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Pharmacological Aspects of Nursing Care by Reiss, Barry S., Evans, Mar... ISBN: 9780827366626 List Price: $68.95
Emesis and Anti-Cancer Treatment by Dicato, M., Gralla, Richard J. ISBN: 9781853178092 List Price: $75.00
Year Book of Drug Therapy 1991 by Lasagna, Louis ISBN: 9780815146124 List Price: $57.95
Year Book of Drug Therapy, 1993 by Lasagna, Louis ISBN: 9780815152910 List Price: $61.95
Year Book of Drug Therapy/1995 by Lasagna, Louis ISBN: 9780815152934 List Price: $66.95
Year Book of Drug Therapy, 1994 by Lasagna, Louis ISBN: 9780815152927 List Price: $66.95
Yearbook of Drug Therapy 1998 by Lasagna, Louis ISBN: 9780815152965 List Price: $79.95
Molecular Neuro-Oncology and Its Impact on the Clinical Management of Brain Tumours - O. D. ... by Wiestler, O. D., Schegel, U... ISBN: 9780387573519 List Price: $105.00
Drug Delivery in Cancer Treatment III: Home Care Symptom Control, Economy, Brain Tumours - L... by Domellof, L., Veronesi, U. ISBN: 9780387529516 List Price: $118.00
Pharmacology of Asthma - C. P. Page - Hardcover by Page, C. P., Barnes, Peter ... ISBN: 9780387528397 List Price: $276.00
Chemosensory Information Processing - Detlev Schild - Hardcover by Schild, D. ISBN: 9780387517698 List Price: $146.00
Chemotherapy and Urological Malignancy - Alexander S, S, Spiers - Hardcover by Spiers, Alexander S, ISBN: 9780387115436 List Price: $117.00
Basis for Variability of Response to Anti-Rheumatic Drugs - Peter M. Brooks - Hardcover by Brooks, P. M., Day, R., Gra... ISBN: 9780817619596 List Price: $109.00
Pharmacotherapy of Affective Disorders: Theory and Practice - W. G. Dewhurst - Hardcover by Dewhurst, W. G., Baker, G. B. ISBN: 9780814717776 List Price: $65.00
Care of the Client Receiving Chemotherapy - Barbara Lauffer Brager - Paperback by Lauffer-Brager, Barbara, Ya... ISBN: 9780835906869 List Price: $33.50
Chemotherapy Quick Reference by Otto, Shirley ISBN: 9780815189565 List Price: $9.95
Intravenous Medications by Gahart, Betty L. ISBN: 9780801666612 List Price: $23.95
Pharmacologic Basis of Patient Care by Asperheim, Mary Kaye ISBN: 9780721612294 List Price: $72.00
Clinical Applications of Cardiovascular Drugs by Dreifus, Leonard S., Brest,... ISBN: 9789024723690 List Price: $102.50
IV Drug Cards by Waite, Kevin, Sigler, Jeff,... ISBN: 9781880579206 List Price: $24.95
Home Drug Infusion Therapy under Medicare by Unknown ISBN: 9781568061009 List Price: $40.00
Oncology Chemotherapy Handbook by Unknown ISBN: 9781569300640 List Price: $27.95
CMEA Chemotherapy Symposium, 1984 by Eckhardt, S. Kerpel, Froniu... ISBN: 9789630541886
Basics of Cancer Chemotherapy by Carr, Ellen, Killman, Judit... ISBN: 9781878025616 List Price: $39.95
Medical Pharmacology and Therapeutics by Waller, Derek G., Sampson, ... ISBN: 9780702051807 List Price: $76.95
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