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Home care is an important subject for those studying medical topics. Here you can buy cheap home care textbooks to further your studies in medicine and to give you an in depth understanding of this area. Among the books you will find are Providing Home Care: A Textbook for Home Health Aides, Basic Skills for Home Care Aides DVD #4 and Handbook of Home Health Standards and Documentation Guidelines for Reimbursement. When you want to buy or rent used home care textbooks you will find there are plenty to choose from, and they all offer discounted prices over the usual list prices you would pay elsewhere. Rely on our website today and don't forget we also have a buyback facility to bring more text books back into our collection. Sell your home care books back today and make money doing so. As you can see, we have a service to suit everyone.

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Home Health Care Forms Checklists and Guidelines by Aspen Reference Group Staff ISBN: 9780834210523 List Price: $209.00
Caring For/caring About Women, Home Care And Unpaid Caregiving by Grant, Karen R., Amarantung... ISBN: 9781551930480 List Price: $22.95
Medicare Home Health Agencies Weaknesses in Federal and State Oversight Mask Potential Quali... by Allen, Kathryn G., Ochinko,... ISBN: 9780756732073 List Price: $25.00
Perspectives on Care at Home for Older People (Routledge Studies in Health and Social Welfare) by Ceci, Christine, Björnsdótt... ISBN: 9780415895903 List Price: $125.00
CAREGIVING @ HOME SERIES: ACTIVITIES OF DAILY LIVING by Mottet, Louann M. ISBN: 9781582540375 List Price: $125.00
Dementia and Home Care: A Research Report on a Home Support Scheme for Dementia Sufferers (R... by Askham, Janet, Thompson, Ca... ISBN: 9780862420918 List Price: $75.00
Home Healthcare by Spiegel, Allen D. ISBN: 9780932500632 List Price: $49.00
Home Health Care Practice by Patrick Catania, Martin Rosner ISBN: 9780962764042 List Price: $60.00
Home Care: Current Problems and Future Solutions - Warren Balinsky by Balinsky, Warren ISBN: 9780787900458 List Price: $40.50
Insider's Guide to Home Health Care by Navarra, Tova, Ferrer, Marg... ISBN: 9781556422874 List Price: $28.00
Share the Care An Evaluation of a Family-Based Respite Care Service by Stalker, Kirsten ISBN: 9781853020384 List Price: $49.95
Homemaker/home Health Aide on the Job Companion by Spatz, Audree, Balduzzi, Su... ISBN: 9781401831455 List Price: $31.95
Home Care Aide Inservice Training Module Patient Care Patient Care by Nasso, Jackie, Celia, Lisa ISBN: 9781401897598 List Price: $90.95
Home Care Aide In-Service Training Module Safety by Nasso, Jackie, Celia, Lisa ISBN: 9781401897574 List Price: $27.95
Providing Home Care-workbook by Hartman Publishing Inc. Staff ISBN: 9781888343205 List Price: $12.50
Working In Care Settings Induction And Foundation Standards by Michie, Val ISBN: 9780748774838 List Price: $18.75
Essential Allies: Families as Advisors by Jeppson, Elizabeth S., Thom... ISBN: 9780964201415 List Price: $15.00
Home Care Documentation by O'Kieff ISBN: 9780801637131 List Price: $99.95
Home Care for the Client Needing Rehabilitation by Fuzy ISBN: 9780827379312 List Price: $28.95
Dementia and Homecare by Askham, Janet, Thompson, Ca... ISBN: 9780785565765
Home Healthcare Instructors Manual by Spiegel, Allen D. ISBN: 9780932500786 List Price: $7.95
QA-CQI Manual for Home Care by Cronin, M. ISBN: 9780933195394 List Price: $99.95
Home Health Care Practice by Catania, Patrick N., Rosner... ISBN: 9780962764004 List Price: $50.00
Home Health Orientation Manual by Marrelli and Associates,Inc... ISBN: 9780815129288 List Price: $19.95
Shopping for Assisted Living : What Customers Need to Make the Best Buy: Congressional Hearing by Grassley, Charles E. ISBN: 9780756709792 List Price: $35.00
Jackpot : Gaming the Home Health Care System - Congressional Hearing by Grassley, Charles ISBN: 9780788182198 List Price: $40.00
Providing Home Care : A Textbook for Home Health Aides by Hartman Publish ISBN: 9781888343717 List Price: $69.95
Core Curriculum for Home Health Care Nursing : Program Management by Neal, Leslie Jean, Harris, ... ISBN: 9781930304130
St. Anthony's Toolkit for Managing Home Care Services : A Five-Step Plan Integrating Clinica... by Powers, Clarice J., Seiler,... ISBN: 9781563293214 List Price: $299.00
St. Anthony's Home Health Job Descriptions by Seiler, Marilyn ISBN: 9781563293870 List Price: $249.00
St. Anthony's Home Health Agency Policy and Procedure Manual (HHPP) by Seiler, Marilyn ISBN: 9781563293368 List Price: $349.00
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