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Immunoassays in Coagulation Testing by Parvez, Z. ISBN: 9780387909325 List Price: $74.00
Blood Pressure by Nara, Andrew R., Burns, Mic... ISBN: 9780962744907 List Price: $28.00
Accreditation Requirements Manual by Sazama, Kathleen ISBN: 9781563950520 List Price: $50.00
Biochemical Mechanisms of the System Regulating the Aggregate State of Blood by Andreev, S. V. ISBN: 9783718649631 List Price: $173.00
Clinical and Basic Science Aspects of Immunohematology by Nance, Sandra J. ISBN: 9781563950063 List Price: $45.00
Clinical Application of Radiolabelled Platelets by Kessler, C., Hardeman, M. R... ISBN: 9780792307297 List Price: $219.00
Transfusion Therapy Guidelines for Practice by Summers, Stephanie H. ISBN: 9780915355853 List Price: $9.00
Transfusion Medicine in the 1990's by Nance, Sandra T. ISBN: 9780915355891 List Price: $42.00
Transfusion Practice in Cardiac Surgery by Baldwin, Michael L., Kurtz,... ISBN: 9781563950056 List Price: $9.00
Transfusion Medicine Fact and Fiction Proceedings of the Sixteenth International Symposium,... by Sibinga, C. T., Das, P. C.,... ISBN: 9780792317326 List Price: $166.00
Haematology - David C. Linch - Paperback by Linch, David, Yates, A. P. ISBN: 9780443028427 List Price: $19.95
Haemolytic Anemias, Vol. 5 - Sir John Dacie - Hardcover by Dacie ISBN: 9780443062698 List Price: $249.00
Leukocyte Typing II: Human B Lymphocytes, Vol. 2 - E. L. Reinherz - Hardcover by Reinherz, E. L., Haynes, B.... ISBN: 9780387961767 List Price: $220.00
Blood Pressure Measurements - W. Meyer-Sabellek - Hardcover by Meyer-Sabellek, W., Gotzen,... ISBN: 9780387913322 List Price: $80.00
Leukocyte Typing II: Human Myeloid and Hematopoietic Cells, Vol. 3 - E. L. Reinherz - Hardcover by Reinherz, E. L., Haynes, B.... ISBN: 9780387961774 List Price: $174.00
Experimental Hematology Today, 1989 - N. C. Gorin - Hardcover by Gorin, N. C., Douay, L. ISBN: 9780387972466 List Price: $126.00
Hemostasis and Circulation - Akikazy Takada - Hardcover by Takada, Akikazy, Budzynski,... ISBN: 9780387700960 List Price: $64.95
Diagnostic Picture Tests in Hematology - A. J. Bellingham - Paperback by Bellingham, Alastair J. ISBN: 9780815152248 List Price: $22.00
Mocrocirculation in Circulatory Disorders by Messmer, K., Manabe, H., Zw... ISBN: 9780387700342 List Price: $160.00
Curr Therapy Hematology-oncology by Brain, Michael C. ISBN: 9781556640001 List Price: $56.00
Hematology - William Samson Beck by Beck, William S. ISBN: 9780262520973 List Price: $24.95
Atlas of Clinical Hematology by Begemann, H., Rastetter, J.... ISBN: 9780387094045 List Price: $217.00
Haematological Oncology, Vol. 2 - Armand Keating - Hardcover by Keating, Armand, Armitage, ... ISBN: 9780521431903 List Price: $95.00
Current Therapy in Hematology-Oncology, 1985-1986 by Brian, Michael C., Carbone,... ISBN: 9780941158381 List Price: $44.00
B Lymphocytes by Klaus, G. G. ISBN: 9780199631919 List Price: $15.95
Blood Use in Cardiac Surgery - N. Friedel - Hardcover by Friedel, N., Hetzer, R., Ro... ISBN: 9780387913728 List Price: $87.00
Autologous Transfusion: Using Your Own Blood - B. G. G. Adhoute - Hardcover by Adhoute, B. G. ISBN: 9780387595542 List Price: $103.00
Myelodysplastic Syndromes - F. Schmalzi - Paperback by Schmalzi, F., Mufti, G. J. ISBN: 9780387529660 List Price: $181.00
Hemodilution: New Aspects in the Management of Circulatory Blood Flow Improvement of Macro- ... by Koscielny, J., Kiesewetter,... ISBN: 9780387553528 List Price: $73.95
Accreditation Requirements Manual of the American Association of Blood Banks by Jones, Frances S. ISBN: 9781563950162 List Price: $35.00
Collected Questions and Answers by Davey, Richard J., McMican,... ISBN: 9781563950360 List Price: $28.00
Automation in Hematology: What to Measure and Why by Ross, D. W., Brecher, G., B... ISBN: 9780387102252 List Price: $59.00
Blood Use in Cardiac Surgery by Friedel, N., Hetzer, R., Ro... ISBN: 9783798508415
Mechanisms of Blood Pressure Waves by Miyakawa, K., Koepchen, H. ... ISBN: 9780387131641 List Price: $79.00
Current Hematology and Oncology, Vol. 6 by Fairbanks, Virgil F. ISBN: 9780815133438 List Price: $65.00
Arterial System Dynamics: Hemodynamics of Arteries by Li, John K. ISBN: 9780814750292 List Price: $60.00
New Concepts in Blood Formation and Cell Generation in Malignant and Benign Tissues: Cardiac... by McDonald, Hemprova G. ISBN: 9780962782411 List Price: $90.00
Transferrin Biology by Kornfeld, Stuart, Palmour, ... ISBN: 9780842270885 List Price: $29.50
Ion Transport across Erythrocyte Membrane, Vol. 83 by Turpaev, E. T. ISBN: 9783718656660
Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation Research Advances by Neumann, Karl B. ISBN: 9781604560428 List Price: $129.00
Erythropoietin by Jelkmann, Wolfgang, Gross, ... ISBN: 9780387509556 List Price: $95.00
Aplastic Anemia and Other Bone Marrow Failure Syndromes by Shahidi, N. T. ISBN: 9780387970301 List Price: $170.00
Experimental Hematology Today, 1988 by Baum, S. J., Dicke, K. A., ... ISBN: 9780387969329 List Price: $126.00
Multiskilling Point-Of-Care Testing--Capillary Puncture for the Health Care Provider by Kovanda, Beverly M. ISBN: 9780827384538 List Price: $36.95
Collected Questions and Answers by Umlas, Joel, Davey, Richard... ISBN: 9780915355945 List Price: $7.00
Colour Atlas of Haematological Cytology by Hayhoe, Frank G., Flemans, ... ISBN: 9780815142188 List Price: $140.00
Cryopreservation and Low Temperature Biology in Blood Transfusion by Smit Sibinga, C. Th., Das, ... ISBN: 9780792309086 List Price: $161.00
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