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There is an incredible range of medical textbooks available on the subject of diagnosis in various diseases and illnesses. If you need to buy used diagnosis textbooks to help you through this section of your college course, you are in the best place to make large savings. You can rent cheap diagnosis textbooks including Clinical Examination: A Systematic Guide to Physical Diagnosis, Mosby's Guide to Physical Examination and Clinical Methods and Practicum in Speech Language. These are just a few of the several hundred titles we currently have, and since we buy back text books from former college students as well, you never know what we will have in the future. Make sure you can save money by getting your pre-owned and discounted text books from our medical selection today. Buy diagnosis textbooks online quickly and easily by using our famous marketplace website. You'll join thousands of other students who have saved lots of money before you.

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Acoustic Characterization of Contrast Agents for Medical Ultrasound Imaging by Hoff, Lars ISBN: 9781402001444 List Price: $169.00
Bio-Organization by Regents and Prentice Hall S... ISBN: 9780132256407 List Price: $38.20
Atlas of Skeletal Muscle Pathology by Anderson, Janice R. ISBN: 9780852003251 List Price: $467.00
Nurse's Guide to Diagnostic Procedures by French, Ruth M. ISBN: 9780070221406 List Price: $9.95
Basic ICD-9-CM for physician office coding by Hazelwood, Anita C., Venabl... ISBN: 9781584260400 List Price: $60.00
Diagnostic Radiology, 1987 by Margulis, Alexander R. ISBN: 9780801650451 List Price: $85.00
Diagnostic Picture Tests in Clinical Surgery by Walker, William ISBN: 9780815190875 List Price: $16.00
Surgical Problems in Children: Recognition and Referral by Filston, Howard C. ISBN: 9780801615740 List Price: $53.95
Bone Marrow and Bone Tissue: Color Atlas of Clinical Histopathology by Burkhardt, R. ISBN: 9780387050591 List Price: $480.00
The Cambridge Examination for Mental Disorders of the Elderly: CAMDEX by Roth, Martin, Huppert, F. A... ISBN: 9780521351614 List Price: $105.00
Color Atlas of Physical Signs by Shapiro, Leonard M. ISBN: 9780815176749 List Price: $44.95
400 More Self Assessment Picture Tests in Clinical Medicine by Wolfe ISBN: 9780815193937 List Price: $32.00
Diagnostic Tests and Procedures - Zara R. Brenner - Paperback by Brenner, Zara R. ISBN: 9780838515945 List Price: $37.28
Current Medical Diagnosis and Treatment, 1993 - Steven A. Schroeder - Paperback by Tierney, Lawrence M. ISBN: 9780838514382 List Price: $39.95
Noninvasive Diagnostic Techniques in Vascular Disease - Eugene F. Bernstein by Bernstein, Eugene F. ISBN: 9780801605963 List Price: $135.00
ICD-9-CM Coding, 2009 Edition - Text and Workbook Package: Theory and Practice, 1e by Karla R. Lovaasen RHIA CCS... ISBN: 9781416058779 List Price: $96.95
Consultation in Diagnostic Imaging by Scott ISBN: 9780941158367 List Price: $17.50
Diagnostic Radiology, 1984 by Margulis, Alexander R., Goo... ISBN: 9780801631832 List Price: $89.50
Clinicians Guide to Diagnostic Cytology by Schumann ISBN: 9780815175827 List Price: $52.00
Guide to Clinical Laboratory Diagnosis by Koepke, John A., Koepke, Jo... ISBN: 9780838535196 List Price: $42.00
Year Book of Diagnostic Radiology, 1985 by Bragg, David G. ISBN: 9780815111344 List Price: $57.95
Patient's Guide to Medical Tests - Cathey Pinckney - Hardcover by Pinckney, Cathey, Pinckney,... ISBN: 9780871966148 List Price: $17.95
Nurse's Guide to Diagnostic Procedures by French, Ruth M. ISBN: 9780070221413 List Price: $13.95
Medical Examinations: A Preparation Guide (Arco Medical Review Series) by Bhardwaj, V. Bhushan, Yuh-T... ISBN: 9780838562178 List Price: $24.95
The Mosby's Guide to Physical Examination: Spanish Edition by Seidel, Henry M. ISBN: 9780801670381 List Price: $27.95
1989 Year Book of Diagnostic Radiology: (Yearbook Diagnostic Radiology) by Bragg, David G. ISBN: 9780815111382 List Price: $57.95
Clinical Examination : A Guide to Physical Diagnosis by Talley, Nicholas J., O'Conn... ISBN: 9780803699212 List Price: $59.00
Differential Diagnosis of Internal Diseases by Magyar, I. ISBN: 9789630542333
Theory of Probability for Clinical Diagnostic Testing by Maxwell, D., Satake, Eiki ISBN: 9781568700625 List Price: $19.78
Clinical Companion for Physical Examination and Health Assessment by McCaffrey, Ruth (Ruth McCaf... ISBN: 9781401825225
Crash Course Neurology by Yogarajah, Mahinda ISBN: 9780723436478 List Price: $39.95
Cytohistology of Focal Liver Lesions by Wee, Aileen, Sampatanukul, ... ISBN: 9781107024175 List Price: $175.00
Advances in Diagnostic Visual Optics : Proceedings of the Second International Symposium, Tu... by Breinin, G. M., Siegel, I. M. ISBN: 9783662159279 List Price: $99.00
Scientific AIDS in Hospital Diagnosis (DUV Wirtschaftswissenschaft) by Unknown ISBN: 9781468489019 List Price: $99.00
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