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The Epidemiology and Prevention of Gallstone Disease by Unknown ISBN: 9780852008508 List Price: $209.00
Calcium-Dependent Processes in the Liver by Heilmann, C. ISBN: 9780746200759 List Price: $276.00
Hepatitis B Virus and Immune Reponse by Fiorino, S., Vukotic, R., L... ISBN: 9781604564501
Hepatobiliary Diseases by Prieto, J., Rodes, J., Shaf... ISBN: 9780387543260 List Price: $207.00
Hepatitis B Virus Molecular Mechanisms in Disease and Novel Strategies for Therapy by Koshy, Rajen, Caselmann, Wo... ISBN: 9781860940071 List Price: $72.00
Infectious Diseases of the Liver by Bianchi, L., Gerok, W., Mai... ISBN: 9780792389026 List Price: $259.00
Artificial Liver Support: Concepts, Methods, Results by Brunner, G., Mito, M., Akam... ISBN: 9780387552583 List Price: $130.00
Liver in Metabolic Diseases by Gerok, W., Bianchi, L., Lan... ISBN: 9780852007303 List Price: $329.00
Hepatitis by Hecht, Alan, Horn, Lyle W. ISBN: 9781617530166 List Price: $34.95
Liver Pathology - Randall G. Lee - Hardcover - 1st ed by Lee, Randall G. ISBN: 9780801628054 List Price: $155.00
Regulation of Hepatic Metabolism: Intra- and Intercellular Compartmentation - Ronald G. Thur... by Thurman, Ronald G., Kauffma... ISBN: 9780306421372 List Price: $162.00
Bile, Bile Acid, Gallstones and Gallstone Dissolution by Hofmann, Alan F., Huebner, ... ISBN: 9780852004975 List Price: $121.50
Encyclopedia of Hepatitis and Other Liver Diseases by Chow, James H., Chow, Cheryl ISBN: 9780816057108 List Price: $75.00
Hepatocellular Carcinoma and Liver Metastases Diagnosis and Treatment by Hoogewoud, Henri-Marcel, Ro... ISBN: 9780387562728 List Price: $69.95
Hepatobiliary Cancer by Sugarbaker, Paul H. ISBN: 9780792325017 List Price: $442.00
Hepatitis by Horn, Lyle W., Alcamo, I. E... ISBN: 9780791067024 List Price: $34.95
Update on Hepatobiliary Diseases 1996 by Lam, S. K. ISBN: 9780792387152 List Price: $219.00
Malignant Liver Tumors Current and Emerging Therapies by Clavien, Pierre, Fong, Yuma... ISBN: 9780763718572 List Price: $356.95
Viral Hepatitides A and E Part B (Volume 4, Part 3), Vol. 4 by Peletskaya, E. N. ISBN: 9783718652600
Histological Typing of Tumours of the Gallbladder and Extrahepatic Bile Ducts: In Collaborat... by Albores-Saavedra, Jorge, He... ISBN: 9783540528388 List Price: $77.95
Liver Regeneration, Vol. 1 by Malkin, Leonard I., Tsukada... ISBN: 9780842270793 List Price: $24.00
Current Hepatology by Gitnick, Gary ISBN: 9780815136774 List Price: $79.95
Cholestatic Liver Diseases New Strategies for Prevention and Treatment of Hepatobiliary and ... by Van Berge Henegouwen, G. P. ISBN: 9780792388678 List Price: $159.00
Handbk Pancreatic Hepatobiliary Surg by Zyromski ISBN: 9781451185010
Biliary Tract Surgery - Jacob A. Glassman - Hardcover by Glassman, Jacob A. ISBN: 9780023437410
Chronically Evolving Viral Hepatitis - C. De Bac - Hardcover by De Bac, C., Gerlich, Wolfra... ISBN: 9780387823508 List Price: $208.00
Current Hepatology, Vol. 17 - Gary Gitnick - Hardcover by Gitnick, Gary ISBN: 9780815184218 List Price: $89.95
Novel Regional Therapies for Liver Tumors by Kawasaki, Seiji, Makuuchi, ... ISBN: 9783540600312 List Price: $125.00
Molecular Basis of Autoimmune Hepatitis by McFarlane, Ian G., Williams... ISBN: 9783540608899 List Price: $117.00
Hepatitis C Viruses Genomes and Molecular Biology by Tan, Seng-Lai ISBN: 9781904933205 List Price: $253.00
PULSE Plus: Hepatitis C Video by Primedia ISBN: 9781401892791 List Price: $155.95
Modern Concepts of Acute and Chronic Hepatitis by Gitnick, G. ISBN: 9780306428951 List Price: $75.00
Understanding the Liver A History by Chen, Thomas S., Chen, Pete... ISBN: 9780313234729 List Price: $120.95
Viral Hepatitis: Diagnosis, Therapy, and Prevention by Unknown ISBN: 9780896034242 List Price: $139.00
Surgical Disease of the Billary Tract and Pancreas by Braasch, John W., Tompkins,... ISBN: 9780801666841 List Price: $140.00
Essentials in Clinical Hepatology by Gholson, Charles F., Bacon,... ISBN: 9780801664281 List Price: $45.00
Atlas of Liver and Biliary Surgery by Jones, R. Scott ISBN: 9780815148852 List Price: $89.00
Liver, Biliary and Pancreatic Surgery by Najarian, John S. ISBN: 9780815163046 List Price: $95.00
Hepatobiliary+pancreatic Surgery by Garden, O. James, Carter, D... ISBN: 9780702021428 List Price: $99.00
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