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Biostatistics is the statistical analysis of scientific data collected in the study of biology. Chances are that if you have chosen to study biostatistics you will already have a head for maths and biology. In which case you won't need us to point out the huge savings that you can make by choosing to buy your cheap biostatistics textbooks from us online as opposed to from your college bookshops. We sell exactly the same biostatistics textbooks, but at much lower prices, saving you heaps of dollars. Our cheap new and used biostatistics textbooks are all in great condition. You can either browse through our full collection of cheap biostatistics textbooks or use the ISBN numbers from your tutor's recommended reading list to find he exact books that you need. You can choose to have them delivered to the address of your choice, whether it be your home or dorm address, meaning you don't even need to leave the comfort of your home to order your cheap biostatistics textbooks.

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Medications and Math for Allied Health Professions (Allied Health) by Rice ISBN: 9780766810907 List Price: $26.50
Solutions Manual for Principles of Medical Statistics by Feinstein, Alvan R. ISBN: 9781584883050
Multivariate statistics in clinical research by Clyde, Dean J. ISBN: 9780963579706 List Price: $17.95
Understanding Medical Statistics by Goldstone, Leonard A. ISBN: 9780685087565 List Price: $17.50
Math Module for Deter's Medication Administration by Deter, Lena L. ISBN: 9781435481756
Statistics for the Life Sciences by Samuels, Myra L., Witmer, J... ISBN: 9780321989581
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