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With hundreds of classic and sought after titles on the topic available, it's no big surprise to learn many American medical students rely on us for their text books. Here is where you can buy cheap gastroenterology textbooks to help advance your studies. Look forward to buying or renting such titles as Gastrointestinal Physiology, Abdominal X-Rays Made Easy and Dysphagia: Clinical Management in Adults and Children. There are many other titles too of course, but these give you an idea of the range of books available when you buy used gastroenterology textbooks from Valore Books. Our marketplace makes it easy to save money, find affordable books and get discounted prices every single time. Remember it is also possible to sell your gastroenterology books back if you find you don't need them any longer. Don't delay, find out how much you could make. You might be surprised at the answer we provide you with.

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Imaging and Computing in Gastroenterology Ima Go 90 by DalMonte, P. R., D'Imperio,... ISBN: 9780387526362 List Price: $98.00
Inflammatory Bowel Disease and Coeliac Disease in Children by Hadziselimovic, F., Herzog,... ISBN: 9780746201251 List Price: $189.00
Inflammatory Bowel Disease Basic Research and Clinical Implications by Goebell, H. ISBN: 9780746200674 List Price: $349.00
1992 The Year Book of Digestive Diseases by Greenberger, Norton J. ISBN: 9780815138891 List Price: $61.95
Abdominal Pain A Guide to Rapid Diagnosis by Nyhus, Lloyd M., Vitello, J... ISBN: 9780788192708 List Price: $20.00
Acute Abdomen by Primedia Intertec Staff ISBN: 9781401886288 List Price: $155.95
Advances in Gastrointestinal Radiology by Herlinger, Hans ISBN: 9780815143017 List Price: $79.95
Aging in Liver and Gastrointestinal Tract by Bianchi, L., Holt, P., Jame... ISBN: 9780746200667 List Price: $299.00
Clinical Gastroenterology: A Practical Problem-Based Approach by Talley, Nicholas J., Martin... ISBN: 9780864330970 List Price: $49.95
What You Should Know about Digestive Disorders : Colon Polyps by Winawer, S. J., Likier, H.,... ISBN: 9781563750779
What You Should Know about Digestive Disorders : Gallbladder Disease by Winawer, S. J., Likier, H.,... ISBN: 9781563750786
What You Should Know about Digestive Disorders : Peptic Ulcer Disease by Winawer, S. J., Likier, H.,... ISBN: 9781563750793
Nutrition, Gut Microbiota and Immunity : Therapeutic Targets for IBD by Lewis, James D., Ruemmele, ... ISBN: 9783318026696 List Price: $59.00
Gastric Cancer by Nishi, Mitsumasa, Ichikawa,... ISBN: 9784431683308 List Price: $99.00
Gastrointestinal Anatomy and Physiology by Reinus, John F., Simon, Dou... ISBN: 9781118833001 List Price: $123.95
Pocket Guide to GastrointestinaI Drugs by Wolfe, Michael, Lowe, Robert ISBN: 9781118481530 List Price: $65.00
Gastric Cytoprotection : A Clinician's Guide by Hollander, Daniel, Tarnawsk... ISBN: 9781468456998 List Price: $99.00
Endoscopic Mucosal Resection by Conio, Massimo, Ponchon, Th... ISBN: 9780470696309 List Price: $184.95
What You Should Know about Digestive Disorders by Winawer, S. J., Likier, H.,... ISBN: 9780318693989
Pediatric Gastrointestinal and Liver Disease by Wyllie, R., Hyams, Jeffrey ... ISBN: 9780323240994 List Price: $259.99
Check Your Stool, Mr. Brown! : A Self-Help Manual for the Gastrointestinal Tract by Gregory, Scott J., Leonardo... ISBN: 9780930852139
Gastrointestinal Imaging by Levy, Angela D., Mortele, K... ISBN: 9780199759422 List Price: $165.00
Intestinal Transport : Fundamental and Comparative Aspects by Gilles-Baillien, M., Gilles... ISBN: 9783540124306 List Price: $99.00
Recent Advances in Diseases of the Esophagus : Selected Papers in the 5th World Congress of ... by International Society for D... ISBN: 9784431701217 List Price: $99.00
Gastric Cancer by Nishi, Mitsumasa ISBN: 9784431701279 List Price: $99.00
Drug Absorption by Prescott, L. F., Nimmo, W. S. ISBN: 9780852005286 List Price: $99.00
Sleisenger and Fordtran's Gastrointestinal and Liver Disease Access Code : Diagnostic and Tr... by Feldman, Mark, Friedman, La... ISBN: 9780323376907 List Price: $39.99
Yamada's Textbook of Gastroenterology by Podolsky, Daniel K., Camill... ISBN: 9781118512067 List Price: $585.00
Esophagus by Richter, Joel E., Castell, ... ISBN: 9781444346220 List Price: $311.95
Clinical Pancreatology for Practising Gastroenterologists and Surgeons by Dominguez-Munoz, Juan Enrique ISBN: 9780470987506 List Price: $229.95
Brain Maker : The Power of Gut Microbes to Heal and Protect Your Brain - For Life by Perlmutter, David, Loberg, ... ISBN: 9780316380072
Prevalence of Incontinence among Older Americans by Centers for Medicare & Medi... ISBN: 9780840606662
Neuroimmunity and the Brain-Gut Connection by Vojdani, Aristo ISBN: 9781634839693 List Price: $190.00
Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumors in Adults and Children by Ahmed, Atif A. ISBN: 9781634836791 List Price: $110.00
Gastroenterology and Hepatology by Emmanuel, Anton, Inns, Stephen ISBN: 9781118728123 List Price: $44.95
Colorectal Surgery : Clinical Care and Management by George, Bruce, Guy, Richard... ISBN: 9781118674789 List Price: $140.00
Short Bowel Syndrome : Practical Approach to Management by DiBaise, John K., Parrish, ... ISBN: 9781498720786
Introduction by Gregersen, Hans, Christense... ISBN: 9781681081199 List Price: $129.00
Cooking for the Sensitive Gut by Ransley, Joan, Read, Nick, ... ISBN: 9781910496336 List Price: $27.95
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