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If you were in your college bookstore looking for dictionaries and terminology textbooks you would need to visit numerous sections of the store, and even then would probably struggle to find exactly what you were looking for. It is much easier to find them here at Valore Books as we have collected them all together in one easy to use section. You can either browse through our whole range of cheap dictionaries and terminology textbooks to gain inspiration on what you are looking for, or if you already know exactly which books you want just use the ISBN numbers from your tutor's recommended reading list to find the exact books that you are after. It is not just the time spent searching for the books that you will save by avoiding the bookstore, you will also save time at the checkout by missing out on those long lines of students. When you have completed your studies you can sell your dictionaries back to us.

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Medical Terminology Language for Health Care by Thierer, Nina, Breitbard, L... ISBN: 9780073272955 List Price: $87.35
Essentials of Medical Terminology by Davies, Juanita J. ISBN: 9780766831100 List Price: $53.95
Mastering Healthcare Terminology (Spiral Bound) - Text, iTerms Audio (Retail Pack), and Mosb... by Betsy J. Shiland MS RHIA ... ISBN: 9780323069212 List Price: $124.00
Medical Talk and Medical Work The Liturgy of the Clinic by Atkinson, Paul ISBN: 9780803977310 List Price: $47.95
Medical Terminology A Short Course by Chabner, Davi-Ellen ISBN: 9781416001652 List Price: $31.95
Medical Terminology Online for Building a Medical Vocabulary (Access Code and Textbook Packa... by Peggy C. Leonard BA MT MEd ISBN: 9781416057062 List Price: $104.00
Medical Terminology An Illustrated Guide by Cohen, Barbara Janson ISBN: 9780781714112 List Price: $45.00
Lafleur Brooks' Health Unit Coordinating by Gillingham, Elaine Tight, W... ISBN: 9781416041726 List Price: $69.95
Study Notes for Medical Language by Turley, Susan M. ISBN: 9780135114810 List Price: $6.65
Medical Coding What It Is And How It Works by Aalseth, Patricia ISBN: 9780763727390 List Price: $86.95
Audio CDs for Ehrlich/Schroeder's Medical Terminology for Health Professions, 6th by Ehrlich Schroeder Staff, Eh... ISBN: 9781418072582 List Price: $72.95
Programmed Medical Language-text by LaFleur Brooks, Myrna, LaFl... ISBN: 9780801678356 List Price: $29.95
Key to Medical Literacy - Shulman - Paperback by Shulman, R. G. ISBN: 9780155036208 List Price: $40.95
Student Edition Audio Exercises on CD for Ireland/Stein's Hillcrest Medical Center: Begining... by Patricia Ireland, Carrie Stein ISBN: 9781435441217 List Price: $63.95
Professional Review Guide for the CCS Examination: 2009 Edition by Schnering, Patricia ISBN: 9781435485334 List Price: $95.95
Medical Terminology A Living Language by Fremgen, Bonnie F., Frucht,... ISBN: 9780131849105 List Price: $56.40
Unlocking Medical Terminology by Wingerd, Bruce ISBN: 9780130488404 List Price: $56.40
Medical Terminology A Text/Workbook by Prendergast, Alice V., Pren... ISBN: 9780805393682 List Price: $61.00
Medical Transcription & Terminology An Integrated Approach by Maloney, Florence, Burns, Lois ISBN: 9780766826922 List Price: $109.95
Dorland's Pocket Medical Dictionary by Dorland, Newman W. ISBN: 9780721682815 List Price: $32.95
Anatomy And Physiology for English Language Learners by Penn, Judy Meier, Hanson, E... ISBN: 9780131950801 List Price: $48.33
Understanding Procedural Coding: A Worktext by Bowie, Mary Jo, Schaffer, R... ISBN: 9781111037468 List Price: $62.95
Delmar's Medical Terminology Flash! Computerized Flashcards by Cengage Learning Delmar ISBN: 9780766843202 List Price: $108.95
Exploring Medical Language - Text, iTerms and Mosby's Dictionary 7e Package, 7e by Myrna LaFleur Brooks RN BEd ISBN: 9780323055826 List Price: $116.00
Medical Devices, Abbreviations, Acronyms, and Eponyms: A Pocket Guide by Hunter, Tim B., Levy, David H. ISBN: 9780815155416 List Price: $11.00
Concise Medical Dictionary: English-Polish and Polish-English by Slomski, Przemyslaw ISBN: 9788320019698 List Price: $83.00
Exploring Medical Language - Text, iTerms and Mosby's Dictionary 8e Package, 7e by Myrna LaFleur Brooks RN BE... ISBN: 9780323064934 List Price: $123.16
Complete Procedure Coding Book by Safian, Shelley C. ISBN: 9780073401874 List Price: $85.00
Medical Office Coding by Austin, Peg, Mettler, Anne ISBN: 9780131425323 List Price: $57.00
Professional Review Guide for the CCS-P Examination: 2009 Edition by Schnering, Patricia ISBN: 9781435485341 List Price: $95.95
Medical Terminology A Programmed Systems Approach by Dennerll, Jean Tannis, Davi... ISBN: 9781401832179 List Price: $78.06
Exploring Medical Language - Text and Mosby's Dictionary 8e Package by LaFleur Brooks, Myrna, Mosby ISBN: 9780323097116 List Price: $105.21
English for Health Sciences by Milner, Martin ISBN: 9781413020519
Medical Terminology Online for Exploring Medical Language (Access Code, Textbook and Audio C... by Myrna LaFleur Brooks RN BEd ISBN: 9780323054645 List Price: $115.41
Comprehensive Medical Terminology by Jones, Betty Davis ISBN: 9781401810047 List Price: $77.95
Medical Terminology: An Anatomy and Physiology Systems Approach by Fremgen, Bonnie F., Frucht,... ISBN: 9780130311825 List Price: $73.40
Taber's Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary by Thomas, Clayton L. ISBN: 9780803683136 List Price: $27.50
Building a Medical Vocabulary - Text and E-Book Package: with Spanish Translations, 7e by Peggy C. Leonard BA MT MEd ISBN: 9781416069690 List Price: $104.42
Basic Medical Language by LaFleur Brooks, Myrna, Broo... ISBN: 9780323025522 List Price: $44.95
Medical Terminology Online for the Language of Medicine (User Guide, Access Code, Textbook a... by Chabner, Davi-Ellen ISBN: 9781416048664 List Price: $127.00
Medical Terminology Online for The Language of Medicine with Animation CD-ROM (User Guide, A... by Davi-Ellen Chabner BA MAT ISBN: 9781416039525 List Price: $84.00
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