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2003 Guide to California Medicare Hmos by Consumers Union ISBN: 9781932064278
California Physician Group Solvency Standards by CapMetrics Staff ISBN: 9781932064155
Pre-Hospital Burn by Unknown ISBN: 9781562001438 List Price: $15.95
St. Anthony's UB-92 Editor, '93 by Lorenz, E. ISBN: 9781563291142 List Price: $195.00
St. Anthony's Resources for Integrated Delivery Systems by Duerkson, Coulson ISBN: 9781563293146
St. Anthony's HCPCS Level II Code Book by Hart, Anita, Castillo, Laurie ISBN: 9781563295737 List Price: $85.00
St. Anthony's Roadmap for Medicaid Managed Care : A Clinical and Financial Tour of Unmanaged... by Hopkins, Sean, Grambo, Michael ISBN: 9781563293733 List Price: $345.00
Paramedic Learning Seriesworkbook 1-6 Volume by Unknown ISBN: 9781401865047
Health Issues by Unknown ISBN: 9781410913708 List Price: $786.96
Competency Assessment Product by Thomson Delmar Learning Staff ISBN: 9781418012274 List Price: $20,000.00
Feeling Good Wellnes Activity Book by Gp ISBN: 9781560660750 List Price: $1.75
Key Concepts in Healthcare Education by Mason-Whitehead, Elizabeth,... ISBN: 9781849200097
Healthcare Management by Walshe ISBN: 9780335228300
Health Care Federalism in Canada : Critical Junctures and Critical Perspectives by Fierlbeck, Katherine, Lahey... ISBN: 9780773542532 List Price: $100.00
36 Steps on the Road to Medicare : How Saskatchewan Led the Way by Houston, C. Stuart, Massie,... ISBN: 9780773542853 List Price: $85.00
Health Care in the United States : Developments and Considerations. Volume 3 by Giangiulio, Leone ISBN: 9781628087376 List Price: $135.00
Performance-Based Financing Toolkit by Fritsche, Gy�rgy B�la, Soet... ISBN: 9781464801280
Health, Drugs and Healing in Central Asia by Latypov, Alisher ISBN: 9780415739115
Patient Flow : Reducing Delay in Healthcare Delivery by Hall, Randolph ISBN: 9781461495116 List Price: $229.00
Medicare by Kaplan Financial Education ... ISBN: 9781427733443
LSE Companion to Health Policy by McGuire, Alistair, Costa-Fo... ISBN: 9781781004753 List Price: $55.00
Medical Malady : Survival in a Minefield of Medical Mistakes by Chaudhuri, Prad Mitra ISBN: 9780991940417 List Price: $30.00
Tax-Exempt Healthcare 2015 Supplement by Hyatt, Thomas K. ISBN: 9781118873786 List Price: $225.00
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