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The history of medicine isn't typically the first area of medicine you'd think about. However, with plenty of text books available on this subject you might be surprised at how fascinating it is. Let's give you some examples. You can buy Consumer Health: A Guide to Intelligent Decisions; Sources in the History of Medicine Reader: The Impact of Disease and Trauma; Medicine and the Reign of Technology; and Major Problems in the History of American Medicine and Public Health: Documents and Essays. We've got dozens more examples as well, so if you ever want to browse the latest collection, it's this page you need to come back to. Rent used history textbooks as an alternative to buying them if you wish; it works out better for some people. Either way you'll get an outstanding deal. We buy back history books regularly as well, providing you with affordable ways to sell back the books you don't need.

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Medical Practices in Ancient America by Peredo, Miguel G. ISBN: 9789684140172 List Price: $18.75
Medicine and the Reign of Technology by Stanley Joel Reiser ISBN: 9780521219075 List Price: $69.95
Manifesting Medicine Bodies and Machines by Bud, Robert, Finn, Bernard,... ISBN: 9789057024306 List Price: $40.95
Medical Licensing & Learning in 14th Century Valencia by McVaugh, Michael R., Vela, ... ISBN: 9780871697967 List Price: $15.00
Medicine and Society in Early Modern Europe by Lindemann, Mary, Beik, Will... ISBN: 9780521412544 List Price: $79.00
Popular Medicine in Seventeenth-Century England by Nagy, Doreen E. ISBN: 9780879724368 List Price: $13.95
A History of Surgery by De Moulin, Daniel ISBN: 9780898389685 List Price: $225.50
Disease and Empire The Health of European Troops in the Conquest of Africa by Curtin, Philip D. ISBN: 9780521591690 List Price: $90.00
Doctors on Horseback: Pioneers of American Medicine by Flexner, James T. ISBN: 9780823213788 List Price: $30.00
Das Erbe des Hippokrates by Steger, Florian ISBN: 9783525208564
The Medieval Surgery by Hunt, Tony ISBN: 9780851153247 List Price: $59.00
A History of Medicine by Prioreschi, Plinio ISBN: 9781888456042 List Price: $165.00
Aryan Medical Science: A Short History by Jee, H. H. ISBN: 9788185557748
Culture and Curing: Anthropological Perspectives on Traditional Medical Beliefs and Practices by Morley, Peter, Wallis, Roy ISBN: 9780822953258 List Price: $12.95
Arabian Medicine by Brown, Robert ISBN: 9780521043410
Arzte in der Antike (German Edition) by Achner, Heike ISBN: 9783805340588 List Price: $45.00
Health, Medicine, and Society in Victorian England (Victorian Life and Times) by Carpenter, Mary W. ISBN: 9780275989521 List Price: $44.95
Tuberculosis Then and Now: Perspectives on the History of an Infectious Disease (Mcgill-Quee... by Condrau, Flurin, Worboys, M... ISBN: 9780773536005 List Price: $95.00
Historia de los Hospitales Coloniales de Hispanoamerica Vol. X : Historia de los Hospitales ... by Medrano, Fidel A., Camps, J... ISBN: 9780964150645 List Price: $50.00
Western Medical Tradition 800 BC to 1800 Ad by Conrad, Lawrence, Neve, Mic... ISBN: 9780521480345
White Plague : Tuberculosis, Man, and Society by Dubos, Rene Jules, Dubos, J... ISBN: 9780813512235 List Price: $32.00
Medicine Civilization by Rothman, David J. ISBN: 9780691024394
Drugs : The Straight Facts by Unknown ISBN: 9780791098813 List Price: $930.00
Drugs : The Straight Facts Set, 29-Volumes by Unknown ISBN: 9780791098677 List Price: $840.00
Arizona Medical Association : The First Hundred Years by Kenendy, John W., Bailey, K... ISBN: 9780929690193 List Price: $15.00
St. Elizabeth Hospital : Looking Back, Looking Forward by Finnerty, Margaret, Nelson,... ISBN: 9780929690186 List Price: $25.00
Alchemomedizinische Briefe, 1585 Bis 1597 by Croll, Oswald, Kühlmann, Wi... ISBN: 9783515072588
Achievements in Medicine, 1974-1989 : In Honour of Professor David Todd by Hong Kong University Press ... ISBN: 9789622092488 List Price: $14.95
'Out of Darkness, Cometh Light' : Life and Death in 19th-Century Wolverhampton by Adams, Josephine, Colls, Kevin ISBN: 9781407301235
Pharmacy and Medicine in Ancient Egypt by Cockitt, Jenefer, David, Ro... ISBN: 9781407306827
Health and Medicine in Ancient Egypt by Veiga, Paula Alexandra da S... ISBN: 9781407305004
Representing the Plague in Early Modern England by Totaro, Rebecca, Gilman, Er... ISBN: 9780415634182
Keilschrifttexte aus Assur by Koecher, Franz ISBN: 9783110001129
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