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International Health Data Reference Guide by Wood, Elaine, Fournier, Tanya ISBN: 9780756737405 List Price: $50.00
Inpatient Outpatient Coding Workbook by Fantauzzi, Frank, Tafone, L... ISBN: 9781401833442 List Price: $32.95
Asking and Giving: A Report on Hospital Philanthropy by Cunningham, Robert M., Jr. ISBN: 9780939450664 List Price: $18.75
The Hospital Medical Staff: Its Legal Rights and Responsibilities by Isele, William P. ISBN: 9780398049829 List Price: $39.50
Hospital ships by Goodman, Rupert ISBN: 9780864391391
Standard for Safety for Hospital Signaling and Nurse Call Equipment by Unknown ISBN: 9781559890120 List Price: $135.00
Orientation to Hospitals and Community Agencies by Hawkins, Joellen W., Aber, ... ISBN: 9780826152800 List Price: $23.95
Ambulatory And Inpatient Procedures In The U.s., 1994 by Pokras, Robert, Kozak, Lola... ISBN: 9780788174247 List Price: $30.00
Health Outcome Measures in Primary Out-Patient Care by Hutchinson, Allen, McColl, ... ISBN: 9783718659005 List Price: $38.95
St. Anthony's HCPCS Level II Codebook: Hbk - Laurie Castillo - Hardcover by Castillo, Laurie, Endahl, C... ISBN: 9781563293894 List Price: $75.00
Ingenix Coding Lab 2006 Facilities And Ancillary Services by Ingenix ISBN: 9781563377242 List Price: $99.95
Monitoring of Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism in Intensive Care: Proceedings of an Intern... by Unterberg, A. W., Schneider... ISBN: 9780387824840 List Price: $101.00
Patient Safety Research into Practice by Walshe, Kieran, Boaden, Ruth ISBN: 9780335218547 List Price: $130.00
Harriet Lane by Johns Hopkins University Ho... ISBN: 9780815173793 List Price: $22.50
Day Hospital: Organization and Management - Charlotte M. Hamill - Hardcover by Hamill, Charlotte M. ISBN: 9780826130402 List Price: $23.50
Management of Medical Foodservice - Catherine F. Sullivan - Hardcover by Sullivan, Catherine F. ISBN: 9780870554933 List Price: $32.00
Exercise Packet for CPT Coding by Medical Learning ISBN: 9781889115269 List Price: $120.00
Being a Health Unit Coordinator - Kay Cox - Hardcover by Cox, Kay ISBN: 9780893033293 List Price: $9.95
St. Anthony's HCPCS Level II Codebook - Short Version: Hbin by Castillo, Laurie, Endahl, C... ISBN: 9781563293900
Patient Financial Services by Herkimer, Allen G. ISBN: 9781882198146 List Price: $65.00
Controversy about American Hopsitals by Hollingsworth, J. Rogers, H... ISBN: 9780844736389
Hospital Inpatient Statistics, 1996 by Elixhauser, Anne, Fraser, I... ISBN: 9780788187018 List Price: $20.00
Subacute Care Redefining Healthcare by Hyatt, Laura Z. ISBN: 9781557386304 List Price: $75.00
Medicare Reimbursement & the Quality of Hospital Care by McGinty, Michael J. ISBN: 9780788110535 List Price: $40.00
New Anesthetic Agents, Devices, and Monitoring Techniques Annual Utah Postgraduate Course in... by Stanley, Theodore H., Petty... ISBN: 9789024727964 List Price: $169.00
Not-For-Profit Hospitals Conversion Issues Prompt Increased State Oversight by McClyde, James O. ISBN: 9780788177194 List Price: $20.00
Patient Evaluation Methods for the Health Professionals by Minor, Scott D., Minor, Mar... ISBN: 9780835954846 List Price: $39.00
Hospital Costs Adoption Of Technology Drives Cost Growth by Unknown ISBN: 9781568066806 List Price: $30.00
Johns Hopkins Hospital Golden Hour by Nichols ISBN: 9780801667107 List Price: $37.00
Critical Care Monitoring: From Pre-Hospital to the ICU by Levine, Robert L., Fromm, R... ISBN: 9780801669620 List Price: $84.00
Managing in an Academic Health Care Environment by Minogue, William F. ISBN: 9780924674181 List Price: $50.00
Professional Procurement Practices: A Guide for Dietary Managers by DMA Staff ISBN: 9780787237554 List Price: $35.00
Physician Services Practice Analysis (PSPA) Version 5.0 by Unknown ISBN: 9781568290003 List Price: $750.00
Pre-Exam for Nursing Home Administrator Examinees Preparing for the Licensure Examination by Boudreaux, Edmond ISBN: 9781878199089 List Price: $10.00
Supplement to a Programmed Manual for Nursing Home Administrator Examinees by Boudreaux, Edmond ISBN: 9781878199065 List Price: $5.00
St. Anthony's HCPCS Reference Manual for Outpatient Services by Lorenz, E. ISBN: 9781563291333 List Price: $329.00
St. Anthony's ICD-9-CM Code Book for Outpatient Services by Lorenz, E. ISBN: 9781563291364 List Price: $139.00
St. Anthony's DRG Optimizer by Lorenz, E. ISBN: 9781563291975 List Price: $99.00
St. Anthony's 1996-97 Hospital Directory by Namovicz-Peat, Susan, Gillo... ISBN: 9781563293207 List Price: $199.00
St. Anthony's Guide to Code Linkage for Laboratory Services by Unknown ISBN: 9781563293917 List Price: $159.00
St. Anthony's HCPCS Level II Code Book by Jones, Marleeta, Castillo, ... ISBN: 9781563293764 List Price: $75.00
Hospital's Guide to Coding and Billing for Physician Services by Brouch, Kathy, Clark, Andrea ISBN: 9781563293740 List Price: $179.00
St. Anthony's Data Quality for Coding by Jones, Lolita M., Broach, K... ISBN: 9781563293467
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