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The history of medicine isn't typically the first area of medicine you'd think about. However, with plenty of text books available on this subject you might be surprised at how fascinating it is. Let's give you some examples. You can buy Consumer Health: A Guide to Intelligent Decisions; Sources in the History of Medicine Reader: The Impact of Disease and Trauma; Medicine and the Reign of Technology; and Major Problems in the History of American Medicine and Public Health: Documents and Essays. We've got dozens more examples as well, so if you ever want to browse the latest collection, it's this page you need to come back to. Rent used history textbooks as an alternative to buying them if you wish; it works out better for some people. Either way you'll get an outstanding deal. We buy back history books regularly as well, providing you with affordable ways to sell back the books you don't need.

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Medicine and Society in Early Modern Europe by Lindemann, Mary ISBN: 9780521425926 List Price: $85.00
Medieval Chinese Medicine The Dunhuang Medical Manuscripts by Lo, Vivienne, Cullen, Chris... ISBN: 9780415342957 List Price: $170.00
Consumer Health A Guide to Intelligent Decisions by Barrett, Stephen, London, W... ISBN: 9780072972238 List Price: $136.88
Medicine and Western Civilization by Rothman, David J, Marcus, S... ISBN: 9780813521909 List Price: $28.95
Tuberculosis Then and Now: Perspectives on the History of an Infectious Disease (Mcgill-Quee... by Condrau, Flurin, Worboys, M... ISBN: 9780773536012 List Price: $29.95
Framing Disease Studies in Cultural History by Rosenberg, Charles E., Gold... ISBN: 9780813517575 List Price: $25.95
Clinical Cases and OSCEs in Surgery by Ramachandran, Manoj, Gladma... ISBN: 9780702029943 List Price: $47.95
Birth of the Clinic by Foucault, Michel ISBN: 9780415307727 List Price: $19.95
Military Medicine A Historical Encyclopedia by McCallum, Jack E. ISBN: 9781851096930 List Price: $95.00
Physical and the Moral Anthropology, Physiology, and Philosophical Medicine in France, 1750-... by Williams, Elizabeth A., Jon... ISBN: 9780521524629 List Price: $51.00
Progress of Experiment Science and Therapeutic Reform in the United States, 1900-1990 by Marks, Harry M., Jones, Col... ISBN: 9780521785617 List Price: $36.99
Medicine in the English Middle Ages by Getz, Faye M. ISBN: 9780691085227 List Price: $57.50
Billion Dollar Swindle by Ducovny, Amram ISBN: 9780830300587 List Price: $7.95
Text (Thomas Cantimpratensis) by Thomas ISBN: 9783110037890 List Price: $173.10
Consumer Health With Powerweb A Guide to Intelligent Decisions by Barrett, Stephen, Jarvis, W... ISBN: 9780072485219 List Price: $111.85
Learning to Heal: The Medical Profession in Colonial Mexico, 1767-1831 (American University ... by Luz María Hernández Sáenz ISBN: 9780820433288 List Price: $64.95
Medicine and Western Civilization by Rothman, David J, Marcus, S... ISBN: 9780813521893 List Price: $50.00
Pictures of Health by Golden, Janet, Rosenberg, C... ISBN: 9780812282375 List Price: $52.50
Medicine and the Reign of Technology by Reiser, Stanley Joel ISBN: 9780521282239 List Price: $48.00
Lost Theory of Asclepiades of Bithynia by Vallance, J. T. ISBN: 9780198242482 List Price: $99.00
Impact of Plague in Tudor and Stuart England by Slack, Paul A. ISBN: 9780198202134 List Price: $60.00
Knowledge and Practice in English Medicine, 1550-1680 by Wear, Andrew ISBN: 9780521558273 List Price: $49.99
Framing Disease Studies in Cultural History by Rosenberg, Charles E., Gold... ISBN: 9780813517568 List Price: $60.00
History of Military Medicine by Gabriel, Richard A., Metz, ... ISBN: 9780313277467 List Price: $159.95
Technical Knowledge in American Culture Science, Technology, and Medicine Since the Early 1800s by Cravens, Hamilton, Marcus, ... ISBN: 9780817307936 List Price: $35.00
American Medical Schools and the Practice of Medicine A History by Rothstein, William G. ISBN: 9780195041866 List Price: $100.00
Epidemics and Ideas Essays on the Historical Perception of Pestilence by Ranger, Terence O., Slack, ... ISBN: 9780521558310 List Price: $42.00
Trotula:medieval Compendium of Women... by Green, Monica H. ISBN: 9780812235890 List Price: $79.95
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