISBN: 9780761936299 List Price: $38.00
Rocke Robertson by Pound, Richard W. ISBN: 9780773533745 List Price: $29.95
Environmental Maintenance Technician by Thomas, William David ISBN: 9780318237954 List Price: $45.00
Joyful Journey of Hospital Clowning : Making a Difference with Love and Laughter by Thies, Anita, Piatt, Kathy,... ISBN: 9780970137906 List Price: $9.95
In-House Supervisory Training Program by Krill, Mary A., Paolino, An... ISBN: 9780933948204 List Price: $79.00
Diagnosis and Procedure Combinations in Hospital Inpatient Data by Duffy, Sarah Q., Elixhauser... ISBN: 9780788137167 List Price: $35.00
Health Care Marketing Management A Case Approach by Cooper, Philip D., Robinson... ISBN: 9780894433948 List Price: $224.95
Health Outcome Measures in Primary Out-Patient Care by Hutchinson, Allen, McColl, ... ISBN: 9783718658992 List Price: $104.95
Health Unit Coordinating Expanding the Scope of Practice by Clark, Madeline A., Mazza, ... ISBN: 9780721670362 List Price: $48.95
Being a Health Unit Coordinator - Kay Cox - Paperback - 2nd ed by Cox, Kay ISBN: 9780893032364 List Price: $19.95
Birth Environments Emerging Trends and Implications for Design by Lerman, Alice ISBN: 9780938744764 List Price: $15.00
Philanthropy and the Hospitals of London The King's Fund, 1897-1990 by Prochaska, F. K. ISBN: 9780198202660 List Price: $173.00
Behavioral Concepts and the Critically Ill Patient - Sharon L. Roberts - Paperback by Roberts, Sharon L. ISBN: 9780838506325 List Price: $34.95
Being a Health Unit Coordinator - Kay Cox - Hardcover by Cox, Kay ISBN: 9780893033293 List Price: $9.95
Patient's Rights and Professional Practice - James T. Ziegenfuss,Jr. - Hardcover by Ziegenfuss, James T., Jr. ISBN: 9780442294342 List Price: $26.95
Diagnosis Related Groups in Europe: Uses and Perspectives - Merce Casas - Paperback by Casas, M., Wiley, M., Fette... ISBN: 9780387571683 List Price: $69.95
Management of Medical Foodservice - Catherine F. Sullivan - Hardcover by Sullivan, Catherine F. ISBN: 9780870554933 List Price: $32.00
Harriet Lane by Johns Hopkins University Ho... ISBN: 9780815173793 List Price: $22.50
Day Hospital: Organization and Management - Charlotte M. Hamill - Hardcover by Hamill, Charlotte M. ISBN: 9780826130402 List Price: $23.50
Pocket Guide to Critical Care Monitoring by Owen, Anna ISBN: 9780801637285 List Price: $21.00
Johns Hopkins Hospital Golden Hour by Nichols ISBN: 9780801667107 List Price: $37.00
Critical Care Monitoring: From Pre-Hospital to the ICU by Levine, Robert L., Fromm, R... ISBN: 9780801669620 List Price: $84.00
Managing in an Academic Health Care Environment by Minogue, William F. ISBN: 9780924674181 List Price: $50.00
Patient Evaluation Methods for the Health Professionals by Minor, Scott D., Minor, Mar... ISBN: 9780835954846 List Price: $39.00
The For-Profit Healthcare Revolution: The Gorwing Impact of Investor-Owned Health Systems in... by Gee, E. Preston, Lutz, Sandy ISBN: 9781557386502 List Price: $32.50
Medical Staff Privileges and Peer Review: A Legal Guide for Healthcare Professionals by Tomes, Jonathan P. ISBN: 9781557386038 List Price: $60.00
MedLearn's CPT Coding Workbook 1997 by MedLearn ISBN: 9781889115214 List Price: $89.00
Hearing Voices : Qualitative Inquiry in Early Psychosis by Boydell, Katherine M., Ferg... ISBN: 9781554582631
St. Anthony's HCPCS Reference Manual for Outpatient Services by Lorenz, E. ISBN: 9781563291333 List Price: $329.00
St. Anthony's ICD-9-CM Code Book for Outpatient Services by Lorenz, E. ISBN: 9781563291364 List Price: $139.00
St. Anthony's DRG Optimizer by Lorenz, E. ISBN: 9781563291975 List Price: $99.00
St. Anthony's 1996-97 Hospital Directory by Namovicz-Peat, Susan, Gillo... ISBN: 9781563293207 List Price: $199.00
St. Anthony's Guide to Code Linkage for Laboratory Services by Unknown ISBN: 9781563293917 List Price: $159.00
St. Anthony's HCPCS Level III Code Book by Jones, Marleeta, Castillo, ... ISBN: 9781563293771 List Price: $39.95
St. Anthony's HCPCS Level II Code Book by Jones, Marleeta, Castillo, ... ISBN: 9781563293764 List Price: $75.00
Hospital's Guide to Coding and Billing for Physician Services by Brouch, Kathy, Clark, Andrea ISBN: 9781563293740 List Price: $179.00
St. Anthony's Data Quality for Coding by Jones, Lolita M., Broach, K... ISBN: 9781563293467
St. Anthony's Physician Capitation and Managed Care Reference Manual by Grambo, Mike, Lechtman, Jay... ISBN: 9781563293443 List Price: $349.00
St. Anthony's Medicare Correct Coding and Payment Manual for Procedures and Services by Hart, Anita, Parvis, Sheila R. ISBN: 9781563294075 List Price: $279.00
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