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Medical students will always have much to learn at college. This section of our website is devoted to text books about medical education and training, such as Health Science Technology Workbook, Test of Essential Academic Skills Pre Test Study Manual and First Aid for the Wards among others. Now you can buy cheap medical education and training textbooks to help you get through your course more easily. Remember it is possible to rent medical education and training textbooks online as well, so make sure you opt for the best route for your needs. Our affordable selection of books is discounted and many are pre-owned, offering you the chance to get all the books you require without worrying about spending a fortune on them. Sell back anything you are finished with too, so other students can benefit. You'll make some cash when you do - check our buyback prices to see how this works and how much you could make.

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How to Learn and Teach in Medical School A Learner-Centered Approach by Quirk, Mark E. ISBN: 9780398059255 List Price: $54.95
Handbook of the Sociology of Medical Education by Brosnan, Caragh, Turner, Br... ISBN: 9780415534185
Handbook for Medical Teachers by Newble, David I. ISBN: 9780792388500 List Price: $42.50
Innovation and Tradition at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine An Anecdotal J... by Cooper, David Y., Ledger, M... ISBN: 9780812282429 List Price: $34.95
Sports Medicine Evaluation Video Series, 7 Videos by Wright, Kenneth, Floyd, R. ... ISBN: 9780815194361 List Price: $403.25
Problem-Based Learning Applied to Medical Education by Barrows, Howard S. ISBN: 9780931369346 List Price: $27.00
La Creation De L'Ecole De Medecine Du Nord De L'Ontario / Making of the Northern Ontario Sch... by Tesson, Geoffrey, Hudson, G... ISBN: 9780773537095 List Price: $44.95
Mastering Problem Based Learning by Azer, Samy ISBN: 9780729538275 List Price: $32.95
Graduate Medical Education Directory 2004-2005 by American Medical Associatio... ISBN: 9781579474867 List Price: $75.00
Pre Med : The Foundation of a Medical Career by Columbia College Pre Med Jo... ISBN: 9780070121089
CP Teach Expert Coding Made Easy Workbook With Answer Key by Morin-Spatz, Patrice ISBN: 9780923369682 List Price: $39.95
Residents As Teachers A Guide to Educational Practice by Schwenk, Thomas L., Whitman... ISBN: 9780940193031 List Price: $15.00
Health Information, New Possibilities by McSean, Tony, Coutinho, Eup... ISBN: 9780792335849 List Price: $159.00
Medical School Interview by Zielinski, Randall, Franken... ISBN: 9780911899009 List Price: $8.00
Tuskegee University: Custom by Douglass, Harkness, Cookfair ISBN: 9780815136675 List Price: $34.95
Preceptors as Teachers A Guide to Clinical Teaching by Whitman, Neal A., Schwenk, ... ISBN: 9780940193048 List Price: $10.00
Evaluating Medical School Courses: A User-Centered Handbook by Whitman, Neal A., Cockayne,... ISBN: 9780940193024 List Price: $10.00
Mosby's Success in Medicine: Integrated Clinical Science (IBM) by Mosby, C. V. ISBN: 9780815189916 List Price: $37.95
Handbook for Clinical Teachers by Newble, David I. ISBN: 9780852007280
Continuing Education in the Health Professions - Robert Boissoneau - Hardcover by Boissoneau, Robert ISBN: 9780894433252 List Price: $47.95
Medical Student Year Book, 1989 by Dan, Bruce B., Feigin, Ralp... ISBN: 9780815123033 List Price: $19.95
Medical Student's Survival Guide by Polk, Steven R. ISBN: 9780940401457 List Price: $29.95
Lrng Skills for Health Careers by Probst, Gary K., Levitt, Vi... ISBN: 9780840324610 List Price: $27.95
Health Professions Education Programs : Action Still Needed to Measure Impact by Aronovitz, Leslie G. ISBN: 9781422307335 List Price: $20.00
Strategy for Success : A Handbook for Prehealth Students by Corder, Brice ISBN: 9780911899092 List Price: $5.95
Strategy for Success : A Handbook for Prehealth Students by Corder, Brice ISBN: 9780911899085 List Price: $5.95
CP Teach Expert Coding Made Easy! Workbook with Answers : 1996 by Morin, Patrice T. ISBN: 9780923369347 List Price: $29.95
Clinical Practice Examination by Barrows, Howard S., Collive... ISBN: 9780931369247 List Price: $20.95
Medical Training in the European Community (Grundlehren Der Mathematischen Wissenschaften) by Commission of the European ... ISBN: 9780387177618 List Price: $52.80
Mosby's Success in Medicine : Pathology (Mac) by Mosby Staff ISBN: 9780815189824 List Price: $27.95
How to Obtain a Place in Medical School by Westall ISBN: 9780412297502 List Price: $24.50
Teaching Tools by Acello, Barbara ISBN: 9781569300749
Transferring to a United States Medical School by Zaslau, Stanley ISBN: 9781886468009 List Price: $22.00
Developing Healthcare Skills through Simulation by Aldridge, Matthew, Wanless,... ISBN: 9781446201244
Teaching and Learning in Medical School by Miller, George E. ISBN: 9780598257161 List Price: $98.60
Interns : From Students to Physicians by Mumford, Emily ISBN: 9780598228574 List Price: $96.80
Essential Skills for Health Career Success by Marshall, Jacquelyn R., Ste... ISBN: 9781619605930 List Price: $20.00
Tracheostomy Care by Springhouse Publishing Comp... ISBN: 9780874344684 List Price: $36.95
Anatomy of a Building by Anonymous ISBN: 9781408706220
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