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The history of medicine isn't typically the first area of medicine you'd think about. However, with plenty of text books available on this subject you might be surprised at how fascinating it is. Let's give you some examples. You can buy Consumer Health: A Guide to Intelligent Decisions; Sources in the History of Medicine Reader: The Impact of Disease and Trauma; Medicine and the Reign of Technology; and Major Problems in the History of American Medicine and Public Health: Documents and Essays. We've got dozens more examples as well, so if you ever want to browse the latest collection, it's this page you need to come back to. Rent used history textbooks as an alternative to buying them if you wish; it works out better for some people. Either way you'll get an outstanding deal. We buy back history books regularly as well, providing you with affordable ways to sell back the books you don't need.

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Culture and Curing: Anthropological Perspectives on Traditional Medical Beliefs and Practices by Morley, Peter, Wallis, Roy ISBN: 9780822953258 List Price: $12.95
Pictures of Health by Golden, Janet, Rosenberg, C... ISBN: 9780812282375 List Price: $52.50
A History of Surgery by De Moulin, Daniel ISBN: 9780898389685 List Price: $225.50
Consumer Health: A Guide to Intelligent Decisions by Cornacchia, Harold J., Barr... ISBN: 9780801611223 List Price: $26.95
Outline History of Medicine by Rhodes, Philip ISBN: 9780407003439 List Price: $35.00
Culture and Curing by Morley, Peter, Wallis, Roy ISBN: 9780822911364 List Price: $14.95
Decade of Medicine Or the Physician of the Rich and Poor by Du Port, F. ISBN: 9780387192918 List Price: $46.40
Disease and Empire The Health of European Troops in the Conquest of Africa by Curtin, Philip D. ISBN: 9780521591690 List Price: $90.00
Companion to Medicine in the Twentieth Century by Cooter, Richard, Pickstone,... ISBN: 9780415286039 List Price: $51.95
Medical Ethics in the Renaissance by Schleiner, Winfried ISBN: 9780878405930 List Price: $55.00
Health Science in Ancient India by Raina, B. L. ISBN: 9788171690893 List Price: $44.00
Ancient Greece Health and Disease by Dargie, Richard, Hook, Adam ISBN: 9780756520878 List Price: $27.93
History of Military Medicine by Gabriel, Richard A., Metz, ... ISBN: 9780313277467 List Price: $159.95
Drugs : The Straight Facts by Unknown ISBN: 9780791098813 List Price: $930.00
Drugs : The Straight Facts Set, 29-Volumes by Unknown ISBN: 9780791098677 List Price: $840.00
Dream ... the Journey: Lorain Community Hospital - Margaret Finnerty - Hardcover by Finnerty, Margaret, Phillip... ISBN: 9780929690209
Religion and Neoplatonism in Renaissance Medicine - Walter Pagel - Hardcover by Pagel, Walter, Winder, Mari... ISBN: 9780860781745
Frontiers of Medicine in the Anglo-Egyptian Sudan 1899-1940 by Bell, Heather ISBN: 9780198207498 List Price: $175.00
Great Medical Disasters - Richard Gordon - Hardcover by Gordon, Richard ISBN: 9780812829112
Medical Practices in Ancient America by Peredo, Miguel G. ISBN: 9789684140172 List Price: $18.75
Consumer Health: Facts, Skills, and Decisions by Corry, James M. ISBN: 9780534013554 List Price: $32.95
Studien Zur Theorie der Antiken Gesundheitslehre by Wöhrle, Georg ISBN: 9783515055994
Alchemomedizinische Briefe, 1585 Bis 1597 by Croll, Oswald, Kühlmann, Wi... ISBN: 9783515072588
Maladies des Femmes by Soranus, Burgui�re, Paul, G... ISBN: 9782251004211
Maladies des Femmes by Soranus, Burgui�re, Paul, G... ISBN: 9782251004426
Hippocrate ... : [uvres.] by Hippocrates ISBN: 9782251004907
Hippocrate ... : [uvres.] by Hippocrates ISBN: 9782251005485
Os Pour les D�butants : L'anatomie des Muscles by Galen, Garofalo, Ivan ISBN: 9782251005249
Hippocrate : Pour une Arch�ologie de L'�cole de Cnide by Jouanna, Jacques, Hippocrates ISBN: 9782251326696
Po�tiques du Corps : Aux Origines de la M�decine by Pigeaud, Jackie ISBN: 9782251420325
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