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Decision Making in Trauma Management: A Multidisciplinary Approach by Mancini, Mary E. ISBN: 9781556642272 List Price: $47.95
Emergency Medicine: Concepts and Clinical Practice by Rosen, Peter, Levy, Jack S.... ISBN: 9780801641862 List Price: $190.00
Emergency Medicine: Self Assessment Review by Thomas, Kenneth W., O'Conno... ISBN: 9780801650581 List Price: $41.95
Telephone Triage Card Deck by Shea, Donna L., Carter-Ward ISBN: 9780827367197
Mgt Aneurysmal Subarachnoid Hemorr by Fossett, Damirez ISBN: 9780929240596 List Price: $12.95
Trauma Management by Burke, John Francis ISBN: 9780815114550 List Price: $99.00
EMT and Paramedic Quick Reference by McSwain, Norman E., Paturas... ISBN: 9781884225024
EMS Skill Sheets by Miller, Randy, Jones, Mary,... ISBN: 9781884225017 List Price: $59.95
EMT Prepares : One Hundred Role-Playing Scenarios by Rubinsky, Susan, Mercer, St... ISBN: 9781884225000 List Price: $59.95
Head Injured Children : Who Cares? by Johnson, David, Uttley, Dav... ISBN: 9781850003786 List Price: $42.00
Head Injured Children : Who Cares? by Johnson, David, Uttley, Dav... ISBN: 9781850003793 List Price: $20.00
Emergency Medicine by Baren, Jill M. ISBN: 9781586663872
Emergency Medicine by Baren, Jill M. ISBN: 9781586663841
Emergency Medicine by Baren, Jill M. ISBN: 9781586667269
Emergency Medicine by Baren, Jill M. ISBN: 9781586666941
Paramedic Exam Review (Book Only) by Elling, Bob, Elling, Kirste... ISBN: 9781133131304
Slide Atlas of Resuscitation by Baskett, Peter J. F. ISBN: 9780397464722 List Price: $175.00
Wound Healing by Robertson, J. Ian, Janssen,... ISBN: 9781871816105 List Price: $75.00
Healing Wounds Effectively by Doyle, Brynn, Wolf, John ISBN: 9781878025906 List Price: $64.95
Dispelling the Myths of Wound Care : Re-Learning Procedures You Thought You Knew by Doyle, Brynn, Wolf, John ISBN: 9781878025845 List Price: $49.95
Fundamentals of Wound Prevention and Healing by Doyle, Brynn, Wolf, John ISBN: 9781878025838 List Price: $49.95
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