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Manifesto for the Nation by Allday, R. K. ISBN: 9780902662001
Health Care Reform (Library in a Book) by Kronenfeld, Jennie J. ISBN: 9780816082377 List Price: $45.00
Health in Danger: The Crisis in the National Health Service by Widgery, David ISBN: 9780208017598 List Price: $31.00
Understanding Health Policy by Baggott, Rob ISBN: 9781861346315 List Price: $80.00
Toward Sustainable Transitions in Healthcare Systems by Broerse, Jacqueline, Grin, ... ISBN: 9780415888417
A Reader in Health Policy and Management by Mahon, Ann, Walshe, Kieran,... ISBN: 9780335233670 List Price: $148.95
Notes on the Mental Health Act, 1983 by Kilby, Ralph L. ISBN: 9780721902043
Analysing Health Policy: A Problem-Oriented Approach, 1e by Simon Barraclough, Heather ... ISBN: 9780729538435 List Price: $85.95
Federal Nutrition Programs : Hearing Before the Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition, and For... by Diane Publishing Staff ISBN: 9780788149160 List Price: $35.00
Coordinated Care Management Skill Complex by Unknown ISBN: 9780788112683 List Price: $40.00
Real People, Real Problems : An Evaluation of the Long-Term Care Ombudsman Programs of the O... by Estes, Carroll L., Harris-W... ISBN: 9780788182990 List Price: $40.00
Best and Worst Ideas for Health Care Reform by Goodman, John C. ISBN: 9780943802978 List Price: $5.00
Medicaid Health Plans : Are Application Service Providers Right for You? by Kelly, Pat, Legrow, Gregory... ISBN: 9781929008476
Financial and Economic Crises and Their Impact on Health and Social Well-Being by Navarro, Vicente, Muntaner,... ISBN: 9780895038784
Financial and Economic Crises and Their Impact on Health and Social Well-Being by Navarro, Vicente, Muntaner,... ISBN: 9780895038791
Aging in Rural Places : Policies, Programs, and Professional Practice by Hash, Kristina Michelle, Ju... ISBN: 9780826198099
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